Helpful Advice on Earning and Redeeming Scene+ Rewards

Scene Rewards is a popular Canadian loyalty program with a wide range of retail and entertainment partners. One of the most popular aspects of this loyalty program is how simple it is to rack up points and cash them in for rewards.

In December 2021, the Scene rewards program would replace Scotia Rewards.

Let's take a look at the best ways to rack up and cash in on Scotiabank Scene Rewards points for your next trip.

Members of Scene Rewards can accumulate points in four ways: through credit card sign-up bonuses, regular credit card spending, spending with other payment methods, and Rakuten Canada purchases.

The Scene points can be earned quickly through credit card sign-up or welcome bonuses, as is the case with many other miles and points programs.

All of the credit cards that can be used to earn Scene Rewards points and their respective sign-up bonuses are listed and described below:

Any Scotiabank credit card that can be used to earn Scene Rewards points is eligible for cash back rebates through Frugal Flyer. Extra money back is available for those who sign up for the Scotiabank Gold American Express, Scotiabank Platinum American Express, Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite, Scotiabank American Express, or Scotiabank Scene Visa cards in addition to the initial sign-up bonus.

Take advantage of Scotiabank credit cards' cash-back rebates to maximize your sign-up bonus.

There is one standout scenario that outperforms all other Canadian credit cards, despite the fact that all of the above credit cards earn Scene points at varying rates depending on the Scotiabank credit card and the category of spend.

Sobeys, Safeway, IGA, FreshCo, and more are all part of the Empire grocery chain in Canada, and using your Scotiabank Gold American Express credit card will earn you six times the Scene points you would normally receive. In addition to being the best grocery store credit card in Canada, cardholders can earn five times as many Scene points at supermarkets that are not part of the Empire chain. In addition, the PayPower Card can be used in ingenious ways to boost your grocery bill.

We recommend getting the Scotiabank Gold Amex card and using it for all of your grocery purchases to build up your Scene Rewards loyalty program points balance over time through your everyday credit card use.

There are many ways to earn points with Scene, as it is more than just a credit card rewards program.

Companion Actor Pay Scale Sobeys, FreshCo, IGA, Foodland, and Safeway are all part of the Empire Grocery Stores chain. Earn through a variety of online and in-store events and promotions Funds in Your Name, at Scotiabank Various; Examine specifics of a wide range of banking and debit card options offered by Scotiabank Expedia-powered scene-travel Spend a dollar on lodging or transportation and receive three Scene points. Eateries (such as Harveys, Swiss Chalet, East Side Mario's, Montana's BBQ & Bar, Bier Markt, and Kelsey's Original Roadhouse) Whether you eat in or order food to go, you can get one Scene point for every three dollars you spend. Cinemax and Cinemax Store Spend your money wisely at Cineplex Theaters and the Cineplex Store, and you'll be rewarded with 5 Scene points for every $1 spent on movies and other entertainment. Rec Hall and Playground Spend money and get 1 Scene point for every $1 you spend on qualified purchases.

When making an in-store purchase at any of the above establishments, simply present your Scene Rewards card at checkout to receive points.

If you're a Rakuten Canada customer, you can now link your rewards account with the new Scene program and start earning Scene points on all of your online purchases instead of cash back.

Rakuten Canada is a cashback portal that pays its users quarterly for shopping at any of their affiliated stores. Any cash back earned after linking your Scene account will be credited to your Scene account quarterly in the form of Scene points.

Linking your Scene Rewards and Rakuten accounts will allow you to earn Scene Rewards points on Rakuten purchases and up to 20% more cash back from select retailers.

Members of Scene Rewards can cash in their points for five different options: statement credits, gift cards and merchandise, book-anywhere travel, grocery and liquor purchases, and purchases at Cineplex and The Rec Room.

scene points redemption options

There are a few ways to redeem your Scene Rewards points where you can get the best possible value, 1 cent per point.

You can use your Scene Rewards points for any travel purchases made with a credit card that earns Scene rewards. Expenditures for vacations can include airfare, hotel stays, car rentals, and more.

You can use this method of redemption for the entire redemption amount (e. g For a full redemption (for example, exchanging 80,000 Scene points for $1,000 in cash) or a partial redemption (for example, exchanging 40,000 Scene points for $400 in travel g exchanging 0 in travel purchases for ,000 in Scene points When using this method, you can exchange your scene points for cash at a rate of 1 cent per point.

