Check out these expert techniques to hang your pants crease-free!


    Are you tired of constantly trying to iron out those pesky creases in your pants? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Higher Hangers has a variety of techniques to help you hang your pants on hangers without causing creases or taking up too much space. Keep reading to learn more about these methods and say goodbye to unwanted creases for good.

    One Leg at a Time Method:

      One of the more complex methods for hanging up your dress pants is the one-leg-at-a-time method. However, it's worth trying out if you want pants that are free from annoying creases the next time you want to wear them. Start by holding your pants upside down, by the ankles, while standing in front of your hanger. Straddle the hanger with your pant legs and fold one leg inside and down over the hanger bar, letting it dangle above the pants' crotch. Take the other leg and fold it over the hanger bar to lie flat against the outside of the first pant leg. Ensure that your natural creases are lined up, and voila!

      Fold and Slide Method:

        This method is the easiest on the list and perfect for those busy people folding lots of laundry at once. By folding your pants in half lengthwise at the seat, draping them in half so that the waistband is touching your hems, spreading out the leg of the pants so that they aren't crumpled in the middle of the hanger, and adjusting the pants to balance them out so they don't slip off the hanger, you can hang your pants up without causing any creases.

        Clips Method:

          Hangers with clips are an excellent option for hanging pants and skirts without subjecting them to creases, but they don't always work depending on your pant material. They work best with thicker fabrics like denim or leather, but they can snag or damage silk or satin. To protect your material, you can use index cards or business cards and fold them over the waistband of your pants, where you'll apply the clips, which stops the clips from leaving impressions on leather or delicate materials. Hangers typically come with two clips for either side of your pants, but it's relatively easy to add additional clips if your pants are especially heavy.

          Clamps Method:

            If you're worried about your pants slipping out of individual clips lining a hanger's bar, there are special hangers that come with a long clamp instead of a bar. This allows you to distribute the weight of your pants throughout the hanger evenly and stops them from shifting around. When using a clamp hanger, fold your pants in half lengthwise and clamp the hems of the ankles, not the waistband. This will let your pants dangle towards the floor, but it'll ensure that they don't spend any time as a pile on the floor.

            Wrap Around Method:

              For those who don't have special hangers and are working with normal shirt hangers, the wrap around method is the perfect solution. By folding your pants in half lengthwise, aka like a hotdog bun, resting the bottom of the back crotch on one side of the hanger, taking one pant leg and draping it over the other side of the hanger, and taking the other pant leg and draping it over that side of the hanger so that it covers the first leg, you're done! The pants will keep themselves in place by folding over each other, and you won't take up much room in the closet.

              Upgrading Hangers:

                One of the most significant issues people face when hanging pants on clothes hangers is that the pants slip off plastic hangers. To solve this issue, you could invest in velvet-covered hangers that have a non-slip velvet covering that stops even the silkiest of pants from slipping off and falling onto the floor. Another option is to add a strip of velvet or some other kind of non-slip surface to your existing plastic hangers using a hot glue gun and a thin scrap of material long enough to cover the middle bar on the hanger.


                  With these techniques from Higher Hangers, you'll never have to worry about unwanted creases when you're ready to step out in style. Whether you choose the one-leg-at-a-time method, the fold and slide method, the clips method, the clamp's approach, or the wrap around method, you'll be footloose and crease-free in no time at all! So go ahead, try out these methods, and never let creases ruin your pants again.

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