Buying Canadian NFTs in the Year 2023

The value of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has skyrocketed in recent years. In 2021, a slew of NFT projects debuted, and the public quickly became enamored with them. More and more Canadians are putting their money into the various NFT platforms that have emerged in the year 2021. Keep reading for information on how to invest in NFTs in Canada.  

When asked, "What are NFTs?"  

Non-fungible token is an abbreviation for "token that cannot be exchanged for another." Things that are non-fungible are ones that cannot be duplicated in any way. Anything that can be duplicated or subdivided into equal parts is said to be fungible. Cryptocurrency can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. A bitcoin owned by Person A has the same value as a bitcoin owned by Person B. There is zero distinction between the two.  

A non-fungible token, on the other hand, cannot simply be exchanged for another non-fungible token of the same value. No two NFTs are alike. Even though a single NFT can be replicated indefinitely, doing so is analogous to an artist releasing limited edition prints of a painting.  

Because NFTs are recorded in a distributed ledger, anyone can confirm who holds them. No one can deny or forge the blockchain's proof that an NFT is yours. An NFT can be compared to a certificate of authenticity except that it cannot be forged or destroyed.  

When you consider NFTs as a verifiable seal, you can envision them being used for things like diplomas, tickets, and even property.  

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What is the Relationship Between Cryptocurrency and New Financial Tokens

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and crypto are two sides of the same coin. When shopping for NFTs in Canada, cryptocurrency is required. A non-fiat token (NFT) stands in for the painting, while the cryptocurrency serves as the means of exchange.  

In addition, an ERC-20 token is the name given to a cryptocurrency token or fungible token that was developed on the Ethereum network. Tokens issued on the Ethereum network that cannot be resold are known as ERC-721 NFTs.  

How Do NFTs Provide Value?

Value of NFTs is based on their scarcity. Your NFT's value increases in proportion to its rarity, just like the value of any other collectible. Naturally, NFTs are only as valuable as the price that investors are willing to pay for them.  

Ten thousand NFTs, collectively known as CryptoPunks, were generated arbitrarily by a computer program on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017. There are distinguishing "traits" shared by each NFT, some of which are more common than others. The CryptoPunks' attire varies; some wear hats while others do not. It's possible to find both people with and without earrings. Every member of the CryptoPunk subculture is unique. Among the 10,000 CryptoPunks, blue hair would be the rarest if only one of them had it.  

For only $11, CryptoPunk #7523, the third rarest card in the set, was purchased. 75,000,000 in 2021 The price at which other NFTs have been sold is higher Beeple, the artist behind the "Everydays" collage NFT, sold it at auction to the tune of at Christie's. 3 million  

Micah Dowbak, a Canadian artist, built a networked fabrication tool (NFT) that can replicate itself and produce new, distinct NFTs. It fetched $4 at a Phillips auction. 1 million  

Where and How to Invest in NFTs in Canada

In Canada, NFTs can only be purchased with cryptocurrency. Which cryptocurrency you have to buy is determined by which NFT market you use.  

Step 1 To join a market, one must register.

In order to buy Ethereum, you must first create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange and verify your identity. Here are some of the best Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges we've found. There is a plethora of viable options. Coinsmart is the best option if you're trying to save money. Deposits over $1,999 are not only accepted, but also incur no fees.

Step 2 Buy crypto

After your account has been confirmed and funded with Canadian dollars, you will be able to buy cryptocurrency. Get some Ether if you're just getting started with NFTs. In 2023, it will be the most widely used cryptocurrency for purchasing NFTs.

Step 3 Setting up a Metamask Wallet

Then, a cryptocurrency wallet is required. It is highly recommended that, if you are planning on making a sizable purchase with cryptocurrency, you use a hardware crypto wallet to store your cryptocurrency. No one will be able to access your cryptocurrency while it is stored in a hardware wallet because it is kept offline.  

You'll need a wallet that can quickly connect to an NFT exchange if you plan to use cryptocurrency there. We advise installing the Metamask wallet, which is available as a simple browser extension (Chrome, Brave, etc.). In this way, your hardware wallet can be linked to your online Metamask wallet. Metamask requires you to use a physical hardware wallet whenever you make a purchase.  

Step 4 Coins should be sent to Metamask (or a similar wallet) for safekeeping.

Once Metamask is set up, you can send Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency you need to your Metamask wallet. Verify that the wallet address you're using is appropriate for the network you're on. To purchase NFTs on Opensea, for instance, you'll need Ethereum and to connect Metamask to the Ethereum Network (Ethereum is already connected by default).  

Step 5 Conect Metamask to the NFT Market

Popular Canadian NFT Markets:

While the network fees to purchase NFTs on Binance are not zero, they are also not prohibitive. You'll only spend a few dollars on them rather than hundreds. In order to purchase NFTs on Binance's NFT exchange, you can use either Binance coin (BNB), Binance dollar (BUSD), or Ethereum. Trading and signing up are both simple processes.

While Opensea is the most widely used NFT market, it can also be the priciest. The majority of Opensea's NFTs are currently being developed on Ethereum. The Ethereum network has been overloaded for quite some time, and it currently cannot process the number of transactions that are being attempted per second. Because of this, Ethereum transaction fees consistently exceed $100 USD throughout the day. Newcomers to the buying and selling process may find some parts of it confusing.

It is possible to buy some Opensea NFTs made on Polygon without having to pay any network fees. To make a purchase, however, you will still need to acquire some Ethereum and then connect that Ethereum to the Polygon network. Using your Metamask wallet, you can do this in Opensea.  

Canadians can also shop at these alternative non-financial exchanges:

  • Rarible
  • Hot Shot in the NBA
  • Nifty Gateway
  • Cr ypto com

Distributed on the Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos blockchains, Rarible is a marketplace for digital artworks and collectibles.  

Licensed digital collectibles known as "moments" are what NBA TopShot is selling to basketball fans. You can use cryptocurrency in your "Dapper Balance" on the NFT platform to buy an NBA moment. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, and USD Coin are all acceptable methods of deposit. The Flow blockchain powers NBA TopShot.  

Nifty Gateway offers a convenient way to buy and sell digital artwork and collectibles without having to shell out money for shipping. Nifty accepts credit cards, Gemini funds, and prepaid Ethereum for NFT purchases.  

As one of the newest NFT marketplaces, sells digital works of art and collectibles but is currently experiencing many bugs. NFTs are available for purchase via cryptocurrency exchanges. You can pay for things on com with a credit card, a debit card, your bank account, or even cryptocurrency. Connect your Metamask wallet to com Pay.  

Can We Predict the Future of NFTs?  

Our analysis suggests that investing in NFTs is risky, but the same can be said of any form of cryptocurrency. There are those who believe that investments in NFT artwork made today will pay off handsomely in the future and those who think that the NFT craze has peaked.

NFTs are more likely to find practical applications in the future, such as the generation of contracts, identification documents, tickets, and receipts, than in the creation of conceptual art. NFTs' true potential lies in their ability to store proof of ownership on the blockchain.  

It appears that the popularity of digital artwork and digital collectibles on NFT markets is here to stay.  

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