After logging into your Scene account, select the "Apply Points to Travel" option from the redemption menu to use your points to pay for upcoming trips. You can view all of your approved Scene Rewards credit card travel purchase transactions here. You can use the filters to see results only from the last year, for example.

scotiabank gold amex scene rewards travel redemption

You can then redeem your Scene Rewards by selecting the "Redeem" option and completing the purchase. Your credit card will be credited for the redemption amount within a few business days.

scene points redemption for travel credit

The refundable hotel trick can also be used if you don't have any unused travel vouchers. To put it plainly, you can convert your points into cash by booking a refundable hotel, using your points to pay for the stay, and then canceling the reservation. Follow the link for further details.

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With Book Any Way travel, your Scene Rewards points are essentially turned into cash, and you can spend that cash however you like.  

You can get a discount on groceries and booze at any grocery or liquor store that carries the Empire brand by using your Scene Rewards points. By using this method, you can exchange your scene points for cash at a rate of 1 cent per point.

To use Scene points toward a purchase, simply present your Scene card to the cashier and specify the amount of Scene points you would like to use (minimum $10, then in $10 increments). After redeeming points, the amount you've earned will be deducted from your order total in real time.

This is a great way to cash in your points because you'll get the highest possible exchange rate. And if you're into that sort of thing, it provides a terrific opportunity to stock up on premium booze at an unbeatable low price.

Movie tickets, snacks, and drinks are just some of the things Scene members can get with their points at Cineplex, The Rec Room, and Playdium. Using this method, you can exchange your scene points for cash at a rate of 1 cent per point.

Members of Scene Rewards can use their points toward any purchase at Cineplex, The Rec Room, or Playdium, or they can be used as a discount.

When it comes time to cash in your Cineplex points, you have a few choices:

  • In order to get a $1 movie ticket, you need at least 100 points.
  • All food and drink purchases below $5 require a minimum of 500 points.
  • One dollar's worth of movie rentals or online store purchases requires a minimum of one hundred points.

On the other hand, redemptions are much more consistent at The Rec Room and Playdium:

  • Rec Room necessities like games, food, music, and tickets can be purchased with 500 points or less for $5.
  • A minimum of 500 points is required to redeem $5 in Playdium tokens or concessions.

You can get the same cents-per-point value by exchanging Scene points for stays at these hotels as you would by exchanging them for flights.

Not ideal is the option to redeem Scene for a credit on your billing statement. Nonetheless, if you absolutely have to, you can start a statement credit by going to (either directly or from your Scotiabank account by clicking 'View Scene Rewards' and then 'Redeem credit').

Alternately, after logging into, you can choose "Points for Credit."

Next, choose the card you'd like to apply the credit to and enter the number of points you'd like to redeem. After making your choice, click the button to finalize the transaction, and the credit will appear on your account within the next few business days.

In the above screenshot, you can see that the cents per point valuation improves slightly as more points are redeemed, but it never goes above a rate close to 0. 70.00 USD for every point The fact that you can easily get 1 cent per point from your Scene Rewards makes this a subpar redemption.

Scene Rewards is similar to other programs in that it allows users to redeem points for merchandise and gift cards. Gift card and merchandise redemption rates change with each individual product.

Just like almost every other miles and points program, the Scene program's merchandise redemption options are poor. Redeeming for merchandise or gift cards is not a good use of your points; instead, you should put them toward travel expenses (either real or through the refundable hotel trick).

  1. One Scene Rewards point is equal to one cent.

  2. Bookable flights, groceries, booze, movies at Cineplex and The Rec Room, a credit to your Scene Rewards account, a statement credit, gift cards, and other merchandise are all possible uses for your Scene Rewards points.

  3. The best ways to spend Scene Rewards points are at Empire supermarkets and liquor stores, Cineplex theaters, the Rec Room, and Book Your Way travel. The typical value of a Scene Rewards point can be redeemed for 1 cent across the board.

  4. If you don't make a purchase that earns Scene Rewards points within 24 months, they will be deleted. However, as long as you maintain a Scotiabank Scene product in your name, such as a credit card, your points will never expire.

  5. To answer your question, no, you cannot give your Scene Rewards points to another Scene member.

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