Getting Rid of an Overbite: A Step-by-Step Guide

Never take on more than you can successfully complete. One way to avoid this is to reduce the size of your bite.  

Over half of the world's children and adolescents have some form of tooth misalignment. A common reason for this is an overbite. Overbites are common among both children and adults and can have serious outcomes.  

You should make the necessary adjustments to yours as soon as possible. Overbite is a common problem, but many people avoid treatment because they believe it is impossible to fix.  

Find out what you can do to better your dental health and learn how to do it. How to Fix an Overbite: A Quick Reference  

An Explanation of an Overbite

To have an overbite, one's upper teeth overlap one's lower ones. The average person has a mild overbite of a few millimeters. Because of this overbite, you can now smile and eat with ease.  

When the top teeth don't completely cover the bottom ones, this is called an overbite. The upper teeth serve as a barrier against decay and wear for the lower teeth. When left out in the open, the lowest ones can deteriorate or be worn away.  

Even though an overbite can be seen in a person's teeth, it is actually a disorder of the jaws. An overbite can be either of two types, depending on where the jaw is set.  

The condition known as an overbite in the skeletal system occurs when the lower jaw is significantly smaller than the upper jaw. That causes the top teeth to move forward.  

Misalignment of the teeth causes overbite. The misalignment causes the lower jaw to move backward, which opens up a space between the teeth.  

Many factors can cause either variety to develop in an individual. A possible hereditary factor contributes to the prevalence of overbites within families. Habits like thumb-sucking can cause them by repositioning the jaw and teeth.  

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction is another potential source of discomfort. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a hinge connecting the jawbone to the skull Although overbite is less common, many people have experienced TMJ pain.  

Overbite is a common condition, and it can affect anyone. In almost all instances, treatment options such as surgery and other methods can bring about a successful outcome.  

Rectifying an Overbite: Why It's Crucial

An overbite of more than four millimeters necessitates orthodontic treatment. Lower teeth are not visible when you smile or speak. A lot of people won't like you more because of this, and it could hurt your professional and social prospects.  

Furthermore, an overbite can be extremely painful. It will irritate your TMJ and cause pain in your jaw and cheeks. If you grind your teeth at night, you can end up with sore gums and even cuts on the inside of your mouth.  

When something hits your lower jaw, it can easily damage your teeth. A person's ability to speak and eat can be negatively impacted by a missing or broken tooth.  

Even sleep apnea can be brought on by an overbite. It can restrict breathing, leaving you without enough oxygen. Lack of sleep has been linked to heart disease and stroke.  

A person with an overbite can always get it fixed. Correcting it in children is crucial because it can affect the growth of their facial bones and muscles.  

When Brackets Are Used to Treat an Overbite

Overbites can be fixed in a number of ways, which is good news. Straightening teeth with braces is the most popular and least invasive option.  

Orthodontists are the dental professionals who place braces on patients. After that, elastic bands are attached to the brackets and force is applied to the jaw.

When an overbite is present, they gradually realign the jaw to prevent further damage. After that, you can use a retainer to ensure your teeth stay in their proper positions.  

Brackets are available in a variety of styles for adult wear. Traditional orthodontic appliances perform the same function as those worn by adolescents. Ceramic anchors that mimic your teeth's color and shape are a good option for hiding dental implants.  

You can get lingual braces if you're worried about your teeth. They're designed to be worn within the mouth, making them nearly undetectable to others.

Those who are good candidates for Invisalign treatment can get them. You need to remove them before sitting down to eat. Even your overbite needs to be just a little bit mild.  

Different people need different amounts of time to correct. It'll be a few months at the very least, and severe overbites can take even longer.  

Surgical Procedures for Overbite Correction

In cases of severe overbite involving the skeletal structure, surgical correction is an option. An orthodontist will take X-rays of your head to determine whether or not you are a candidate for a procedure. Surgery to realign the jaw bone may be suggested if there is a discrepancy.  

You'll get an anesthetic so you won't feel anything and won't remember it either. Your jaws will be moved into new positions by the surgeon. Your jaw can be reshaped by adding or removing bone.  

Surgical plates, screws, and wires will be inserted into the jawbones once they have been moved into their proper positions. As your bones heal, these will keep them in place.  

When possible, incisions are made inside the mouth to minimize the appearance of scarring. For the next few weeks, you'll need to pay special attention to your diet and dental health.  

Two to four weeks after surgery, most patients can go back to work. Recovering full function of the jaws can take a while.  

Teeth extraction is a relatively painless medical procedure. The severity of an overbite can increase if the upper teeth crowd the gums. Teeth extraction can be used to realign the jaw.  

A local anesthetic, administered by your dentist, will numb you without putting you to sleep. After that, they'll yank the teeth out. For a few days, you might need to avoid eating anything too hard, but aside from that, most people will be fine.  

Have Your Overbite Fixed Today!

An overbite is more than just a cosmetic issue for you. It leaves your lower teeth vulnerable to decay and other dangers. It can cause sleep apnea because of the strain it puts on the jaw joint.  

If you have an overbite, your dentist can fix it. Braces can be used to gradually reposition the jaw. Surgery is another option for making the upper and lower jaws match up.  

Whatever the reason for your overbite, or how severe it may be, it can be fixed. If you're in Central Texas, Sing Orthodontics is your best option for overbite correction. Take a test online right now.  

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