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Transfer Money

Changing the balance of your U.S. S as part of a stress-free international existence. and Canadian accounts quickly, simply, and for no cost1 is a major plus.

Sending money from RBC Royal Bank in Canada to RBC Bank in the United States.

Instantly and without any fees1, convert your funds in any currency and transfer them between your RBC Royal Bank and RBC Bank accounts. You can make a single transfer of up to $25,000 Must get more active Call us at any time at 1-800-769-2553

Making as many or as few transfers as you like is completely free.

Establishing an account link is required prior to initiating a transfer. After they are connected, international payments can be made without any additional steps.

Instructions for Making an RBC Mobile App Transfer from RBC Royal Bank in Canada to RBC Bank in the United States are Available for Download and Print.
Instructions for Making an International Wire Transfer from RBC Royal Bank (Canada) to RBC Bank (U.S.)
Money moved across the border from RBC Bank in the US to RBC Royal Bank in Canada.

Switch your money from your RBC Royal Bank account to your RBC Bank account without any fees1 and with a seamless currency conversion experience. Make a single transfer of up to $25,000 Have to get up and about more often Make a call to us at 1-800-769-2553

The number of withdrawals you can make from your checking account is unlimited. However, U S The Federal Reserve Board caps withdrawals from savings and money market accounts at six per month.

You must connect your accounts before you can make a transfer. After they are connected, international payments can be made without any additional steps.

In order to watch the video, you'll need to either enable JavaScript or upgrade to a web browser that does.

  1. Go ahead and log in to U S Transactions Through the RBC Bank's Online Platform
  2. To send money from the United States to Canada, go to the "Transfer Funds" menu and choose "USA to CAN Transfers
  3. Submit the amount you want to send.
  4. Input a U S account you want to send money from and the Royal Bank account you want to send it to.
Transferring funds to or from your RBC Bank account in the United States and other U.S. banks

Changing U is an option. S money order from a U S money order or check drawn on your U.S. bank and deposit it in your RBC account. S Deposit this check into your RBC Bank account.

The funds can also be transferred electronically to a personal RBC Bank account. With respect to the other U.S. S Depending on how many accounts you're transferring funds between and how frequently they're processed, the funds could be moved between your accounts in several business days.

The initial phase of a U S transfer personal U.S. dollars between your RBC Bank account and any other U.S. S add your other U.S. banks to your online account. S transfers from paper checks to Online Banking

  1. Log in to Your Online Banking Account
  2. Select Registered External Accounts from the drop-down menu of the Transfer tab.
  3. Click Add
  4. The external financial institution's routing number, account number, type of account, and account owner must be entered.
  5. The final step is to log out after clicking the submit button.
    Two sub-$1 deposits will be made to your RBC Bank account over the course of 5 business days. to the external account you designated when registering Before proceeding, let's wait 5 working days.
  6. If you want to double-check the amounts of the microdeposits RBC Bank made, you can do so by logging into the online banking service of your external account. Sign up for a U S Direct Access to Your RBC Account
  7. Select Pending External Accounts from the drop-down menu under the Transfer Funds heading.
  8. Choose the appropriate third-party account, and then click the Verify button.
  9. Put in the total of your two micropayments, then hit the submit button.

When everything is set, you can begin transferring.

  1. Choose United States of America Transfers from the tab Transfer Funds.
  2. Simply enter the amount you wish to send.
  3. To initiate a transfer, click the "from" and "to" drop-down menus, respectively (options for external accounts will be listed at the bottom of each menu).
  4. The transfer can be immediate or set up for a future date(s) and time(s) under the terms section.
The Process of Making a Payment Via a Bank Wir

Financial institutions can send and receive funds electronically through what is called a "wire transfer." Costs can vary from $15 to per domestic or international wire transfer, depending on whether the sender or recipient is responsible for the transfer. When planning to use wire transfers, remember that the process can take up to two full business days.

Funds Transfers Via Wire in Online Banking in the United States (new tab/window).
Get Cash From U.S. ATMs and Retailers

If you're traveling to the United States, you won't need to bring a large sum of money. S Is frantically running around, looking for U S dollars prior to departure is a hassle, and carrying a large sum of money with you is risky.

