How to Port Your Phone Number (And How to Keep It If You Switch Carriers)


The thought of losing your phone number is terrifying when you consider everything that relies on it.

Any two-factor authentication system would require you to contact your bank, utilities, and doctors to set up. Using the same service authentication you already have

And that doesn't even account for all the people in your inner circle who will need months to learn your new number.

Whether you're looking to switch providers, combine accounts, or help your offspring establish their own account as they get older; porting phone numbers between carriers is easy.

It's easy to remember your phone number.

Everything you need to know is included in this guide. Following these instructions, you can listen to your classic record on a quick service in a few hours

This article has been revised for the year 2022.

Just So You Know the Basics Before You Begin

While porting a number is a straightforward process, there are a few things to keep in mind:

No one but the account holder can request a change in phone number.

Phone numbers cannot be moved from their country of origin.

Numbers that start with "800" or "Pager" cannot be changed.

But there are a few rules that can actually help you out:

If you're in compliance with the aforementioned guidelines, your carrier can't prevent you from porting your number.

Even if you have a balance with your current carrier, you can request a number port.

But there is an essential qualifier to that last one.

Transferring a number requires an active account.

You will lose your phone number if your account is closed for any reason prior to the porting process. likely to fail and lose it

Seven Easy Ways to Transfer Your Phone Number

A phone number port requires zero intervention from you. Once you have the, most of the action will take place automatically. procedure commenced

Changing carriers is the first order of business.

Our comprehensive guide to switching carriers will help you get started, even if you have no idea what you're looking for. and lays out clear, manageable steps for doing so

Once you've decided on a plan, you'll need to collect some data that your new carrier can use to port your number. over

Depending on the service provider, you may need to provide the following details:

Documentation of your identity, like a passport or driver's license issued by the government

Documentation of your current residence, like a utility bill or credit card statement, is required.

A recent copy of your provider's bill

A method of covering the costs of your new service.

Now that you have the data from Step 2, you can contact your new carrier by phone or in person. Join the new program and start Specify that you wish to port your current phone number to the new service.

The use of short message service (SMS) verification for phone number transfers was adopted by many carriers starting in the 2020 fall season. To finalize your transfer and get started, you'll need to respond to a text message. procedure of handover

The number transfer will be automatically canceled if you do not respond to the message. The Canadian Association for Wireless Telecommunications (CWTA) has reported that This extra measure was implemented to cut down on fraudulent number porting.

Your new provider will get in touch with your current one to discuss porting your number. You need to go out without You can use your phone's pre-existing SIM card to make and receive calls during this transition.

However, make sure to monitor your service regularly. If you find that you are unable to make phone calls or that you have coverage in an area where coverage is typically solid, these factors may indicate that the transition is final.

Once the transfer is complete, you can insert your new SIM card into your phone and activate it in accordance with the provider's instructions. one who carries

Calling customer service is usually all that is required to activate a service. You can get in touch with customer service for Each and every Carrier Detailed Summaries

Make a few calls to double-check that everything is running smoothly. Get in touch with a loved one, if at all possible, and To be safe, I'll also text you.

If you used call forwarding or voicemail with your previous service provider, you will need to transfer those settings to your new provider. You’ll You'll most likely need to reconfigure these to perform as you'd like.

A SIM card may not be necessary if your carrier operates on a CDMA network. In this scenario, you should contact. Use the device's IMEI or MEID number to activate it on the new network. Typically, this is what you'll find in the phone's battery compartment or back It is simple to retrieve missing information by contacting your service provider. Find Out More

So long That old number of yours is now with the new service provider, right?

Now is the time to contact your former service provider and verify that any outstanding business is taken care of on their end. lingering costs or other issues

In the following days, you should also put your phone service to the test.

There is typically a brief period right after the start of service with many providers during which you can cancel or request a refund. of your agreement if you are unhappy with the service.

Various Other Factors

Although the procedures are simple, there are factors beyond the porting itself to think about. We’ll address the most pressing issues down below:

Preventing Unexpected Costs

Even if you're locked into a contract with your current carrier or if you don't have the option to port your number, in many areas you still do. account has fallen into arrears

But that won't stop them from trying to collect on late payments or early termination fees. everything you owe, if any

In fact, the terms of service for many providers require that customers pay in full at the time their account is established. when your account is closed, the payment method on file will be charged.

