Grilled Baked Potatoes

Affiliate links are possible in this post. Refer to our policy on disclosure for more information. Because they are baked on the grill, these potatoes make a great side dish for any barbecue. They are naturally vegan and Whole30 compliant, have a salty crust, and are

Affiliate links are possible in this post. Refer to our policy on disclosure for more information.

Because they are baked on the grill, these potatoes make a great side dish for any barbecue. They are naturally vegan and Whole30 compliant, have a salty crust, and are incredibly fluffy on the inside. Top them generously and serve with grilled meats.

Baked potatoes from the grill on a plate open with pats of butter and chives

Reasons Why This Dish Will Definitely Be a Hit in Your Home

Have you heard that baked potatoes can be prepared on the grill?

And that both the interior and exterior are light and airy and deliciously crisp.

Steakhouse-quality baked potatoes can be made quickly and easily on the grill, meaning you won't have to leave the grill to go back inside for the oven. And, oh, I forgot to mention, they're salted?

Having a salty crust on a baked potato is like having a salty crust on everything.

What's the secret to these delicious potatoes?

  • Their skins are crisp and salty, while their interiors are light and airy.
  • This article provides detailed, illustrated instructions for making them.
  • They can be grilled along with the rest of your meal, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sunshine and your company while dinner is prepared.
  • These baked potatoes are microwaved first to make the insides fluffier and to speed up the cooking process once they are transferred to the grill.

Instructions for Preparing Them

Choose your potatoes first. To ensure uniform cooking, select Russet potatoes of similar size.

Grill at high heat with the lid closed for about 15 minutes, or until the temperature reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, get the potatoes ready. Scrub the potatoes and prick them all over with a fork. After drying, apply avocado oil or another neutral oil and coat. To do this, put the oil (about 3 tablespoons) in a large, shallow bowl and toss the potatoes in the oil, one by one, until they are evenly coated. Remove from the oven and drain the oil before proceeding.

Baked potatoes on the grill instructions graphic

Spread some Kosher or sea salt out in a third, smaller bowl. Take the potatoes that you have oiled and tossed them into the salt bowl, turning them until they are completely covered in salt.

Make sure there are no openings by wrapping each potato in two layers of foil. Put on the grill directly and cover. Prepare for 30 to 40 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the thickest part of the potato meets no resistance.

Take foil-wrapped food off grill and unwrap it. We must clean and recycle.

Cut a slit lengthwise down the top of the potato with a knife, and then, with your hands covered in a towel or potholder to avoid burns, press the ends in towards the center to open the potato. To achieve desired fluffiness, scrape meat with a fork. Prepare with a variety of condiments

Making Ready to Fire Up the Grill

An essential step in this and any grilling recipe is getting the grill nice and hot. Be sure the grill is hot, at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit (176 degrees Celsius), before adding the potatoes. For best results, preheat your grill for 15 minutes with the lid closed.

Cooking Advice

  • Get the grill nice and hot before you start cooking. For further explanation, please refer to the preceding section.
  • It's not necessary to salt the potato, but doing so will produce a deliciously crunchy exterior. I would suggest it to anyone.
  • Avoid embarrassing potato explosions by pricking them all over with a fork before microwaving.
  • Expect a longer cooking time, around 40 minutes, if you need to open the lid to cook other items on the grill. The lid should be kept closed as much as possible while cooking other foods. That way, the grill can be used as a conventional oven for the potatoes.
  • Double-wrapping your potato with foil will ensure that no hot spots or holes appear while cooking.
  • It's best to buy potatoes of similar sizes so they cook evenly.
  • Put the potato in the microwave for four to five minutes, or until it yields easily when squeezed (using a towel or potholder to protect your hand). Prep work can be done hours in advance, and the dish can be grilled at the end if desired.
  • To easily form a salt crust on the outside of your potatoes, use a wide, shallow bowl to toss them in.

Suggestions for a Topping

Garnish with your favorite toppings, like melted butter, sour cream, bacon, green onions, ranch dressing, salsa, diced tomatoes, grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, cheese sauce, and chili. Vegans can use ghee, and Whole30 adherents can use vegan butter. Vegans and those on Whole30 can both enjoy my Vegan Queso made with vegan cheese shreds.

A row of baked potatoes from the grill open on a white plate with butter

Other Delicious Recipes

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  • huge bowl or plate that can be heated in the microwave
  • 4 potatoes, 8 sheets of aluminum foil
  • Grill at 350 degrees Fahrenheit with the lid closed. Put one russet potato in a medium bowl while the grill heats up. Use a fork to poke holes in the potatoes, then brush them with neutral oil. Put the potato aside and do the same with the other potatoes.
  • Put enough salt in a second medium bowl so that it completely covers the bottom of the bowl. In a bowl, drizzle some oil over a single potato and toss it around until it is covered in a light coating of salt. Place on a microwave-safe dish and continue with the remaining potatoes.
  • After you've oiled and salted all of the potatoes, you can pop them in the microwave. For 4 minutes on high, microwave the potatoes in a single batch. Take the potatoes out of the microwave and individually wrap them in two layers of aluminum foil.
  • Put the potatoes, still in their foil, on the grill rack. Leave the grill lid closed while you grill the potatoes for 30–40 minutes. Remember that grilling time increases by a minute for every time the lid is opened
  • After 30 minutes, start checking the doneness of the potatoes by piercing the skin with a fork or skewer. Remove potatoes from grill when a fork or skewer can be inserted into one with little to no resistance.
  • Remove foil from grilled potatoes and set aside. Begin by making a lengthwise cut down the middle of the potato. Next, press down on both of the cut ends to open the potato up. Fork-fluff the potato flesh and serve with the fixings of your choice.
  • It is crucial that the grill be properly heated before the potatoes are added.
  • The shelf life of leftover potatoes in an airtight container in the refrigerator is about 5 days.
Serving: 1 potato , Calories: 261 kcal , Carbohydrates: 38 g , Protein: 5 g , Fat: 11 g , The Dangers of Saturated Fat 2 g , Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 1 g , Omega-3 Fatty Acids: 8 g , Sodium: 11 mg , Potassium: 888 mg , Fiber: 3 g , Sugar: 1 g , Vitamin A: 2 IU , Vitamin C: 12 mg , Calcium: 28 mg , Iron: 2 mg , Net Carbs: 35 g

The total number of estimated servings is shown. Your preferred serving size will determine the actual number of servings.

The dietary recommendations given are meant as guidelines and are based on a single serving made with the ingredients specified. The exact macros will differ slightly from brand to brand and type to type of ingredients.

The weight of one serving can be calculated by following the recipe exactly as written. To determine how many servings a recipe makes, simply weigh the final product, then divide the weight of the food (not including the packaging) by the desired serving size. A single portion's weight will be the end result.

The question is whether or not baking potatoes in foil expedites cooking time.

In addition to keeping your baked potatoes hot for an extended period of time, aluminum foil is an excellent heat conductor.

Do you pierce grilled baked potatoes before serving?

Yes The same rule applies here as it does when baking potatoes in any other manner: poke them with a fork a few times to let the steam out before serving. If not, your potatoes may burst into flames.

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