Health card applications in British Columbia

Publicly funded health care in Canada has a stellar reputation and is one reason why many people choose to settle in the country. In Canada, medical attention is provided by the country's territorial divisions In Greater Vancouver Area The acronym "MSP" stands for "Medical Services Plan." Learn more about the Medical Services Plan and how to apply for coverage in British Columbia below.

British Columbia's universal health care system

At home in B.C. C The Medical Expenses Protection program (MSP) pays for all healthcare incurred by citizens. A Personal Health Number (PHN) will be assigned to you after you enroll in the plan.  

What does MSP cover?

B C The following medical care is included in the plan:

  • Attendance at personal physician or a MSP-participating doctor
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests at a reputable center
  • Medical or midwifery care for the mother
  • For those under the age of 18 or over the age of 65, the government mandates a yearly eye exam.
  • Medically necessary eye exams performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist on adults aged 19 to 64
  • Hospital-based dental procedures for medical necessity.
  • Orthodontic care for severe cases of facial deformity  

Some residents, such as those on government assistance programs, may be eligible for MSP coverage of alternative medical treatments like chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, and physical therapy.  

What does MSP not pay for

MSP only pays for the most fundamental of medical care, such as regular checkups and diagnostic procedures. When it comes to medical care, the B C What the health insurance doesn't pay for

  • Cosmetic surgery and other elective procedures that don't have a proven medical benefit.
  • Providing for the Oral Health
  • Everyone aged 19 to 64 should get annual eye exams.
  • Hearing aids, reading glasses, and other optical aids
  • Chiropractic care, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, and non-invasive podiatric care are all examples of alternative or complementary medicine.
  • Counseling or psychotherapy
  • Tests and procedures for health maintenance that aren't required by law or accepted medical practice
  • Employment, life insurance, and immigration-related medical exams

Who can receive MSP and why

You must be a resident of British Columbia in order to be covered by the province's health care system. A person is considered a resident of Canada if they are either a citizen or have authorization to be in the country (e. g a citizen for life ), who has made the province their permanent home and is present for at least half the year Your dependents can receive MSP benefits if you do. Spouses, children, and college-aged dependents who are not the primary breadwinner are all considered dependents.  

The first day of MSP coverage   

There is a waiting period before MSP coverage begins for new or returning residents of British Columbia. To determine how long you'll have to wait, add two months to the end of the month in which you finally close. If you were to travel from A to B, for instance, C If you signed up for insurance on January 15th, you would have to wait the rest of the month, plus all of February and March, before coverage would begin. You and your spouse may have to wait different amounts of time depending on when you both moved into the province.  

What is the price of MSP?  

There are no hidden fees or premiums associated with joining MSP. Starting January 1, 2020, the provincial government will no longer collect an MSP premium.  

When applying for MSP, what paperwork is required?

Apply for MSP as soon as possible if you're a new Canadian resident. After the completion of your waiting period, your coverage will begin. It's smart to plan for personal medical insurance while we patiently wait  

To submit an MSP application, you must have:

The process for obtaining a BC Services Card

You need a current BC Services Card to be eligible for medical coverage in the province of British Columbia. Your identity and age can be proven with this government-issued photo ID. You can use it to get medical care, use government services, or buy things online. create a checking account

  1. The BC Services Card application process requires two forms of identification. Identification Documents That Can Be Used include a Driver's license issued by the province of British Columbia , a student visa, a work visa, a temporary resident card, or a permanent resident card The original or true certified copy of any of the above documents, or documents that are not in English but have been translated by an ICBC-approved translator, may be used as supplementary identification. As an immigrant to Canada who was not born here, you can Please get in touch with ICBC. Refer to ICBC (British Columbia's Insurance Board) for details on valid identification.  
  2. Visit an ICBC's License Division You can Please schedule an appointment in advance. at some places, or discover the hours during which the office closest to you welcomes walk-in clients.
  3. A representative at the department of licensing will just making sure you're a real person who lives in British Columbia After that, snap a picture of yourself. You can expect to receive your BC Services Card in the mail. Applying for a BC Services Card will not cost you anything.  

A few more things to think about before you begin:

How much does a BC Services Card cost to obtain?

The application for this card is completely free. On the other hand, if you pair it with a B C costs associated with obtaining a driver's license.  

When can I expect to receive my BC Services Card?

Within four to six weeks, you should receive your BC Services Card in the mail.  

How to Register for MSP

You can apply for MSP in one of two ways after getting your BC Services Card:

1) Submit your application via the internet

An electronic request for submission is accessible, and finishing it won't take more than a quarter of an hour. Until you submit the form, the information you enter will remain on your device's local storage. You'll need to specify whether you're a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or holder of a temporary permit (like a work permit) on the application form. A digital photograph or scanned image of your ID will be required. Certificate of Eligibility for the MSP Program Included in the Application Process If you have legally changed your name, you must also provide documentation (e.g. a court order) to prove the change. g Document Proving Marriage)  

2) Send in your application via snail mail

Get a print out of the Form Requesting Admission , then send the form and copies of documents verifying your identity and eligibility to work in Canada to:

British Columbia Health Insurance
Healthcare Service Strategy
Sack #9678, Provincial Government PO
Victoria, British Columbia
V8W 9P7

After signing up for MSP, you can use your BC services card to pay for medical and health care services that are covered by the program.

You can contact your local community agency or the Ministry of Health in British Columbia if you have any questions about the Medical Services Plan in that province. Help for first-timers You can also reach out to BC Medical Insurance sending an email to mspenquiries@hibc gov bc Telephone: ca 604-683-7151 or call 1-800-663-7100 free of charge or write:

Care BC Health Insurance
Sack 9035 Provincial Government PO
Post-Victorian Era C V8W 9E3

Preparing your move guide

One of the many things you should get ready for before moving to Canada is healthcare. If you're moving to Canada from another country, we recommend downloading our free guide, Preparing Your Move to Canada.

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