Before porting your number out, make sure you've fulfilled all of the requirements and obligations of your current contract. bank or credit card statements in the future.

Synchronizing Contacts and Data

In the beginning of mobile phones, your SIM card was where you kept all of your contacts. Because of this, transporting Since most mobile phones only had a few megabytes of storage, it was necessary to transfer contacts from one device to another.

Most smartphones these days rely on third-party apps and services to organize their contacts and other data. Of course, if You should make a copy of your contact list before porting your number to another device. data that's crucial after the change

The vast majority of your contacts are probably already set up in Gmail and the other Google Apps for Android if you use them regularly. Currently, all of your contact details are safely stashed away in the cloud.

Many Android backup apps exist specifically for creating full backups of your device.

If you're an Apple fan, before switching devices, simply back up your data in iTunes and then restore it.

Carry your cell phone with you.

While most local numbers are portable, not all phone models are compatible with every service. network Additionally, if you purchased it from your carrier, it is likely locked.

Be sure to check out our phone unlocking services if you intend to port both your number and your device to a new service provider. guide before making the change to make sure your favorite phone is compatible.

A Back-Up VoIP System is Setup

It's possible that you won't be able to keep your existing phone number, despite the fact that the porting process typically only takes a day or two. able to make and take calls while the procedure is going on

You can avoid missing important calls by using a VoIP service like Google Voice or Skype. calls as necessary until the task is finished

Once you've transferred your number to your new service provider, you'll want to uninstall any call-forwarding or similar features. if there is any misunderstanding

It's also a good idea to let people know that you're changing numbers and that there may be some interruptions in service.

Bypassing Geographic Restriction

Keeping your number is a hassle if you're relocating between regions.

If you don't anticipate any problems with coverage at your new location, keeping your current account will be the least complicated solution.

However, if you require more extensive protection, or if you wish to take advantage of a different plan or savings opportunity, If you can prove your identity and provide proof of residency in, you may be able to port your phone number. where you started out

You can go one of two ways:

You can port your number using the services of your new carrier even if you haven't yet moved. by following this guide's instructions, you can relocate without a hitch and change your billing address as soon as you set foot in your new location

You should verify service with both the carrier's own coverage maps and independent tools like RootMetrics. and OpenSignal to guarantee a good connection at your new home.

Even if you're reading this after you've already relocated, there is a solution (albeit a complicated one).

In order to port your account, you will need to provide evidence that verifies your identity and current location within the original region. number A recent (but not too recent) utility bill or an active PO Box are two examples of this.

If you want to know what data might be useful, you should call the carrier you plan to switch to and talk to a representative, given the potential variation in identification methods

If you absolutely must change your number but are set on keeping the same area code, you may be in luck. Virtual numbers can be used with services like Skype and Google Voice to forward calls and texts to a new phone number. not within the remit of this manual

Caution: Many service providers now use GPS triangulation and other high-tech methods to direct incoming calls to the most convenient location. call center or pinpoint your exact location But if they determine your response center based on your billing location and you're using an address in a different region, you may have trouble getting help in an urgent situation.

A Brief Review

If you want to keep your current phone number, DO NOT cancel your service.

Make sure the transition goes off without a hitch by getting all the info you need in advance.

Before making a number change, make sure the new service is compatible with your current contracts and accounts.

Keep a copy of your contacts in case you don't want to rely on an app to save the day.

Tell your new service provider that you want to keep your current phone number.

Prepare for critical calls during outages by using a virtual private network or a secondary number.

The precise rules are different for each country. If you're trying to find the porting authority's regulations for Canada, check out the CRTC's data on changing service providers while maintaining the same number.

Today's mobile markets are highly competitive, so customers frequently switch carriers in search of better deals and more features. best option for your requirements

With any luck, this guide will help you get the most out of your mobile service without having to give up your current number. years

P S If you are still under contract and refuse to pay the fees associated with porting your current number to a new provider, provider, our advice on avoiding cancellation fees should prove useful. It provides a wealth of useful advice. in order to break away from your current service provider legally and avoid these standard fees

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