How Can I Watch Meghan Markle On Oprah In Canada?

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The Princess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and her Royal Highness, Prince Harry, were guests on Oprah Winfrey's show on March 27, 2021.

Topics of their scandalous conversation included their fight with the royal family, racism, and their eventual expulsion from the English aristocracy.

On May 19, 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot, much to the dismay of his family. Harry married Meghan Markle despite the fact that she was not considered appropriate for the royal family. Even before their first child, Archie, was born, the royal family openly expressed their racism toward Meghan and her skin color.

After experiencing shocking media allegations, internal pressure, and racism directed toward Meghan, Prince Harry and his wife decided they needed a break from the royal family. Following their separation from the royal family, the couple relocated to California.

Even though Harry hates the media and has said they have his mother's blood on their hands, he sat down for an interview with Oprah on March 7, 2021, which was seen around the world.

However, it may be difficult to track down the Canadian interview after the fact. Where could I find the interview to watch it online?

I'd like to watch the interview with Meghan Markle, but I can't find it online.

It's too bad the interview isn't available anymore on the internet. It is no longer accessible, and subscription services do not feature it.

Explore this puzzle with me

CBS Initially Presented It and Made It Available Online.

The interview, which was scheduled to last two hours, went over time because the three guests talked so much about their relationship with the British royals. There were 17 million people who saw the interview when it aired on CBS. The interview was available for streaming on CBS and the CBS app for 30 days after the show's premiere, but after that, it was gone forever.

The show was only available for one month, and now it seems to have vanished entirely. There are a few reasons why this interview is not available on any streaming service.

So why isn't the interview available on Netflix or Hulu?

Oprah's manager decided against looking for a streaming service when the talk show host decided to interview Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They did not want the interview to exist in perpetuity, so they disregarded the possibility that it could be hosted on Netflix, Hulu, HBO MAX, or any other server for an extended period of time.

They were more interested in setting records and giving her a massive audience that they could monitor than in her actual success. They decided that airing the interview live on CBS was the best way to achieve their goal.

Harpo Productions' disregard for subscription streaming services and non-broadcast channels was motivated in part by the desire to maximize viewership. Her team's goal in setting up this interview was to reach the widest possible audience.

So, they discussed what would be the most cost-effective way to reach the largest number of people. They needed something that would grab the attention of the majority of people everywhere. This strategy had to be meticulously curated in order to achieve their goal.

The group had a conversation with CBS and worked out a contract with the network. CBS planned to air the interview after 60 Minutes, a current hit show on American television.

There would already be millions of people watching the show, and by the time the 60 Minutes segment was over, everyone would have heard about the interview. Also, unlike some other channels, CBS does not require a subscription in order to be watched.

If you don't have a CBS subscription, you can still watch with any other cable package or the CBS app. The interview's timing immediately following 60 Minutes also paid off, as Oprah had previously served as a correspondent for the show. Both fans and those genuinely curious about the former royals' thoughts tuned in.

In 1927, CBS began broadcasting over the radio. Columbia Broadcasting System was established by radio pioneer Arthur Judson; the company branched out into television in 1941. CBS was responsible for creating many iconic television series, such as "The Twilight Zone," "The Andy Griffith Show," and "Gilligan's Island."

CBS also had a huge impact on the development of color television. Black-and-white and color programming was shown. By the late '60s, most CBS shows were broadcast in full color instead of black and white.

CBS All Access later rebranded as Paramount Plus, and the interview went away.

Prior to its rebranding as Paramount Plus in 2016, the CBS app was known as CBS All Access and carried shows from the CBS television network. The channel's new and original programming, which included interviews, was available to viewers.

The Meghan Markle interview was available at the time of the interview on CBS All Access. Going to the app store, downloading the app, and opening it were all that was required.

While the CBS All Access app requires a subscription to watch most shows, this interview is free to view without a subscription. A simple launch of the app and selection of the interview tab was all that was required.

