Before casting your vote for a new leader, consider these seven considerations.

Now is the time Conservative Party of Canada leadership election ballots have been sent out to members for voting today. Right now is the time The Conservative Party of Canada has waited until today to send out the final batch of ballots to members who are eligible to vote in the

Now is the time

Conservative Party of Canada leadership election ballots have been sent out to members for voting today.

Right now is the time

The Conservative Party of Canada has waited until today to send out the final batch of ballots to members who are eligible to vote in the party's leadership election.

RightNow has been working tirelessly to build a nationwide database of pro-life supporters, educate them on the political process, and recruit them as Conservative Party of Canada members so that they can support pro-life leadership candidates in upcoming elections. Thank you to everyone who has donated time or money or both.

The process of encouraging people to cast ballots has officially begun (GOTV). But there are a few things we need to discuss first:

1. The Voting Process

A leader is elected using a ranked ballot, and there are many resources available to learn more about this process. You can watch the video we released today, visit our website, or view this Party video.

The most crucial information is that the ballot is ordered. Multiple choices for leadership can be made on the ballot. It's possible to select up to ten different candidates for leadership. In addition, we rank the candidates herein based on our primary and secondary research.

Given that the current head of state was elected in 2004, the next one might not be chosen until 2030 at the earliest...

The Canadian Conservative Party has not had a new leader elected since April 2004. Thirteen years have passed since then. 13 years ago, what were you doing?



From the video for his hit single "Yeah baby!" in 2004, Usher looks hot. Ludacris, and Lil Jon  

You're all thinking the same thing I am, which is that you can't wait until 2030, when I predict Usher will next release new music. That's right, the year 2030 That could be when the Conservative Party of Canada holds its next leadership election.

The possibility of complete failure is low, 3.

Prime Minister Trudeau's governing skills are below par, despite his impressive campaigning abilities in the most recent election. His government has a majority in both the House of Commons and the Senate, but has only managed to pass a handful of bills so far.

With only nine months in office, the Liberals were only able to pass ten bills. In comparison, Jean Chretien's first Liberal majority government passed 34 bills in their first nine months in office.


It's also worth noting that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are in decline. Since Christmas, Justin Trudeau's popularity in key ridings across Canada has been steadily rising, especially in the Greater Toronto Area and the Lower Mainland.

If you don't believe me, neither should you

The Conservative Party of Canada was preoccupied with a leadership race with (then) 14 candidates, so the Liberal Party of Canada enjoyed a majority government, but they lost ground in all five by-elections held at the start of this month. Calgary has two districts, Ontario has one, Ottawa has one, and Montreal has two more.


Calgary Midnapore's newest Conservative representative, Stephanie Kusie, is a staunch pro-life advocate.

The next leader of Canada's Conservative Party is likely to become the country's next prime minister. And if the new leader can bring the Liberals down from a majority government to a minority government, even if the Conservatives don't win the next election, that will probably be enough for the new leader to stay on.

The function of that is unclear.

In any case, it changes the benchmarks for predicting when the next leader will be elected. The year 2030 might become 2033.

Fourth, it is not possible to be neither pro-life nor anti-life.

Recently, the political pro-life movement has been using the tired old adage of "all or nothing."

Those senile pro-lifers must be enjoying retirement, because I certainly am not. I wouldn't, and neither should you.

It is crucial that pro-life voters prioritize the three candidates who have a 100% pro-life voting record. They are the ones who put everything on hold to seek nomination, sell thousands of memberships, spend countless hours traveling across their districts, miss out on time with their young families, and take significant financial hits in order to run for office. and have given up other promising careers in order to cheerfully stand up each and every time in the House of Commons to vote perfectly in favor of our movement, despite the fact that all three of them are well aware that they risk losing their seat in the next election as a result. These three should be at the top of the ballot for every pro-life legislator.


Leaders who are unwavering in their support for the sanctity of human life

What you owe them is

To them, I owe that

But beyond that, most of the other leadership candidates show encouraging signs for the pro-life movement. An enormous leap forward has been made since the last leadership contest in 2004. None of the 2004 presidential hopefuls publicly discussed the morality of abortion.

None of the eleven candidates for leadership positions we spoke with said they would prevent their caucus members from introducing pro-life private member's bills if elected.

All eleven candidates for leadership positions we spoke with said they would not pressure their colleagues to vote against pro-life measures.

Ten of the eleven potential leaders we spoke with said they would not pressure cabinet members to oppose pro-life legislation if elected.

From where we were 13 years ago, this is a huge step forward. Your consideration and possible ballots should be cast for these candidates. After Pierre Lemieux, Andrew Scheer, and Brad Trost, there are a variety of other potential leaders to choose from, not all of whom share the same pro-life or anti-life stances. Vote tallies and campaign pledges on this issue reveal significant differences between the two candidates for party leadership and prime minister.

