Change your name in court.

Name changes are permissible in Alberta under specific circumstances.

Limits on naming

Names on legal documents, such as birth certificates and marriage licenses, must adhere to certain guidelines.

Alterations to one's name that don't necessitate a governmental registry

A name change through the government is not necessary for everyone.

Couple's Last Name

Getting married in Alberta does not necessitate a formal name change. A married surname is acceptable.

Modifying previous statements

If you were born in Alberta and need to change your name, you may be able to do so with a simple amendment to your birth record. If you weren't born in Alberta, you'll need to submit your request for this change to the state or country where you were actually born.

Parental Changes

If your child is under 18 years old and you are changing the parentage on their Alberta birth record, you can also change their name at the same time.

Because of the complexity of parentage amendments, it is recommended that you speak with Vital Statistics.


A candidate may file an application to formally:

  • individual identity
  • their partner's name with their permission
  • the child's or ward's name, with the child's permission, between the ages of 12 and 17

If you want to apply, you need to:

  • a person from Alberta
    • you must remain a resident of Alberta throughout the change of name process
    • If you are only in Alberta for a short time and have another permanent place of residence, you are not considered a resident of Alberta.
  • must be over the age of 18

You can apply even if you're under 18 years old if you fit into (one of the following categories):

  • authorized union
  • widowed
  • divorced
  • being in a mature, mutually dependent relationship (with legal connotations similar to but distinct from common law)
  • parent of a young one
  • protector of minors

Please present a valid form of identification.

Unqualified candidates

A name change request cannot be submitted if the applicant:

  • have ever been labeled a dangerous offender under Canadian law (Section 753)
  • have ever been labeled a "lifer" (see 753 Canadian Criminal Code, Section 1)
  • are presently recorded as high-risk offenders on Alberta's registry
  • have ever received a Section 490 conviction 011(1)(a), (c), (c 1), (d), (d You are a sexual offender who violated sections 1) and (e) of Canada's Criminal Code


The official cost of legally changing your name is $120. This cost applies to all name changes requested on a single application.

A service fee is also incurred when using a registry agent. Costs for using a registry service can range widely.

There is a charge for fingerprinting. Fingerprinting services may charge different amounts, so it's best to call ahead.

A criminal history or police information check has associated fees.

Details on how to apply

Step 1 Check out the User's Manual

Problems with the PDF

Some mobile devices and web browsers have issues with fillable PDF forms. To submit the form after filling it out:

  1. Download the PDF form by clicking or right-clicking the link and saving it to your computer.
  2. Launch Adobe Reader and access the PDF form. Put in your info and keep it

Please get in touch with PDF form technical support if you continue to have trouble opening the form.

A Reference for Changing Your Name (PDF, 208 KB)

Step 2 Fill out the Name Change Application.

Form Requesting New Name (PDF, 470 KB)

Step 3 Collect all necessary evidence.

Collect all necessary evidence. The registrar will let you know what paperwork is required.

For example:

  • legitimate ID
  • ID verification
  • Letter confirming electronic fingerprint submission
  • a verification of law enforcement records

Examples of this could be:

  • proof of marital status
  • documentation of parental or guardian status if changing a minor's name

Step 4 Acquire Fingerprints

Each person changing their name who is older than 12 years old should have their electronic fingerprints taken.

Get in touch with a fingerprinting service and ask about their rates and turnaround times.

Fingerprints can only be processed electronically.

The RCMP in Ottawa will send you a confirmation letter in the mail.

Your application won't be complete without the confirmation letter.

Locate a fingerprinting service.

Step 5 Do a background check or check with the police.

Criminal record checks or police information checks, obtained in person from a legitimate law enforcement agency, are required for applicants aged 18 and up.

  • Third-party providers of criminal background checks and police database information are not permitted.

A police information check or criminal record check must be submitted with the application for a legal name change no later than 30 days after the date the application was issued.

Step 6 Locate all available birth certificates.

Your Application for Change of Name in Alberta must be accompanied by all previous versions of your birth certificate. Everyone whose name is being legally changed must fill out this form.

New birth certificates updated to reflect the new name will be issued free of charge for surrendered certificates.

Step 7 Fill out and submit the application

Visit a registry agent office with your completed Application for Change of Name form, valid identification, electronic fingerprint confirmation letter, criminal record check or police information check, and copies of your birth certificates.

The registry agent will check the paperwork for completeness and accuracy before sending it on to Vital Statistics.

Some forms of documentation do not permit photocopies or faxes. Obtain verification from the registrar.

When accepted,

Documentation of a Name Change

Each person whose name has been changed will receive a Legal Change of Name Certificate reflecting the new name once the application has been processed and approved. The delivery method for certificates is through the mail.

Please refer to Order a change of name certificate if you have already changed your name legally and simply need a new "legal change of name certificate."

Certificates of Birth

Alberta birth certificates that are returned will be replaced at no cost with the updated information.

New Alberta birth certificates can be purchased from a registry agent if the originals were not returned.

If you were born somewhere other than Alberta and need a replacement birth certificate, you must do so through that region's Vital Statistics office. Certificates cannot be requested from or returned to Alberta Vital Statistics by any other jurisdiction.

Certificates of Marriage

For the purpose of updating your marriage certificate with the new legal name:

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