Creating a Tasty and Easy Cottage Roll and Broth in the Crockpot

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Cottage roll, sometimes referred to as cottage ham, is a boneless pork shoulder butt that has undergone a delightful process of curing in a sweet brine, resulting in a magnificent piece of meat. Seek it out and indulge!

It comes at an affordable price, but my preference is to wait for a sale. Take a look at it below. It is enclosed in a netting that can be removed either by hand or by cutting it off before cooking. However, if you happen to forget, it won't spoil your meal.

My first encounter with cottage roll was at a family gathering. I had never experienced such a delectable and tender meat. Naturally, I had to inquire about it. They had prepared theirs with ginger-ale, but I've often made it plain and discovered that cottage roll possesses its own extraordinary flavor. All five of my children adore it.

The crockpot is the easiest method of preparation. The only laborious task is separating the fat from the meat once it's finished cooking. This can be effortlessly accomplished using two forks and a little patience. Trust me, the effort is well worth it, especially when you see what can be done with that fat! Keep reading!

Fully cooked. Observe how the meat easily separates from the fat.

Look at that FAT! Some may cringe at the idea, but my kids relish it when I sizzle it up in a pan. Yes, you heard me correctly. I hope to write a post on frying it up soon. The process is fairly straightforward, but caution must be exercised as there tends to be a lot of splattering during frying. Hence, I thought it might be worthwhile to dedicate a post to it.

Fried Cottage Roll Fat

But let's return to the meat. This main course is incredibly simple to prepare, and the broth you can create from the cooking liquid produces the most remarkable vegetable soup.

Currently, I have two recipes that utilize this cottage roll broth, which I intend to share. One incorporates red lentils and corn, while the other, as previously mentioned, is the finest vegetable soup I've ever made.

The Most Delicious, Budget-Friendly, 4-Ingredient Soup You'll Ever Savor

Hidden Gem Veggie Soup

Prepare for a delightful and scrumptious adventure with this magnificent cottage roll and broth creation in the magical crockpot. Allow me to guide you through each step with utmost simplicity and extravagance, ensuring the final result is a tender and flavorsome cottage roll accompanied by a divine broth. Gather the following divine ingredients:

- 1 Cottage Roll

- 3 cups of Liquid Ambrosia (also known as water)

- 15 cups of Liquid Elixir (also known as water for the broth)

Let the journey begin:

1. Release the cottage roll from its plastic and netting prison.

2. Embrace the divine crockpot and place the cottage roll within its enchanting confines, alongside 3 cups of Liquid Ambrosia. Seal the crockpot's marvelous cover.

3. Unleash the power of heat! Set the crockpot to high, allowing the cottage roll to undergo a transformation over 4-5 hours.

4. Alternatively, if patience is your virtue, indulge in a longer adventure by cooking on low for 5-7 hours.

5. Embrace the spirit of exploration! Assess the cooking progress by attempting to separate the cottage roll with the sacred tools of forks. If it yields with grace and ease, it is deemed complete.

6. Once the journey has concluded, transport the cottage roll to a resting place, allowing it to cool upon a plate for 5 minutes.

7. Prepare another plate or container to receive the meat. With the finesse of a master, separate the fatty layers from the meat. Utilize two forks as your allies, with one gently caressing the meat while the other skillfully removes the fats.

8. Return the conquered fats to the crockpot, reuniting them with the sacred cooking water.

9. Embark on a feast fit for the gods! Relish in the succulent cottage roll, accompanied by the heavenly offerings of mashed potatoes and delectable gravy. Alternatively, choose your own delightful sidekick to accompany this epicurean delight.

10. But wait, there's more! Behold the creation of the broth. Allow 15 cups of Liquid Elixir to join the crockpot, with an overnight voyage on low heat. If the crockpot cannot accommodate this mighty journey, add as many cups as possible, reserving the remaining for a morning addition.

11. As dawn awakens, skim off any unworthy chunks of fat and store them for future endeavors or discard them on their undeserving path. Gently switch off the crockpot, granting the broth a chance to cool and find tranquility.

12. Transition the divine broth into a container or pot, gently placing it within the majestic refrigerator. In this cool sanctuary, the remaining fats shall solidify atop the broth's surface, allowing them to be swiftly removed, unveiling the pure essence of the broth.

13. Once chilled and the unwanted fats have been banished, your sacred broth stands proudly, ready to be utilized or preserved in the icy realm of the freezer.

As a word of caution, resist the temptation to add additional Liquid Ambrosia at the beginning of the cottage roll's journey. By doing so, you may dampen the flavors and transform the meat into a tasteless creation. Furthermore, beware of excessive cooking time, as it may lead to a less enchanting experience for your taste buds. Delicately monitor the meat after the initial 4 hours on high or 6 hours on low, ensuring it does not venture into the realm of overdone.

Did this extraordinary recipe captivate your senses and arouse your culinary passion? Let the world know by sharing and subscribing to partake in the boundless gastronomic adventures that lie ahead!

With love and a commitment to waste less and love more, embark on this culinary journey of divine proportions.

Greetings! It is a great pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Alicia. A master in the art of crocheting, a visionary creator, and a culinary magician. I proudly hold the title of a mother to an extraordinary brood of five children, whose mere existence serves as a constant source of inspiration for me to continuously evolve as an individual. Their presence encourages me to embrace life's wonders, to embrace boundless love, to never surrender in the face of obstacles, and to contribute towards the enrichment of our planet's aesthetics. It is my fervent hope that this digital sanctuary will procure for you a measure of joy.

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