In addition, we actually had conversations with these potential leaders, unlike other "political" pro-life groups in Canada. Directly Neither of these things are done by us. We did the hard work and the smart work (that is what our investors expect of us and what you should expect of any political pro-life organization) and we found what they had to say and what their ideas were regarding the pro-life issue. It can all be found in our interviews with the leadership candidates.

For what reasons is a leader who is 75% pro-life preferable to one who is 0% pro-life?

Any political party headed by someone who isn't pro-life is 100% pro-abortion. Here Comes Justin Trudeau The Prime Minister has no qualms about posing for photos with Planned Parenthood's president or using 0 million of Canadians' hard-earned and taxed money to fund abortions in developing nations.

One more thing: countries in the developing world that ban abortion. He is providing funding to pro-abortion groups in an effort to alter the legal frameworks in those nations so that abortion is legal.


Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, and Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada.

The nominations, too,

Recall those If we elect a pro-life leader but that leader doesn't have a pro-life caucus, then our election will have little effect. While a pro-life caucus may be elected, it will be much more challenging to pass pro-life legislation without a pro-life leader.

As a result, someone who is 0% pro-life and 100% pro-abortion, like Justin Trudeau, is much more likely to interfere in the nomination process, which decides which party members will run as candidates in each riding and ultimately be elected as members of parliament.


I've heard pro-lifers complain that the United States is a better place than other countries because of its ability to pass pro-life legislation at the state level and, more recently, to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal level.

And how did that occur

You can take it from me, it wasn't magic. That wasn't achieved by sitting on the sidelines of politics, either. It took the pro-life movement a long time (almost twenty) to achieve its goals of having a pro-life majority in both houses of Congress and a pro-life President. As a matter of fact, the Susan B. Anthony list began knocking on doors two years prior to the vote in crucial swing states.  

To what extent do we require Canadian Parliamentary and senate majorities in favor of protecting and defending human life, as well as a government led by a pro-life prime minister There's a chance that the winner of this election won't be a staunch supporter of the right to life. Nonetheless, with a prime minister who is 75% pro-life, there is hope of eventually achieving a pro-life majority in the House of Commons. It is possible (more likely) that a pro-life prime minister in Canada would appoint pro-life senators and justices to various courts, including the Supreme Court.

And what about Kevin O'Leary, number six?

So what does he think about him

He was a staunch supporter of abortion rights but has since dropped out of the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race. Yes, thank you, and good riddance


To read Kevin's complete thoughts on abortion, please click here.

Now that he's gone, we can get back to the business at hand, which is choosing the most pro-life leader we can.  

7. Use common sense and don't be afraid of success.

13 years Don't stop considering that As a pro-life movement, we may not have another chance for 13 years to elect a pro-life leader of Canada's Conservative Party. Put simply, prioritize the top three most reliably pro-life presidential candidates.

But that's not all!

Partial hedging Vote on the matter in a ballot. Put the 75% pro-lifers ahead of the 60% pro-lifers, and the 60% pro-lifers ahead of the 30% pro-lifers.

In addition, success should not be feared.

It manifests in ways you might not expect and with a variety of manifestations.

Take a moment to consider

The Party (and the country) will get a clear message that pro-lifers are numerous, organized, and engaged if Pierre Lemieux doesn't win the leadership but still places high on the first ballot. When Pierre Lemieux is unjustly benched, an uptick in production from Andrew Scheer would send a message to Scheer and his club. To whomever they owe their success, they will be eternally grateful. They will be aware of how numerous, organized, and active the pro-life movement is. They'll be aware of who is putting in the most effort to secure nominations for the 2019 federal election.

We pro-lifers don't have to play the martyr card forever. For the past 37 years, that card has yielded nothing but the wrong sort of martyrs year after year. One hundred thousand of them annually, to be exact

Even if they're only 75% on board, we pro-lifers can still work with them. Don't forget that they're not totally opposed to us It doesn't add up mathematically It's not an either/or scenario. Whether the government is led by Maxime Bernier or Erin O'Toole, pro-lifers will be able to speak out forcefully and rationally. Those people have all confirmed this. This is the definition of success. That changes the criteria for pro-life legislation that actually works.

We can, should, and must as pro-lifers collaborate with someone who agrees with us wholeheartedly. According to my friend and fellow pro-lifer Jonathon Van Maren's recent blogpost, Andrew Scheer has a perfect voting record of pro-life. Rather than trying to avoid success, pro-life activists should welcome it and channel it into political action.  


As Dr Recently, "play it out," has become a favorite phrase of Jordan Peterson's audiences. Proponents of the right to life have a lot riding on this election. Avoid being hasty Make sure you think things through before acting hastily. Try not to be so naive on the political front. To achieve your goals, you must be patient, use your resources wisely, and put in the effort necessary to see the job through to the U.S. experience shows there is no silver bullet for passing pro-life laws. It's possible, and it will be accomplished, but only if you make the effort.

Voters, in order of preference, please list the three most qualified pro-life candidates. We ask that you rank the options as low as possible on your ballot.

In other words, it's not a command.

And a plea  

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