Becoming a University Professor in Canada: Earnings and Expenses (2023)

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University professors in Canada receive an average annual salary of ,500, equating to approximately $50 per hour. Even the lowest-paid professors earn over ,000 per year, which is still considered a decent salary. Furthermore, professors enjoy various additional benefits and perks.

Nevertheless, most professors do not enter the teaching profession solely for financial reasons. The opportunity to mentor and shape the younger generation, the prestige associated with the profession, and the networking possibilities it affords are all compelling reasons to pursue a career in education.

In the following sections, I will outline a comprehensive guide on how to become a university professor in Canada, while also elucidating the career prospects one can expect. Here is a brief overview of the steps:

Step 1: Attain a Doctorate Degree

Step 2: Gain Experience as a Part-Time Lecturer

Step 3: Publish Professional Works to Cultivate Your Reputation

Step 4: Foster an Online Presence

Step 5: Apply for Teaching Positions

I must be candid – the journey towards becoming a university professor in Canada can be arduous and protracted. This career is most suited for individuals who possess a genuine passion for academia, professionals dedicated to their field, and those with a genuine love for teaching.

Most Canadian universities necessitate aspiring professors to possess a doctorate degree in their respective fields before even considering their applications. Additionally, work experience, a reputable standing, and exceptional communication skills are prerequisites.

The commitment of time and effort required to become a university professor in Canada is analogous to the path pursued by medical doctors. Obtaining a doctorate degree alone can take up to eight years or sometimes even longer. As a full-time student, little remains outside of investing in learning and education.

Nonetheless, for those truly dedicated and enthralled by their area of study, a career as a university professor can be exceedingly fulfilling.

The mean salary for university professors in Canada amounts to ,500 per year. Earnings increase with each passing year of teaching and depending on the prestige of the institution. First-time university professors can anticipate an average starting salary of around ,000, while esteemed professors may earn over $120,000 per year or more.

Here is a concise chart illustrating the top university professor salaries at some of Canada's premier educational institutions:

- Cambrian College: $271,416

- University of British Columbia: $133,531

- University of Toronto: $129,506

- University of Guelph: $174,462

- University of Waterloo: $123,796

- Ryerson University: $100,000

- McGill University: $179,659

Source: (based on reported salaries for 2022)

Many professors do not embark on their academic journey with the intention of becoming professors. It is common for individuals to stumble into this position after discovering their natural talent for teaching, public speaking, and education. However, some students enter college with the sole objective of one day becoming professors.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the income potential, let us delve into the requisite steps to become a university professor in Canada.

The journey towards becoming a professor follows a fairly straightforward path that centers around education. To be considered for a teaching position at a university, it is almost always necessary to hold a doctoral degree in your chosen field of expertise.

Earn Your Doctorate Degree

The specialization of your doctoral studies will typically align with the classes you will teach. This is how a typical doctoral degree track looks like in Canada:

  • Acquire a bachelor's degree: 3 - 5 years of academic study
  • Acquire a master's degree: 2 - 3 years of academic study
  • Acquire a doctoral degree: 4 - 6 years of academic study

On average, obtaining a doctoral degree takes around ten years. Depending on the specific doctorate program you pursue, it may take up to twelve years or longer to earn a Ph.D.

The choice of major during your undergraduate studies is not as crucial as the direction you choose. Opting for a bachelor of arts (BA) or a bachelor of science (BS) will be a decisive factor in determining your career path.

Once you have obtained your bachelor's degree, you can then further specialize by pursuing master's and doctoral degrees.

The university from which you earn your doctoral degree often plays a significant role in your ability to secure a highly desirable position as a professor. Individuals who have obtained their doctorates from esteemed institutions are more likely to secure top positions compared to those who graduated from less prestigious colleges.

To become a successful university professor in Canada, it is crucial to develop strong teaching and lecturing skills. Without proficient public speaking abilities, your career as a professor is bound to be short-lived.

Many doctoral-level students are offered the opportunity to work as part-time instructors within the undergraduate program of their institution. At the very least, you may have the chance to assist more experienced professors at the university. This serves as an excellent opportunity to acquire classroom management skills, improve public speaking abilities, and glean valuable insights on how to become an exceptional educator in your field.

Completing a dissertation is typically a requirement to obtain your doctoral degree.

Well-crafted dissertations are often published by the university upon your graduation, providing an excellent initial step towards building your professional reputation.

Publish Professional Works To Build Your Reputation

However, it is advantageous to have your name associated with a breadth of professional work. Consider the following strategies to enhance your professional reputation:

  • Authoring articles for scientific or medical journals
  • Contributing to research studies
  • Penning editorials for newspapers
  • Writing and publishing a book

When applying for a position as a university professor, all of your professional contributions can serve as evidence to support your credentials as an educator, showcasing your dedication to your field.

