"Discover Your Luck: Unveiling OLG's Winning Numbers and Lottery Past Results"


  • - LOTTO MAX draw sales - 48% dedicated to Prize Fund
  • - $20 and Free Play prizes paid from Prize Fund
  • - Pools Fund allocated to 4/7 Bonus, 5/7, 5/7 Bonus, 6/7, 6/7 Bonus and 7/7 prize categories
  • - If multiple winners in a category, prize shared
  • - Excess from lower categories added to 7/7 prize category for next draw
  • - 7/7 Cap for Main Jackpot established at $50 million
  • - Each excess $1 million drawn as separate MAXMILLIONS prize
  • - MAXMILLIONS prize shared among winners if multiple
  • - Excess from 7/7 prize over Cap and MAXMILLIONS prizes added to 6/7 Bonus or Main Jackpot of next draw
  • - 7/7 Cap established at $55 million if prize category reaches $55,500,000 or higher
  • - $1 million MAXMILLIONS prize for every excess $1 million over Cap
  • - Excess from Cap and MAXMILLIONS prizes added to 6/7 Bonus prize category of Main Jackpot
  • Outline:

I. Introduction

- Announcement of changes to lottery system

II. Main Jackpot Capped at $55 Million

- Description of the maximum amount for the 7/7 prize category

- Implication for potential winners of the Main Jackpot

III. Four MAXMILLIONS Draws of $1 Million Each

- Explanation of what MAXMILLIONS Draws are

- Number of MAXMILLIONS Draws available

IV. Increased Bonus Prize Category

- Addition of $250,000 to 6/7 Bonus prize category

- What the 6/7 Bonus prize category entails

V. 7/7 Prize Category Amount

- Amount for 7/7 prize category less than $50,000,000

- Implication for potential winners of the 7/7 prize category


- Explanation of how this differs from previous lottery system

VII. Conclusion

- Recap of changes to lottery system


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