Grey Cup of the Canadian Football League 2022: When, Where, and How to Watch

The Grey Cup of 2022 will be the 109th overall. The Grey Cup is Canadian football's championship game.

The Eastern and Western Conference Champions from the CFL Playoffs will compete in this game to crown the CFL champion for 2022. Canadians tune in to watch it more than any other sporting event on television. TSN will be the primary broadcaster for this contest.

The Grey Cup will be monumental this year. Don't sleep through a second of Grey Cup action!

grey cup 2022 live
Team TBD Location Venue: Mosaic Stadium, Regina, Saskatchewan Date Date: November 20th, 2022 Sunday Time 6:00 p m EST TV Network Television Networks of Canada, Radio-Canada, and ESPN Transmission in Real Time Watch Here Entertainment during intermission Three of the biggest names in country music (Jordan Davis, Tyler Hubbard, and Josh Ross)

Where and when will the 2022 Grey Cup be played?

Saskatchewan's Capital City of Regina in 2022, when it plays host to the 109th Grey Cup. At Regina's Mosaic Stadium on November 20th, 2022. The Saskatchewan Roughriders play their home games at Mosaic Stadium. This will be Regina's fourth time hosting the Grey Cup.

The Grey Cup 2022: When and where to watch it

The kickoff time for the Grey Cup in 2022 will be at 6 PM Eastern Time (3 PM Pacific Time). You'll need to adjust your watch's time zone in accordance with the Canadian start time for the Grey Cup if you're watching from outside Canada.

Start times for the Grey Cup in various countries are listed below.

  • Grey Cup kickoff in the UK is at 11 p.m. GMT.
  • Monday, November 21 at 10 a.m. AEDT will be the start of the Australia Grey Cup.
  • Grey Cup in Japan kicks off at 8 a.m. on Monday, JST.
  • Time of the Grey Cup in Mexico: 5 p.m.
  • The Grey Cup in New Zealand kicks off at 12pm on Monday NZDT.
  • On Monday, November 5 at 8 a.m. KST, South Korea will host the Grey Cup.

Due to the introduction and pregame events, TSN's live coverage does not begin until 1 PM ET. In the five hours before the game, you can watch "Grey Cup Sunday." RDS's coverage, on the other hand, kicks off at 4 PM ET.

Several time zones coexist in Canada. The cities and times of their Grey Cup kickoffs are listed below, organized by time zone.

Locale & Timezone Time of Grey Cup Game Vancouver uses the Pacific Time Zone. 3 pm PST Alberta (Edmonton) Mountain Time 4 pm MST Time zone: CDT (Winnipeg, Manitoba). 5 pm CST When it's Toronto time, that's Eastern Standard. 6 pm EST Halifax operates on Atlantic Standard Time. 7 pm AST (St. John's) Newfoundland Standard Time John’s) 7:30 pm NST

When and where can I watch the Grey Cup 2022?

There is no other network authorized to air Canadian Football League games than TSN. TSN will air live coverage of the 109th Grey Cup, while RDS will provide French-language coverage.

So, if your cable company already offers TSN, great! I envy your good fortune. Grey Cup 2022 can be watched live on television by simply switching to the TSN channel in time for the opening kickoff.

  • Canada's TSN and RDS
  • ESPN (USA)
  • ESPN2 (U K along with the Emerald Isle)
  • Outside, you can use YAREtv to watch the Grey Cup.

Canada's Grey Cup: How to Watch Online (with or without Cable)

In Canada, TSN is the go-to source for live sports coverage. For a smooth Grey Cup 2022 viewing experience in Canada, please refer to the steps outlined below.

On Cable:

You either pay for TSN's cable service or receive it as part of your current TV package. TSN Channel is now available for immediate live online streaming access via the steps outlined below.

  • Check out
  • Choose the "LIVE" menu option for the most up-to-date information.
  • Sign in with your Bell Media credentials here, or select "I'm a TV Subscriber" to create one.
  • Pick your cable company and enter your information.
TSN Grey Cup Live

To cut the cord on:

As far as cord-cutting services go, TSN Direct is your best bet. TSN Live, owned and operated by Bell Media, is a standalone online sports broadcasting platform. There is no need for a satellite or cable TV subscription here.

For a monthly fee, you can watch TSN on any of your devices, live. There are three tiers of service available on TSN Direct: Day Pass () Price per Month Pass ($19.99) 99), Annual Pass (199 90) Taxes will be added to each subscription.

The TSN Direct DAY PASS is a must-have for Grey Cup fans.

The American Way to Watch the 2022 Grey Cup Live Online

ESPN's partnership with the CFL dates back several years. In 2022, 68 games will be broadcast on ESPN networks in the United States. Moreover, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNEWS will team up to broadcast each and every CFL game live. If you want to see the Grey Cup on November 20, be sure to watch it on ESPN2.