If you need cash while you're in the United States, you can get it quickly and easily. S


U is a useful tool. S Make withdrawals from your checking account with your Visa debit card at any of our 50,000 fee-free2 ATMs. Find an ATM near you with our ATM Finder. The daily withdrawal limit is $1,500, but most ATMs will only dispense up to $300 at a time.

For purchases made with a Visa debit card in the United States, you'll receive cash back.

Money back is an option when shopping at larger retailers like supermarkets. If you want your cash back after making a purchase, choose "cash back" at the card terminal. There are no restrictions on the number of transactions you can make or the total amount you can withdraw (though this is typically only $100 or less per merchant).

Advance Cash

With a U S If you have a Visa Debit Card, you can shop at any store that accepts Visa. S banking institutions, present your government-issued photo identification, and S To obtain a cash advance using a Visa debit card. At most banks, you'll be able to withdraw up to $5,000; however, individual institutions may set higher limits. Unlike a cash advance on a credit card, the funds will be taken straight out of your account.

You shouldn't have any problems maintaining a carefree cross-border lifestyle. Conceiving of a Plan to Acquire Your U S Depositing a large sum of money into a bank account should be just as simple Deposits can be made in a number of different ways.

To make a payment from your RBC Royal Bank (Canadian) account, please click here.

Funds can be moved from your Canadian RBC Royal Bank account to your American RBC Bank account. S free 1 instantaneous account To convert Canadian dollars to US dollars and make a transfer, log into your bank's online banking system. S money in United States S account There are no restrictions on how often or how many times you can make this exchange.

Please enable JavaScript and consider upgrading to a browser that supports HTML5 video in order to watch this video.

Transfer from another US bank

As a means of putting down U S money from your other U.S. bank accounts into your RBC Bank S banks, you can easily make transfers between accounts by signing up for online banking.

For this service, RBC Bank does not impose any fees, but other banks may. You may have to wait several business days to get your hands on that cash, depending on the procedures of the other banks involved.

Depositing U.S. dollars with a mobile device

A U.S. currency deposit can be made via smartphone or tablet, or via computer and scanner, for those who live in a country where such devices are widely used S money orders in U.S. dollars checks S bank accounts at no charge, at any time, from any location using the convenience of Online Banking

The money you deposit through your device may not be immediately accessible for up to five business days, so plan ahead of time even though it's a quick, simple, and free way to get cash into your account.

Please enable JavaScript and consider upgrading to a browser that supports HTML5 video in order to watch this.

Put American dollars in an automated teller machine.

U is a useful tool. S bank account using a debit card S you can deposit cash at one of the thousands of fee-free2 ATMs spread out across the country Don't forget: U S Canadian dollars cannot be deposited into ATMs in the United States. S cash only

Check out our ATM Finder to discover a deposit-ready ATM in your area. Be aware that it could take up to five business days for money deposited at an ATM to become accessible.

Money deposited directly into your account

If your grade is a U, S A dollar paycheck or other regular payments can be deposited into your RBC Bank account through free automatic deposits. Please follow the guidelines provided by the company making the payment to you or fill out our direct deposit form. Our routing number is 063216608 in case you need it to set up the transaction.

Money Transfer Via Wire

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds between two or more financial institutions, and you can use either to send or receive money. Fees can vary from $15 to per transaction depending on factors like the amount sent or received and whether the wire transfer is domestic or international. When planning to use wire transfers, factor in an extra two days for processing time.

Contemplating the arrival of a wire transfer

It takes two steps to receive money via wire transfer into your RBC Bank account. To reach RBC Bank, the wire must first pass through a Receiving/Intermediary Bank. The wire is then transferred to RBC Bank from the Receiving/Intermediary Bank.

If you make a deposit, please remember that it could take up to two business days for the funds to become available in your account.

Get your wire transfer started.

  1. Identify the appropriate form of wire transfer, whether it's a U. S For domestic U.S. wire transfers, use the Wire Transfer service. S alternatively, Non-U S For wire transfers initiated from outside the United States, please use the (International) Wire Transfer. S
  2. Click on the relevant Wire Instructions form below for your needs.
  3. Please fill out the Wire Instructions form and submit it via printout or electronic storage.
  4. To initiate a wire transfer, please forward the completed Wire Instructions form to the sending institution.