Another effective approach to bolster your reputation is to gain practical experience in your field.

Several exceptional college professors gained recognition by starting their own ventures or working at executive levels in prominent companies.

Gaining practical work experience has the potential to elongate your desired career path as a professor by several years. However, this experience not only enhances your worth as a job candidate, but it can also lead to a higher initial salary.

In today's world, your online reputation holds nearly the same significance as your professional reputation. Many professors maintain an online blog, frequently contribute to reputable online journals, and establish an extensive online network of contacts.

Build Rapport Online

To enhance your professional presence online, consider the following impactful strategies:

  • Create and optimize a LinkedIn profile
  • Contribute to esteemed online journals
  • Publish articles on LinkedIn

Additionally, it is vital to diligently monitor your overall online social media footprint.

Universities generally prefer not to employ professors who have a history of posting contentious statements online. It is crucial to maintain professionalism and abstain from sharing any content that could potentially subject your reputation to scrutiny.

Once you have obtained your doctoral degree and established a reputable standing, it is time to begin applying for teaching positions. This can be accomplished either through online platforms or in person.

Your chances of being hired increase as your reputation grows. Moreover, your connections can prove to be instrumental in helping you secure your ideal university professorship.

A wise starting point would be to tap into your college's alumni network. An old professor or classmate may facilitate a personal introduction, thereby augmenting your prospects of securing the position.

In fact, one of the key disparities between the most prestigious universities in Canada and other less prominent institutions lies in the networking opportunities accessible to alumni. Hence, attending top-rated graduate programs can yield significant dividends.

Diverging from the requirements for primary or secondary school teaching, university professors are not mandated to acquire specialized licenses or pursue education degrees. Instead, university professors earn the privilege to teach through their expertise in their chosen field of study, whether it be organic chemistry, macroeconomics, or ancient Greek history.

The actual cost of becoming a university professor in Canada lies in the tuition fees incurred during the pursuit of a graduate degree. While undergraduate programs tend to be more economical, master's and doctoral degree programs can easily exceed $20,000 per year or more.

When multiplied over a span of six years (two years for a master's degree and four years for a doctoral degree), the overall expense of obtaining your degree could surpass $100,000 before you even become eligible for a teaching role.

Although student loans can assist in covering the costs of your education, they will eventually need to be repaid. Nevertheless, if you secure a highly lucrative college professorship, your annual earnings could reach or surpass $100,000, enabling you to rapidly settle your student debt.

In addition to obtaining your doctorate degree in your chosen field, it is imperative to cultivate professional skills, including:

  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Classroom Communication and Leadership
  • Proficient Writing Skills
Skills You’ll Need As A University Professor In Canada

Mastering the art of addressing a large audience is the ultimate key to achieving success as a university professor in Canada. Standing behind a podium and droning on for an hour may be a simple task that anyone can accomplish.

Nevertheless, the most exceptional professors possess such captivating skills that an hour-long class appears to pass in the blink of an eye.

Managing a classroom brimming with college students is occasionally challenging. Genuine power struggles between educators and learners arise frequently, and it is imperative to acquire the ability to tactfully and professionally handle these situations.

Effective and expedient communication, accompanied by clarity, is essential when interacting with your students.

In this regard, an understanding of psychology and the employment of astute approaches enable you to earn the admiration and trust of your students.

Numerous colleges mandate that professors must contribute to the publication of scholarly works or research studies throughout the academic year. This is crucial for both the reputation of the institution and the professor. Consequently, familiarity with composing professional papers and publications becomes necessary.

As a university professor, your responsibilities comprise:

  • Conducting classes
  • Evaluating papers and examinations
  • Administering assessments
  • Participating in university research initiatives
  • Engaging in communication with both students and colleagues

The initial years of your career will likely pose the greatest challenges, as you need to develop your teaching curriculum for the first time.

How To Become A University Professor In Canada

However, with time, you will be able to recycle and reuse your existing class curriculum, minimizing the preparation time required for future lessons.

Becoming a university professor in Canada is not an endeavor for the faint of heart. It can take a decade, or even longer, to earn a doctoral degree, establish a professional reputation, and secure a lucrative position at a renowned university.

Nevertheless, if your passion truly lies in teaching, a career as a professor can be exceptionally gratifying.

However, if your primary concern is financial gain, I would suggest considering an alternative career path or even venturing into entrepreneurship by starting your own small business.

To explore the finest small business ideas in Canada, continue reading below!

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