Concealing your caller ID when dialing from an iPhone: A guide

If you wish to conceal your telephone number when making calls on your iPhone, you have a variety of choices at your disposal. In this article, we will explore these choices and demonstrate how you can obscure your caller ID and dial someone without revealing your number.

Obscure your caller ID for all calls

hide caller id iphone

Among the three options we will examine today, this is perhaps the most convenient. By accessing the Settings application on your iPhone and navigating to Phone > Show My Caller ID, you can deactivate a button that will ensure the privacy of your telephone number, at least until the button is reactivated.

From now on, whenever you make a new call from your iPhone, your telephone number will remain hidden, even if the recipient is stored in your contacts.

If the Show My Caller ID toggle switch in the iPhone Settings is faded and unresponsive, it signifies that your service provider does not support the concealment of caller ID through this method. You can attempt to obscure your caller ID by utilizing a specific blocking code or contact your service provider for assistance.

Steps to turn off

If this method fails to work for you, be sure to consult the FAQs for further guidance.

Utilize a caller ID blocking code

If you prefer an interim solution and wish to call a specific individual without disclosing your number, you can block your caller ID on a per-call basis by using a unique code before dialing the desired number.

In the United States, this code is *67. Certain European countries employ the code #31# for this purpose.

Keep in mind that these codes are specific to the country and service provider. To find the appropriate caller ID blocking code for your country, it would be prudent to conduct a Google search such as "caller ID block code in Australia." Alternatively, you can refer to this Wikipedia page for a list of caller ID block codes in various countries.

Once you have obtained your blocking code, all you need to do is dial it before inputting the desired phone number. For example, in the United States, your dialing sequence would resemble *67 408-996-1010.

As mentioned earlier, this code should be used on a per-call basis. It proves especially useful if you wish to hide your caller ID only for certain outgoing calls rather than all of them.

Secure your number's privacy at the carrier level

Depending on your service provider, you may have the option to deactivate your caller ID on the account level. To determine whether this option is available to you, you can either contact your service provider directly, visit their website, or use their app.

However, it is essential to inquire about any potential charges, as certain service providers still levy fees for this fundamental feature. Due to these fees and the extra effort involved in implementation, this method is my least preferred for blocking caller ID. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this option exists.

Hide caller ID iPhone with caller ID block code

Frequently Asked Questions on Concealing Your Caller Identification

Below, you will find a compilation of important inquiries and corresponding responses regarding the concealment of your caller identification.

Is the option to hide caller ID accessible globally and with all mobile service providers?

Regrettably, the option to hide your caller ID is not universally available through simple means. Moreover, not all mobile service providers support this feature. Even when a carrier does provide the option to hide caller ID, the process for enabling it may vary.

For instance, with Verizon and Sprint, you may only be able to hide your caller ID by accessing their website or contacting them directly. Attempting to disable caller ID through the iPhone Settings app may prove ineffective.

In the United States, court rulings have established that individuals are permitted to hide their caller ID. However, it is unlawful to do so if the intention behind concealing your caller ID is malicious, such as causing harm, engaging in deceit, or committing fraud.

It is important to note that telemarketers are not authorized to hide their caller ID for transparency purposes.

Can I call emergency numbers while hiding my caller ID?

Even if you have successfully hidden your caller ID, your phone number will remain visible when contacting emergency services like 911 or the majority of customer support lines.

Why am I unable to make calls when caller ID is disabled?

Certain mobile service providers may not allow you to make calls with your caller ID disabled. For instance, I personally experienced repeated failed calls almost immediately after disabling caller ID on my iPhone. Once I reactivated the Show Caller ID setting, everything returned to normal.

I have hidden my caller ID, but my phone number still appears when I call someone!

This occurs when the option to hide caller ID is unavailable in your country, state, or with your current mobile service provider. It is also possible that the method you employed to hide your caller ID is not supported by the carrier. To illustrate, even after disabling the Show My Caller ID setting within iPhone settings, my number still displays to the recipient when using the largest carrier in my country. Essentially, no changes occur.

To effectively hide your caller ID, the most reliable approach is to utilize your carrier's dedicated app, website, or contact them directly. They may inquire about your purpose for concealing your caller ID, so it is advisable to have a valid reason.

Is hiding caller ID free of charge?

Certainly, concealing your caller ID is typically a free service. Nonetheless, it is recommended to verify this information with your mobile service provider.

Are there any alternative solutions when I am unable to hide my caller ID?

If you find yourself unable to hide your caller ID using the aforementioned methods or those featured on other websites, you can consider the following alternatives:

  • Utilize third-party apps: Experiment with applications that provide you with a secondary phone number or allow you to make calls using an anonymous number without revealing your actual personal number. Keep in mind that these services generally entail a fee. Examples of such apps include Hushed, Burner, and Text Free.
  • Transfer your number: Engage in a discussion with another mobile service provider and explain your desire to switch from your current carrier to their network in order to avail the option of hiding your caller ID. This is one possibility worth exploring if the alternative carrier supports this feature.
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