If you have cable, you can watch ESPN 2 anytime. In order to watch the CFL Grey Cup 2022 online, go to WatchESPN and enter your service provider information.

If you're in the United States and don't have cable, ESPN is your best bet for television. The price for ESPN is per month. 99 a month, or a year The Annual Price of ESPN subscribers have access to UFC pay-per-view events and thousands of other exclusive live events, studio shows, and live sports, including the National Football League, the World Boxing Council, and the Canadian Football League.

There are also Live TV streaming services. That lets you watch ESPN on any of your devices in real time Among them are DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, FuboTV, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV.

Free 7-day trials are typically offered by live TV streaming services to attract new customers. FuboTV is the superior choice here.

Enjoy 7 days of free service and cancel your fuboTV subscription at any time with no penalties. The best way to watch the Grey Cup online without spending a dime is to sign up for a free trial.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, BT Sport will be broadcasting the Grey Cup live.

The 108th Grey Cup will be broadcast live on BT Sport 1 for fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In excess of five million households across the United Kingdom and Ireland have access to BT Sport. If you're an Irish viewer, you can also use the channel to keep up with the Grey Cup.

The best option for subscribers to watch BT Sport's live coverage on its app and web player is the BT Sport Monthly Pass. It's a breeze There is a monthly fee involved, but no cable is required. The cost of a monthly pass to watch BT Sport is £25.

To watch BT Sports 1, 2, 3, BT Sports ESPN, and Premier Sports 1 and 2 without a cable subscription, you can subscribe to Now TV.

When and where can Mexicans tune in to the Grey Cup live stream?

The 2019 season marks the beginning of CFL's partnership with VMS in Mexico. However, the announcement for the extension does not come this year. To watch the games, Mexican fans must pay YAREtv for the GREY CUP GAME PASS. 99

Where and How to Stream the 2022 Grey Cup Live Online

Outside of the YAREtv coverage area, the CFL International Service "GREY CUP GAME PASS" is the best and only option.

Priced at 99 Still, you can watch it LIVE and on-demand for the next two days. Grey Cup live action in HD on your big screen TV with YAREtv on your computer, Android and iOS mobile devices, Apple TV, or Chromecast.

Note: Unfortunately, CFL International Service is not available in the following locations: Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, or the United States' territories.

A Look Ahead at Future Streaming Options for Sports:

  • When the Canadian Football League's playoffs will be held in 2022
  • Instructions for Canadians on How to Watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup

How to Stream the Grey Cup on Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV

Through ESPN's streaming service, the Grey Cup can be viewed by anyone with a Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV. New to the streaming scene is ESPN, the most-watched cable network in the world. You can expect to pay around . Costing only .99 per month, the service is well worth the money.

The best part is that you can watch ESPN on your Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV without a cable subscription. And ESPN2 is a part of that! You need only pay for that cheap service. However, a decent internet connection and an appropriate device are prerequisites for its use.

You can watch the Grey Cup game live on your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, or smart TV with a live TV streaming service.

Is there a free way to watch the Grey Cup in 2022?

Watching the Grey Cup Live Stream Free Online via a Free Trial of a Live TV Streaming Service may be the best option when doing an internet search.

There are some free streaming sites, but they are laden with advertisements and malware. That could potentially damage your electronic equipment. Consequently, we won't endorse any of those torrent sites that offer free movies.

Current events and scores must be delivered to your mobile device. It follows that social media may be the most viable option for you.

As a result, you can subscribe to the official CFL social media pages to receive updates, statuses, videos, and more from the start of the season to the end. Like Reddit. websites like com/r/CFLStreams, /r/FootballStreams, /r/Twitter,

A Step-by-Step Guide to Watching the Grey Cup Online.

If you're reading this and you don't live in Canada or a TV-viewing area, Best choice: YAREtv, the CFL's International Service. Once you've done that, any geo-restriction policies you encounter will be null and void. Avoid anxiety You can access any region-locked content on any streaming service by connecting to a VPN.

We have evaluated the best VPN services on the market today. It's clear to us that ExpressVPN is the best of the bunch. Quick, safe, user-friendly, and hosted on servers all over the world.

Streaming services that provide live television, such as FuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu Live TV, give preference to users with IP addresses based in the United States. You have the option of using any streaming service you like.

However, if this is your first time, we recommend Fubo TV due to its 7-day free trial for new users. When compared to competing streaming services, user reviews consistently praise Fubo TV the most.

How to Watch the Grey Cup 2022 for Free with a VPN

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN (No Risk for 30 Days)
  • Join a server in the USA.
  • Start your free trial of FuboTV today.
  • Listen up and have fun

Where can I go online in 2022 to watch the Grey Cup Festival?

Each festival leading up to the Grey Cup 2022 will be covered by professional journalists, and you can watch it all unfold live or on-demand with the aforementioned media streaming services.

