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Common Credit Card Queries

How do I inform RBC of my travel plans?

We've implemented advanced fraud detection techniques that make travel notifications redundant. Rest assured that your accounts are secured against suspicious or unauthorized transactions. Ensure that your contact information on file is current for quick updates by logging into Online Banking and selecting "Profile and Preferences" from the Banking tab.

How does a transaction with my RBC Chip and PIN credit card work?

You're in control when you use your RBC Chip and PIN credit card at a chip-enabled terminal. The transaction process is swift, straightforward, and safe. Instead of swiping your card, insert it into the terminal until the transaction is completed. Follow the prompts on the screen and enter your unique PIN for the transaction instead of signing on the slip. When the purchase is complete, remove the card only when prompted. If the store or restaurant doesn't support chip-enabled terminals, swipe your card as usual and sign on the receipt.

How can I move from paper statements to eStatements?

Transferring to eStatements is straightforward. Sign in to RBC Online Banking, choose "Account Details," select "Change Statement Options," and click "Change" next to your accounts listed on the Statement Options page. Follow the Statement Option prompts to finish your request. For more information, see our credit card eStatement page.

Where can I find reliable information on credit?

For straightforward answers to your credit-related inquiries, go to our Credit Education page. Obtain insight into credit ratings and monitoring, credit scores, and financial management topics.

Looking to fully comprehend your credit card statement? At RBC, we've designed a comprehensive guide that walks you through each section.

But what about authorized and posted transactions? An authorized transaction still needs to be processed by the retailer or service provider, and typically takes 3-5 days. When it becomes a posted transaction, it means the charge has been fully processed and the funds have been sent to the retailer or service provider.

Don't stress if you see an authorized transaction that appears to be for a different amount than the final charge. Certain businesses, including hotels and gas stations, will often pre-authorize an amount before the final purchase is made. We will settle the final charge, and you'll see the accurate amount in your posted transactions. If you still have concerns, give us a call at 1-800-769-2512, and we'll be happy to help.

If you're interested in Visa Checkout, creating an account is simple. All you need to do is add your RBC VISA Credit Card, Virtual VISA Debit card, or Prepaid card.

Our value-added services truly make having an RBC credit card worth it. By adding extra coverage, such as BalanceProtector Insurance, Travel Insurance, RBC Road Assist, and more, you gain exclusive benefits and perks. Learn more about our Value Added Services.

Looking for more ways to utilize your card? Our partners offer incredible rewards that you can earn with Avion points, ranging from travel and merchandise to gift cards or RBC Financial Rewards. And if you're a Petro-Points member, link your eligible RBC credit and debit cards for instant fuel savings.

Don't forget about our bonus Avion points for shopping, dining, and travel! Check out our offers for cash savings and bonus rewards.

Lastly, we offer insurance coverage for your credit card balance when you need it most. It's simple, affordable, and provides peace of mind. Learn more about our credit card insurance.

Conceal the Necessary Legalities

Indulging in this exclusive offer requires you to possess an RBC Card that the Royal Bank of Canada issues. Every dollar spent on your RBC ION Visa credit card at different merchants designated under Visa's "Merchant Category Code" (MCC) and transacted at the Grocery, Dining, Food Delivery, Rides, Gas, Electric Vehicle Charging, Streaming, and Digital Gaming & Subscriptions Purchases category earns you 3 Avion points. However, the MCC categorization criteria might exclude certain merchants from the eligible list.

The "Grocery Stores and Supermarkets" (MCC 5411), "Eating Places and Restaurants" (MCC 5812) "Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages) - Bars, Taverns, Nightclubs, Cocktail Lounges, and Discotheques" (MCC 5813), "Fast Food Restaurants" (MCC 5814) fall under the "Grocery, Dining, and Food Delivery Purchases" category.

Government agencies selling liquor and stores vending beer and wine do not fall under the "Drinking Places" category. The "Service Stations (With or without Ancillary Services)" (MCC 5541), "Automated Fuel Dispensers" (MCC 5542), "Taxicabs and Limousines" (MCC 4121), "Local and Suburban Commuter Passenger Transportation, Including Ferries" (MCC 4111), and "Electric Vehicle Charging" (MCC 5552) qualify under the "Rides, Gas & Electric Vehicle Charging Purchases" category. Railways and non-commuter bus purchases don't make the cut.

These categories further include "Digital Goods Media - Books, Movies, Music" (MCC 5815), "Digital Goods - Games" (MCC 5816), "Digital Goods - Applications (Excludes Games)" (MCC 5817), "Digital Goods - Large Digital Goods Merchants" (MCC 5818), "Cable, Satellite and Other Pay Television/Radio/Streaming Services" (MCC 4899) constituting "Streaming, Digital Gaming & Subscriptions Purchases." However, the "Digital Goods - Games" MCC doesn't endorse gambling games.

Your RBC ION Visa credit card entitles you to 1 Avion point for each additional dollar transacted, along with pre-authorized bill payments. This criterion doesn't have any MCC restrictions.

It's plausible to make purchases at ineligible MCC locations and still make a transaction at an eligible MCC location's premises. Consequently, this purchase doesn't qualify as an eligible MCC transaction. Since there are several ambiguities regarding MCC classification criteria, we aren't responsible for the claims made against purchases made at a non-eligible MCC location. Only net purchases earn Avion points, while any cash advances, interest fees, returns or adjustments can affect the points earned.

It appears that none of the available card options meet the unique combination of features that you have chosen. We regret to inform you that there is currently no card that meets your specific requirements. We understand that this may be disappointing, and we encourage you to revisit our selection at a later time or contact our support team for further assistance. Thank you for considering our credit card options, and we hope to better serve your needs in the future.

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