Expertise in Alberta Occupations for Immigration Consultants

The government of Canada uses a system called the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to categorize and classify different types of jobs. It's possible that this particular alis occupation doesn't represent its parent NOC in its entirety. Statistics from the NOC group have broad occupational applicability.

Every five years, the NOC system is revised to account for new developments in the job market. The way in which a government agency or labor market database classifies and refers to a given occupation can vary. Over time, this profession has been categorized as follows:

  • Scientists, Advisers, and Officers in Social Policy (4163 in 2006 NOC)
  • Researchers, Consultants, and Program Officers in Social Policy (E034) 2006 NOC-S
  • Experts in social policy analysis, consulting, and program administration (4164) 2011 NOC
  • Researchers, consultants, and program administrators in social policy (4164) 2016 NOC
  • Researchers, consultants, and program administrators in social policy (41403) - 2021 NOC


As of the 31st of March, 2019

Professionals in the field of immigration consulting guide newcomers through Canada's complex immigration process and offer advice on how to best position themselves for success. They check to see if immigrants to Canada are in compliance with the law

In most cases, immigration consultants are in charge of everything related to the visa and immigration procedure. They:

  • Facilitate the acquisition of visas and other travel documents for clients.
  • Interact with customers verbally and in writing.
  • Applicants should be reminded to finish and submit their forms on time.
  • Make sure the client has provided you with current and correct information.
  • Get together all of the paperwork and cost estimates that your clients, coworkers, and superiors might need.
  • Represent clients in court and before administrative agencies, such as Canadian visa consulates abroad.
  • Counsel customers on immigration and citizenship issues and other legal matters
  • Gather evidence supporting applicants' claims about their home countries and study relevant case law.
  • Aid candidates in handling their interactions with attorneys.
  • If your application was rejected, you can file an appeal.

Consultants in immigration law may be needed to educate HR workers on the immigration process.

University and college advisors help students from other countries succeed academically. Helping students with immigration issues, such as obtaining a work visa or citizenship, is one of their responsibilities.

Environment of Work

The latest version was released on March 31st, 2019.

  • Insufficiency of Strength Needs in tensile strength can vary

Most immigration consultants spend their weekdays in an office. Some people have to occasionally work overtime and travel.

Individual Characteristics and Abilities

As of the 31st of March 2019

The skillset of immigration attorneys and consultants must include:

  • Communication abilities such as tolerance, assertiveness, and empathy
  • Qualifications in areas such as public speaking, writing, and interviewing
  • Competence in planning and scheduling
  • Capabilities in analysis and investigation
  • Ability to think critically and solve problems
  • Adaptability and care for detail.
  • Focus and determination to achieve success
  • Respect for cultural diversity
  • Ethical principles of the highest order
  • Good sense and common sense

Processes involving immigration consultants can take a long time. A great deal of weight rests on your shoulders with this. They need to care about tracking down witnesses and prospective employees for interviews. Representing clients in front of regulatory bodies should come naturally to them. They should take pleasure in both socializing and drafting various documents (such as briefs, pleadings, etc.).

This work falls under the purview of several 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC) categories in Alberta. Choose a NOC heading to read up on each subgroup if there are several that share one.

Most Desired Abilities by Companies

  • Experts in social policy, consulting firms, and government program officers

The chart below details the occupations where these particular skills are currently in highest demand. It was built using the 44 most recent job postings in Alberta for this position, collected between November 18, 2021 and February 24, 2023.

It is important to refresh your memory on the following abilities:

  • How well your abilities align with the requirements of the job
  • Which courses you might want to take to acquire these abilities
  • How to describe yourself in a cover letter, resume, and interview so that you get the job you want.

Qualities as an Individual: Team Player

Qualifications: Possessing superior written communication skills

Qualities: I am a well-organized person.

Specialization in Precise Construction

Confidence in Construction is Our Specialty

Ability to express oneself articulately in the construction industry

Concentration in Construction: Orderly

Qualities of a Suitable Individual: Dependability

Client-Centered Construction Services

Capabilities: I am a team player. 19 Qualities: a person with excellent written communication skills 19 Capabilities: I am a well-organized person. 19 Precision in Construction is Your Specialty 19 Expertise in Construction, Focusing on Reliability 19 Construction Expertise Required: Fluent Verbal Skills 19 Constructing in an Orderly Manner 19 Qualifications: Individual Reliability 18 Focus on Specifics 18 A Customer-Focused Approach to Construction 18

Essential Educational Prerequisites

Accessed on 31 March 2019

Employers prefer candidates with at least an associate's degree, but often require a bachelor's degree or higher. To apply, you need to demonstrate that you can communicate effectively in either English or French. As well as being a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they must also be a member of a recognized First Nation.

In order to do their jobs effectively, immigration lawyers and consultants in Canada need to stay current on the country's ever-changing immigration laws and Among these are the Refugee Act, the Criminal Code, and other laws and regulations pertaining to immigration. Briefs, pleadings, and other documents require them to have some clerical knowledge.