How to Make a Wire Transfer in the United States

Information for International Bank Wire Transfers

Pay My U.S. Bills

You can have a good time in the sun wherever you are, whether you're basking in the U. S ...or if you have U.S. dollars, the conveniences of home in Canada S When it comes to paying your bills, we make it as easy as possible. In the United States, money is exchanged to pay bills or individuals. S minor variations from the Canadian norm Even though there is no equivalent to Canada's Interac eTransfer south of the border, there are plenty of excellent alternatives for sending and receiving U.S. S bills paid

Payment of Bank and Utility Bills Through the Internet

Your U.S. S Expenses can be paid without leaving the house, online, and risk-free

Schedule payments for bills sent to you by any U. S a foreign company or person and have them pay you in U. S funds Also, you can easily toggle between your U S and Canadian accounts with just one login, allowing you to take care of all of your bills in one place, no matter where you happen to be.

Be plagued by constant U S mortgage payments, insurance premiums, and other recurring costs If you want to avoid having to remember to send money on a regular basis, you can set up recurring payments to be sent automatically from any bank, in any country. S or Canada

Just how Long Will It Be Before My Bills Are Covered?

You can schedule a payment to be made to the company on the date of your choosing if they accept electronic payments from us.

In cases where the company does not accept electronic payments from us, we will print and send a check on your behalf. Your payment may not be processed until several days after you submit it due to delays in mailing and potential processing time on the part of the payee. In order to avoid being charged late fees, you may want to arrange for your payments to be sent a week or so in advance of the due date.

Organizing Your Bills for Payment Online

In addition to being simple to implement and control, it also takes very little time to prepare. Log in to your account at any RBC Bank (U. S Enroll in Bill Pay by going to Online Banking, clicking on Statements and Other Services, and then Bill Pay Enrollment.

Bill Pay is accessible through Online Banking's Pay Bills section once enrollment is complete, typically the following business day.

What You Need to Know About Online Bill Pay

After setting up your accounts in Bill Pay, you can pay your bills quickly and easily, from any web-enabled device, at any time.

  1. Access U with an account that you have previously created. S Computerized Financial Transactions
  2. To get to the Payment Center from the Pay Bills menu, click the latter.
  3. The recipient can be any business or individual you choose.
  4. Amount to be paid to this biller:
  5. Payment can be made by selecting the Pay Now button.

After your payment has been approved, you can track its status in the Payment Center's Pending Payments section.

Using Bill Pay to Manage Your Finances

Bill Pay makes it simple to schedule recurring payments, create and manage payment reminders, and update payee details.

  1. Enter your U.S. S The Convenience of Online Banking
  2. A payment option will appear.
  3. From the Payment Center's main menu, select Manage My Bills.
  4. Pick the appropriate bill or biller from the menu. After making that choice, you'll be able to access account settings.
    • Automated bill-paying is something that can be scheduled.
    • Changing Payee Details
    • Getting rid of a payer
    • Appointments to remind you to pay bills
    • By selecting online bill delivery (provided by biller)
Bank drafts

Your U.S. S pay your bills by writing a check payable to RBC Bank and mailing it to: S mail

In contrast to Canada, the U S In this day and age, financial institutions will not accept postdated checks. It's risky to send a payee a number of post-dated checks for recurring costs because the payee may deposit them all at once, leaving you short or overdrawn on your account. Make regular payments through Online Bill Pay instead.

Payments made automatically (ACH)

Many businesses will gladly arrange for your mortgage, credit card, HOA, etc. payments to be automatically deducted from your bank account each month, if so desired. Each month, when the payment is debited from your account, you need only ensure sufficient funds are present. Our bank routing number will likely be required to set up these electronic payments. It’s 063216608

Furthermore, your U.S. bank account can be used to make a variety of recurrent payments. S Payment Method: Credit/Debit Card Simply provide your card number and expiration date to the merchant if they accept these forms of payment. When you make a purchase with your debit card, the money will be taken out of your account on the transaction date. With a credit card, the transaction will show up on your billing statement.

Get cash from any of the 50,000+ fee-free2 ATMs located throughout the US. S Look for the nearest one.

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