Following the Vancouver Canucks

In their 50 years of existence, the Vancouver Canucks have made three trips to the Stanley Cup Finals. However, they have never been able to win. Nonetheless, they have a long list of other victories to their name, including the Presidents' Trophy. The Canadian hockey team's meteoric rise to prominence last season came after they won their first playoff series in nearly a decade. However, the Vegas Golden Knights were ultimately victorious. Due to the departure of two key players who were signed by other teams, this upcoming season's success will be closely watched. For those who don't have cable, here's how to watch Canucks games online.

Where can I find broadcasts of Vancouver Canucks games?

Sportsnet One, a Canadian regional sports network, airs the majority of Canucks games. On the other hand, you can find some of them on NHL Network. Sportsnet's own streaming service, Sportsnet Now, is the only place to catch Canucks games on either of these channels live. Thankfully, it's much less expensive than competing live TV services and includes access to many more sporting events.

You can watch the Vancouver Canucks online without a cable subscription.

  fuboTV Hulu Sling TV YouTube TV The New AT&T TV SportsNet Cable Channel Devoted to the National Hockey League X $10   ✔ ✔ Repeatedly Simulated Networks of Sports on SportsNet in California X X X X X ✔

Hulu Live TV instructions for the Vancouver Canucks

The NHL Network and Sportsnet are not available in any of Hulu Live TV's local channels. However, that doesn't preclude you from catching live Canucks action elsewhere. The NBC Sports Network, one of the service's 65 channels, broadcasts a plethora of ice hockey games every week. In order to watch live TV on Hulu, you'll need to pay $54 per month. 99/mo fifty hours of storage space for recordings, access to the on-demand library, and the live TV schedule There are a plethora of optional add-ons, such as digital video recorder and simultaneous streaming upgrades and premium network inclusions. Get a free trial of the whole thing for a week.

If you want to learn more, read our verdict on Hulu Live TV.

Guidelines for fuboTV Canucks fans

Even though there are many regional sports networks available on fuboTV, Sportsnet is not one of them. There may also be a $5 surcharge if you want to watch NHL Network. 99/mo to supplement a sports-related The NHL Network is just one of more than 140 channels and 1,000 hours of cloud DVR available to Elite package subscribers. The price is though. 99/mo the honor it's been given The Family plan, fuboTV's most popular option, costs per month. 99/mo and 100 channels, enough for a 250-hour DVR Attempt both for a week to find out which one works best for you.

Please read our fuboTV review for further details.

Instructions on how to watch the Vancouver Canucks on YouTube TV

The Canucks' games aren't available on YouTube TV, unfortunately. Despite the 99/mo In total, over 85 channels are available, but unfortunately neither NHL Network nor Sportsnet are among them. Although, channels such as NBC Sports Network carry select hockey games. You'll have access to premium channels like NBA TV, FS1, and ESPN, and you'll have unlimited space on your DVR to record as much as you like. You can also customize your YouTube TV feed to highlight key moments or provide real-time statistics. The two-week free trial is twice as long as those offered by most rivals.

Vancouver Canucks game coverage on Sling TV

Live Canucks games on Sling TV can only be accessed through NHL Network. This, however, is not a part of the regular monthly fee. Whether or not you pay $30 per month for $45 a month if you choose the Orange or Blue plan You will need to pay an extra $10 per month for the combined plan. In Sports Extra Other sports may or may not be included, depending on your policy. While those with the Orange package will get ESPN and about 30 other networks, those with the Blue package will get NBC and over 40 additional channels. However, Orange Blue subscribers benefit from the best of both worlds. Sling TV has a few drawbacks, such as its short 3-day free trial and its 10-hour cloud DVR's storage capacity. But its lower prices usually make up for any shortcomings.

For more details, read our Sling TV review.

AT&T TV Now: How to Catch the Vancouver Canucks

There will be no more sign-ups for AT&T TV Now, but those who already have it will have continued access to NHL Network. However, if you want to watch a live Canucks game, you'll have to spring for one of the service's more expensive plans, like the Xtra, Ultimate, or Premier.  

You can expect to pay between $124.02 and $124.00 per month. and $183/mo having anywhere from 105 channels to a whopping 140, respectively AT&T TV Now offers extensive sports programming from networks like CBS Sports Network and NBA TV, in addition to the standard lineup of national sports channels. In addition, each user is provided with an impressive 500 hours of cloud DVR storage.  

To every advantage there is a disadvantage. The Xtra, Ultimate, and Premier plans aren't included in the free trial, unlike some of the other plans.

Streaming the Vancouver Canucks on Sportsnet Now: a Guide

Sportsnet Now is the only streaming service to feature every upcoming game involving the Vancouver Canucks, as it is the home of both NHL Network and Sportsnet One. Unfortunately, it's only accessible to Canadians. If you select this option, the total due will be $24. 99/mo with the Stanley Cup playoffs, multiple NHL series, and Canada's Hockey Nights all available to watch. You can also watch hundreds of Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association games, from the regular season to the playoffs. Moreover, there is no additional cost for current Sportsnet TV subscribers.  

Sportsnet Now has on-demand content, but only permits streaming on a single device at a time and doesn't include any sort of DVR storage. You must register on the desktop site in order to access any on-demand content. The service's Lookback feature may provide access to content that isn't currently available on-demand. You can watch games that have already aired within the past day, but this time it's only on the desktop site. On occasion, free demos are made available. In general, however, you'll have to shell out at least one full month's worth of money to test out the platform.

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