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Eventually, almost all tenants vacate their rental property, either at the end of their lease term or earlier due to unforeseen circumstances. If a student goes home before the end of the semester, if a roommate moves out, or if an unbelievable rental opportunity presents itself, they may return home early. There are probably a lot of people in Ontario who have no idea where to begin when it comes to relocating. There are many different types of rental laws, and it can be difficult to understand how to give notice to a landlord, collect rent deposits, or terminate a lease. In this post, addresses common concerns about tenants' legal responsibilities in Ontario relocations in the hopes of reassuring those who are thinking about making a move in the near future.

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What to say to your landlord when you're moving out

In Ontario, tenancy agreements require tenants to give 60 days' written notice to the landlord before the end of the tenancy. The Ontario LTB specifies the following scenarios in which a tenant may request an early termination of their tenancy:

  1. Both you and your landlord have come to an agreement
  2. In this case, you're transferring the tenancy to another person.
  3. The LTB issues a restraining order terminating the lease early.
  4. You have been the target of sexual or domestic violence.
  5. You and your landlord entered into a lease after April 30, 2018, but your landlord did not use the standard lease tenancy form. You subsequently demanded in writing that your landlord use the standard form, and he or she did not comply.

Where to find information on terminating a lease rent

Quickly and easily terminate your lease without ever leaving the liv rental market Tenants should keep in mind that if they don't meet the aforementioned requirements, they will be unable to terminate their lease.

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Notice requirements for Ontario landlords

Whether your lease is month-to-month or fixed-term, you are required to give written notice of your intention to vacate at least 60 days before the termination date. The date of departure must fall on the last day of the month of rental, which need not coincide with the last day of the calendar month.

Can you tell me the latest time an Ontario tenant must vacate?

On the last day of your lease (which may fall in the middle of the month depending on your lease), you must vacate the premises by midnight.

When moving out, are Ontario tenants responsible for cleaning?

During their tenancy, tenants in Ontario are expected to keep the unit clean and in working order, as per the standard for that area.

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The Complete Landlord's Guide to Using

If you want to vacate your rental property prior to the end of your lease but failed to provide proper notice to your landlord, you can still take some steps to avoid being responsible for any remaining rent payments.

  • Learn how to get your landlord to let your tenancy expire.
  • If possible, assign or sublet your current rental to a new tenant.
  • If your landlord refuses to allow you to assign, you must give notice.
  • To terminate your lease, contact the Landlord and Tenant Board.

If the rental property is unsafe or the landlord is careless, you may also be able to terminate your lease early without incurring any costs. If the latter is the case, you'll have to go through the Landlord and Tenant Board's application process to have your lease officially terminated.

This is referred to as "notice." If your lease has a set duration, such as a year, you must give written notice of your intent to vacate at least 60 days before the termination date, which is usually two full calendar months before the end of the lease. The last day of the month is the designated move-out date.

IMPORTANT: If you move in the middle of the month, the last day of your rental period may be different. On the 14th, the month will officially end.

At the end of your tenancy in Ontario, one of your obligations is to return the rental unit in the same or better condition in which you found it. If you cause more than just some minor cosmetic damage to your unit, you may be held financially responsible for it. The landlord will need to file an action against you to collect any damages. Tenant damage fees cannot be deducted from security deposits.

If you have given your landlord the required 60 days' notice and returned any keys, fobs, etc. you can break your lease early as long as you've given proper notice and had an inspection with the landlord or property manager.

Unless your landlord has granted you an exemption from paying rent for the remaining time on the lease, you are still obligated to pay rent until the lease's end. How do I terminate my lease without incurring any fees? is explained above.

If you are a tenant in Ontario and you do not take action to terminate your tenancy by delivering the required notice to vacate, your tenancy will automatically continue on a month-to-month basis. There are two types of leases that fall under this category: those with a set term and those that renew month-to-month. You also have the option of asking your landlord to extend your lease for an additional year.

Even if your lease is month-to-month instead of fixed-term, you still need to give 60 days' notice before moving out.

Landlords in Ontario can charge a'rent' (not security) deposit equal to the cost of the last month's rent up front. A security deposit for housing cannot be more than one full month's rent. It can't be used to pay for repairs or anything else.

Therefore, once you've given your 60-day notice, you'll typically need to pay your second-to-last month's rent, but your final month's rent deposit will cover that.

No In Ontario, if you want to cancel your tenancy, you have to give your landlord 60 days' notice in writing.

No On the day of your move out, you must remove all of your personal property. Your landlord has the right to keep, sell, or dispose of anything you forget to remove.

Your landlord may deem a notice "improper" if it meets any of the following criteria:

  • It falls short by one day of the minimum 60-day period;
  • It is not the date that the rental agreement ends;
  • The document does not exist in written form;
  • None of the required components, including your signature and/or date, are present.

When your weekly lease is up, which is usually the day before rent is due, you must vacate the premises. If your rental payments are made on a daily basis, you are free to leave on any day. You must give your landlord notice of termination at least 28 days before the date of termination, whether you are paying rent on a daily or monthly basis.

No, they won't be able to keep it

Your landlord must make a separate request for payment if they believe you have caused damage to the property or have neglected its upkeep. The security deposit is the amount of rent due for the final month of the lease.

You may be responsible for rent for a period of time after you move out if you do not give the required notice (typically 60 days).

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