Buying VeChain: A 4-Step Process

With a market cap of $1,673,079,612, VeChain (VET) is the 38th most valuable cryptocurrency.

VeChain is an extremely risky investment that can experience dramatic price changes within a single trading day. Currently, the value of VET is $0. The current price of USD is $0,230,6512.12, an increase from the previous day's close. 0229354156 USD VeChain's value has decreased by 70% over the past year.

You should learn about the legal and tax implications of buying VeChain in Canada as well as its specific risks before making a purchase.

If you're eager to get going, here are detailed instructions for purchasing VeChain.

The entire transaction can be completed in as little as 15 minutes providing you have a smartphone or computer, access to the internet, a photo ID, and a method of payment.

  1. Check out various cryptocurrency markets.
    A cryptocurrency exchange is the most convenient place to purchase VeChain. Comparing in the table below lets you find one with the features you want such as low fees, ease of use or 24-hour customer support
  2. Sign up for an account.

    You'll need to confirm your email address and identity before you can register for an exchange account. Get your phone and photo ID ready.

  3. Pay in some money

    Once your account is verified, you can deposit Canadian dollars using any of a number of different payment methods (including cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards).

  4. Invest in VeChain.
    VeChain can now be purchased with fiat currency. On more user-friendly exchanges, all you have to do is enter the amount you wish to buy and click "buy." VeChain can now be transferred to a user's personal wallet.

This is not a recommendation for cryptocurrency or any particular service. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell.

What Canadian retailers carry VeChain?

Compare the deposit methods, supported fiat currencies, and fees of various exchanges before selecting one to buy, sell, or trade VET on. To join the exchange immediately, click the Go to Site button.

  • Data feeds ensure that you have the most up-to-date VET price information available at all times.
  • Our technical experts, Zak Killermann and Helen Hu, regularly update VeChain performance data using automated comparisons and AI systems they developed.
  • James Edwards, Frank Corva, and Billy Endres make up our editorial team, and they regularly review important coin and purchasing information.
  • Louise Vinciguerra and Molly Wiltshire-Bridle, two publishing experts, regularly review our coin coverage and exchange data.

While most cryptocurrency exchanges offer the same basic services, there are important distinctions between them in areas like fees, cryptocurrency selection, and accepted payment methods. Make an informed decision about which of the many cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada is best for you by consulting the table below.

You should also check if the exchange is registered with your country's governing body, as well as its customer service, user reviews, and ease of use. To get to the review page where this data is kept, just click the exchange's name in the table.

An email address is required to sign up for any cryptocurrency trading platform. Be prepared to provide a contact number and identification at any given exchange.

More and more VeChain trading platforms are requiring identity verification before accepting deposits.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) checks require a picture ID and either a webcam or a smartphone. A recent bank statement or utility bill may be required to verify your address as well.
  • There are cryptocurrency exchanges that don't require you to pass KYC in order to deposit and trade cryptocurrencies, but they won't let you transfer fiat currency from your bank account. So, if you want to use your local currency to buy VET, passing KYC is required.
  • After you have established your identity, activate 2FA before making a financial deposit. This will make your account more secure and protect your money.

Once you have an account set up, you can deposit money into it to purchase VET. Either fiat currency (via bank transfer or credit card) or cryptocurrency (via transfer from another exchange or wallet) can be deposited. Popular avenues for acquiring VET include:

  • Checking or savings account: Typically, wire transfers from local bank accounts are free, but you should verify this with the exchange you choose; you can do so by clicking "view details" on our table.
  • Adding a credit or debit card as a payment option is a handy feature, but be aware that doing so typically results in an additional fee. However, one benefit is that you can use a card for both immediate and recurring purchases.
  • VET can be acquired in the cryptocurrency market by exchanging it for Bitcoin or a stablecoin. However, this varies by exchange, so you'll need to look up VET on the spot market to find out what digital currencies it can be exchanged for.

While most cryptocurrency exchanges support the 'instant buy' order type that makes it simplest to acquire VET, not all do.

Most people who buy cryptocurrency do so by opening a trade on the spot market, where they can name their own price. Compared to the spot market, the instant buy function is easier to use but typically more expensive.

You may want to see how the market is doing before investing in VET. You can use our Analysis tools to see how the price of VeChain has been doing recently to help you decide if now is a good time to buy.

Top Wallets for Storing VeChain VET Tokens

Keep your VET where you bought it, or transfer it to a personal wallet service.

  • Some people prefer to keep their funds in their own wallets so they can exercise full control over their assets, while others use them in conjunction with third-party applications or services like DeFi.
  • The most secure cryptocurrency wallets are hardware wallets, which use a physical device to increase security in a number of different ways. Below, you'll find some of the best hardware wallets we've found for keeping your VET in cold storage.

This information is not meant to promote cryptocurrency or any one provider, service, or offering. This article is not meant as investment advice.

Is it wise to put money into VeChain?

Because of the complexity and volatility of the cryptocurrency market, prospective investors should study the token and its underlying platform thoroughly before committing funds. For vocational and educational training, think about these factors:

  • Competition Using blockchain technology to enhance supply chain logistics is a popular use case, so VeChain is just one of many initiatives in this area. Market dominance by VeChain could be threatened by competitors like WaltonChain, Wabi, and OriginTrail. It's a good idea to look into multiple token options for supply chain blockchain solutions before settling on one.
  • Collaboration and new families The extent to which VeChain is adopted by the business world will have a significant bearing on the blockchain's ultimate success. Follow the progress of VeChain's adoption on the VeChaininsider website. The German automaker BMW and the Norwegian certification agency DNV are two examples of our notable partners.
  • Token applications Two tokens, VET and VTHO, are required to use the VeChain platform. The VET token serves as both a medium of exchange and a means of value storage for blockchain-based services. In contrast, VTHO is used to recoup network gas (transaction) costs. Since VeChain is a proof-of-stake network, VET staked on a compatible wallet can be converted into VTHO tokens.

Our VET analysis tools can help you learn even more about VeChain.

VeChain's current price in relation to ATH

In light of the current VeChain price of $0 (currently $0 versus its all-time high of $2.306512 USD) On April 19th, 2021, a total of $280991 USD was exchanged. The higher the percentage, the closer VET is to regaining its ATH.

Zero dollars for VeChain. 02306512
The 19th of April, 2021 ATH

VECHAIN ATH: $0.00 280991

VeChain: How to Buy, Sell, and Trade

The same exchange on which you originally purchased your VET also facilitates its conversion and sale:
  1. Access the VET-enabled exchange here.
  2. If your VeChain is held in a cryptocurrency wallet, you should investigate different markets before making any purchases or sales.
  3. Select Sell or Convert and enter a sell order.
  4. Select the quantity of VET you wish to exchange or sell.
  5. Verify the VeChain selling price and associated closing costs.
  6. After the deal is done, your VET will be transferred to a wallet.

Disclaimer: VeChain, like all cryptocurrencies, is highly volatile and sensitive to secondary activity, making it a highly speculative investment. VET's past success is no guarantee of its future success, and performance is unpredictable. You should think about your own situation and get professional help before using this info. Before making a final choice, you should check the legitimacy of the product or service you're considering (as well as any applicable legal or regulatory requirements) by visiting the websites of the appropriate Regulators. The author or Finder may have financial interests in VeChain or another cryptocurrency.

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