Expertise in immigration laws is a necessity for human resources consultants working with international employees. Some programs that fall into this category are the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

These academic institutions provide relevant, but optional, coursework for this occupation:

Calgary North Campus of the Canadian College of Business, Technology, and Health

Visit Post-Secondary Programs to broaden or refine your search for programs related to this profession.

Prerequisites for Accreditation

This version is current as of March 31, 2019.

  • Certification No Rules Apply

As per Canada's Act to Protect Immigrants and Refugees [pdf] and Citizenship Act Anyone offering Canadian immigration services for a fee must be a registered member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), according to this [PDF]. ICCRC's roster of available certifications features:

  • RCIC stands for "Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant."
  • Registered Immigration Service Providers for Students Abroad (RISIA)

Staying up-to-date with registration requires annual education. For more information about who must register and who is exempt, visit the ICCRC website

Gaining Experience and Promotion in the Workplace

This version is current as of March 31, 2019.

Professional immigration advisors can work independently or for large organizations like consulting firms or universities. Marketing one's services and keeping one's professional reputation are essential tasks for those who work for themselves.

As time goes on, immigration consultants working for firms have the opportunity to advance to leadership roles. Many immigration consultants start their own businesses after working for another firm. Even seasoned professionals who make the transition from full-time employment to consulting often have to start by subcontracting their services to more well-established consultants.

2011 NOC 4164: Social policy researchers, consultants, and program officers includes immigration consultants. According to Statistics Canada, the following sectors account for 76% of all jobs in this category in Alberta:

Numerous factors, such as: will affect the employment outlook (pdf) in this field.

  • Variables influencing total employment (especially in the aforementioned sectors)
  • Situating in Alberta
  • Employment churn refers to the occurrence of vacant positions caused by employees leaving their current employers.
  • Growth in occupations (possibilities to work thanks to the introduction of brand-new roles)
  • The Scale of the Profession

Due to the upcoming retirement of baby boomers, experts predict a rise in job turnover.

Job opportunities for 4164: Social policy researchers, consultants, and program officers in Alberta are projected to increase by 1% per year, which is significantly lower than the average for all occupations in the province. By 8% Between 2019 and 2023 Every year, 77 new jobs are expected to be added to this industry, on top of the vacancies caused by natural attrition.

Similar Alberta Employment Ads

Compensation & Wages

Accessed on 31 March 2019

There are one or more 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC) clusters that include this occupation in Alberta. If there are several groups under the same NOC heading, you can read up on each one by clicking on the appropriate heading.

  • Practitioners, consultants, and academics in the field of social policy

Earnings on Average

$41 66

Per Hour

Salary on Average

,494 00

Per Year

Time Spent on Average


Per Week

Monthly Work Expenses, on Average


NOC 4164 Salary Survey

Unless otherwise specified, all of the data presented here applies to all sectors and all Alberta regions.

Unless otherwise specified, all wage figures are hourly. Overtime pay, tips, benefits, profit shares, bonuses (unrelated to production), and other forms of payment are not included in base pay.

Visit the salary profile to view the complete survey results for this NOC category.

Extraordinary Wage-Paying Opportunities
You should look into other wage sources [pdf] to round out this data and make a well-informed wage and salary decision.

A Definition of Data Reliability Codes

A CV of 6 or less indicates high reliability. 10%, 30 observations, or 50% of total estimated employment in the field


This applies to both regular and temporary workers.

Applying to both regular and temporary workers

Wages* Below average (5th percentile) Superb (top 5 percent) Average Median Starting $23 08 $43 90 $34 75 $36 05 Overall $26 10 $54 40 $41 66 $41 29 Top $30 77 20 $44 15 $47 04

To see everything, simply swipe left or right. You can see everything by scrolling left and right.

Unless otherwise specified, all wage figures are hourly. Additional compensation such as overtime pay, tips, benefits, profit sharing, bonuses (not tied to production), and gifts are not included in base pay.

Wage scales for hourly work

  • Initial compensation: the typical starting salary in a given field
  • Total compensation: the typical wage of all workers in this industry
  • Indicative of top pay is the median salary offered to the highest-paid employees.

Industry Information

Providing Medical and Social Aid Services

Maintenance, Individual Help, and Associated Services

Knowledge, Art, and Play

Medical Care & Welfare Services ,826 Executive Branch ,819 EVERY SINGLE INDUSTRY ,494 Repair, Personal, and Associated Services ,040 Offerings in the Field of Education ,165 Education, Entertainment, and Leisure $37,986

Skills Shortage

Corresponding Postsecondary Academic Discipline

  • Subjects Related to Business, Management, and Administration
  • Science, Technology, History, and Religion
  • Assistance with Social, Community, and Safety Needs

Version 1.1, March 31, 2019 As of the dates shown, the data in this profile is accurate. Information about salaries, job prospects, and degree programs is subject to change at any time. Before making any major moves in your professional life, you should verify the accuracy of this information.

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