Let's say you missed the live broadcast of the interview. If so, all you needed was a way to get online and a device that could access the web, because CBS programming is available online. The interview was also available on com. Oprah's team has discovered the most effective method of reaching her audience, but it will only work for the next 30 days.

She couldn't post the interview on Paramount Plus without breaking her agreement with CBS, a broadcasting company, because the app has since become a subscription service.

However, CBS made a ton of money off of the interview thanks to the widespread distribution of the video through free online streaming. Over 80 countries were represented, and 17 million viewers tuned in.

For What Other Reason, Then, Did Oprah's Staff Ignore Subscription Programs?

Previous agreements with Oprah's other content had been made with other subscription streaming services. To include an agreement with Apple TV The fine print, as is the case with most contracts, contains tricky language that makes it difficult to pursue alternative venues. To recap, Oprah's partnership with Apple TV launched in 2018.

The length of the contract was not specified, but it was noted that it would span multiple years and include The Oprah Conversation, in which Oprah chats with other A-listers about success and happiness.

The likes of Elliot Page, Will Smith, and Eddie Murphy appear as guests. Once a brief segment of her original talk show, Oprah now devotes an entire show to her book club. Oprah would take a breather to reflect on the best new books and tell you why you should read them.

The segment has developed into a full-fledged program at this point. She didn't let the negative reception her book club segment received deter her from continuing to host club meetings. To emphasize that a book is featured in Oprah's book club, some retailers have begun printing special editions with labels on the front.

Another Apple TV show that prompted her to leave her contract is Oprah Talks COVID-19. Oprah aired a special about the global pandemic that was caused by the COVID-19 virus from March 21 to April 14, 2020. This program was rated a 2. Despite Oprah's multi-year contract with Apple TV and a relatively low rating (5 out of 10) on IMDB, her shows have not performed well in the ratings or in their season runs.

The Boundaries of Meghan and Harry's Contract

Oprah was unable to air their interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Apple TV due to contractual restrictions. Following their departure from royal duties in England, the couple promptly relocated to the Golden State and signed a multiyear contract with streaming giant Netflix.

The length of the agreement was not disclosed, only that it would extend over a period of years and result in the creation of a wide range of new works centered on the couple. Those can range from movies to children's television to documentaries to other forms of media. The contract, which netted the couple $100 million, contains stringent restrictions.

The Netflix agreement also gave them permission to launch a dedicated Spotify channel for the project. Archewell Productions is an independent radio station that broadcasts stories that would otherwise go unseen on traditional media outlets like television.

Given that Meghan and Harry have decided to take a break from the royal family's financial support, they have been forced to seek alternative sources of income, hence the emergence of these new contracts. They, too, were unable to upload Oprah's interview to Netflix, but for different reasons.

They couldn't have streamed Oprah's interview with them because they don't own the rights to it. However, Oprah's team did not approach Netflix about a partnership because they are bound by their current agreement with the streaming service.

Who Gets To Call The Shot In An Interview?

The interview is owned by Oprah and her team, and they have shown no inclination to make it available on any streaming service. Since Paramount, not CBS, owns the rights to the interview, releasing it on Paramount Plus would require them to sign additional contracts and waive some rights.

CBS merely reaped indirect benefits from serving as a conduit for the interview's initial public disclosure. It's possible to find some low-quality, buffering videos on YouTube that were previously removed.

Many people who were interested in seeing the interview vented their frustration with CBS and Paramount Plus on Twitter. It was suggested that the platform's rebranding and the launch of an anticipated interview at the same time would have been great marketing if the interview had been available to view on the rebranded site.


So, you can't watch the full interview between Meghan Markle and Oprah anywhere besides some shaky clips on YouTube or some recaps of reposts on other sites. It's unclear whether the dispute arose from Oprah's company's greed, a breach of contract, or some other factor.

The interview premiered twice and was available for 30 days. Does anyone know if the interview will be aired to anyone other than Oprah's staff? Who knows

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