If you prefer to watch the games on television, official broadcasts will be available on TSN (Canada) and ESPN (United States). Be sure to visit the Official website to confirm the festival's schedule.

The use of media streaming services is an option regardless of where you call home, not just in Canada and the United States. Unfortunately, media streaming services have a geo-restriction policy.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) to get around the block is a good idea right about now. Depending on whether you want to watch U.S. or Canadian programming, the VPN service will direct you to connect to a server in either country.

The Best Places to Stream the Grey Cup 2022 Halftime Show

To catch the Grey Cup 2022 Halftime Show, check out one of the above-mentioned live-streaming services. In 2022, the Grey Cup Halftime show will feature Jordan Davis, Tyler Hubbard, and Josh Ross.

The halftime show's headliner will whip up excitement for the crowd and provide fun for viewers all over the world.

Broadcasting the 109th Grey Cup on the Radio

In this year's Canadian Football League Grey Cup, Sirius XM is the event's Official Radio Partner. Canada Talks (Channel 167) on SiriusXM is where you can tune in for live English commentary. The SiriusXM app, website, and satellite radio subscribers can all tune in to the program.

The 2021 Gray Cup Champion Is...

The 2021 Grey Cup will be won by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Toronto Argonauts have won the most Grey Cups, with 17. The Edmonton Eskimos are in second place with 14 titles, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are in third with 12 titles.

The list of Grey Cup champions is below.

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 2021
  • Manitoba's Blue Bombers in 2019
  • Calgary Stampeders 2018
  • Toronto Argonauts, 2017
  • Ottawa REDBLACKS 2016
  • Edmonton Eskimos, 2015
  • Stampeders of Calgary, 2014
  • Roughriders of Saskatchewan, 2013
  • During the 2012 season, Toronto's Argonauts won the NFL championship.
  • British Columbia Lions, Season 2011
  • Montreal Alouettes, Year 2010
  • Montreal Alouettes, 2009
  • 2008. Calgary Stampeders
  • It's 2007 and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are in the playoffs.
  • 2006 BC Lions
  • Edmonton Eskimos, 2005
  • Fourteen years ago: Toronto's Argonauts.
  • Edmonton Eskimos, 2003
  • The 2002 season of the Montreal Alouettes.
  • Stampeders of Calgary, Alberta, 2001
  • 2000: BC Lions

Grey Cup 2022 Ticket Information

If you're interested in going to the event on November 20, you should probably buy tickets in advance. Tickets can be purchased through now. Premium seats range in price from $110 to $475. Get your tickets ASAP to secure a spot!

Fees and taxes are not necessarily included in these prices. You may want to jot these down so you don't miss the show.

Frequently Asked Questions About the 2022 CFL Gray Cup

The following are some key points you should be aware of:

The 2022 GREY Cup will be held at

To be held at Tim Hortons Field, Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan on November 20, 2022 for the 109th Grey Cup. Time of start is set for 6:00 p m EST

Who came up with the name Grey Cup, and why?

The event has been called the Grey Cup for good reason. In those days, the Grey Cup was manufactured by Birk Jewelers. Earl Grey, Canada's then-governor general, gave it to the Canadian Football Championship and Sports Federation. In his honor, the trophy and competition have been known as the "Grey Cup" ever since.

The question is, who has the most Grey Cup victories?

In terms of fan favorites, that's not always simple. Some teams, however, have accomplished much in Grey Cup annals. The Toronto Argonauts have won the Grey Cup the most times (seventeen). On the other hand, the Edmonton Eskimos come in second with 14 victories, followed by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with 11 victories.

In the Canadian Football League, what are the rules for obtaining a single point?

In the Canadian Football League, or CFL, knowing how a single point is scored is crucial. The receiver does not return the ball or kick it out of the end zone after the team kicks the ball into the end zone in a legal manner other than a converted field goal. To at least meet the minimum requirement to score in a CFL game, the player must:

For Canadian football, how many downs are there?

It takes four downs in American football to move the ball ten yards. Limit downs in Canadian football are set at three.

What bands will be playing at the 2022 Grey Cup?

It has long been one of the most interesting parts of the Grey Cup to watch the game during halftime. Halftime performers for this year's 109th Grey Cup will include "Country all-stars" Josh Ross, Jordan Davis, and Tyler Hubbard.

When does the Grey Cup begin?

The start of Sunday's Grey Cup game is set for 6 p. m Expected pregame coverage to start at 1:00 p.m. ET m ET Watch the Grey Cup 2022 on TSN (or RDS in French Canada)! ESPN2 in the United States, BT Sport in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Which team won the 2021 Grey Cup

The 2021 Grey Cup was won by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33-12.

So there you have it: your choices for streaming the Grey Cup live on your computer, phone, or tablet. If you found this article to be informative, please consider sharing it. Good luck and enjoy the day!

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