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Auto Insurance Rates in Vancouver: A Comparison

Comprehensive information on Vancouver, British Columbia, auto insurance Investigate the options for personalizing your insurance plan and learning about any associated cost savings. Read on for Extras! Discuss it all Please introduce yourself and describe the insurance

Learn the ins and outs of Vancouver's auto coverage market. Examine the options for personalizing your insurance plan and locating cost savings.

Read on for Extras!

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Matt Hands

Senior Business Unit Director Matt Hands

Date: January 6th, 2023

Traffic congestion surveys consistently rank Vancouver as Canada's worst city in which to drive. The beautiful mountains and soothing oceans may help ease the stress of a long commute, but they won't speed you along your way. Vancouver, depending on the specific year, has one of the three highest average annual premiums for auto insurance in all of Canada.  

Canada's provinces and territories set their own insurance requirements for motorists.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a government-run insurance provider that offers mandatory minimum auto coverage to drivers in the Greater Vancouver Area.

In Vancouver, the following types of car insurance are required by law:

  • Potential Legal Responsibility to Others
  • Financial Assistance in Case of Accident
  • Protecting You From Drivers Who Don't Have Insurance

Nonetheless, there is other, optional, and highly suggested coverage that can be obtained through ICBC and private insurance brokers and companies.  

Insurance for your Vancouver, British Columbia, vehicle is optional.

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Greater Responsibility to Others
  • Lack of Efficiency
  • Insurance for Rental Cars
  • Upgraded Safety Features

Did you know that you can get an increase in your required third-party liability coverage, from ICBC or a private insurer, all the way up to million? You can find more specifics in the table down below.

You can still be found at fault in an accident, but after May 2021, only your insurance company will be involved in any claims you make. Generally speaking, it restricts your ability to sue for damages other than those provided by your insurance policy if the pain and suffering in question exceeds the amount of coverage you  

Most legally required insurance policies are intended to compensate victims for financial losses incurred as a result of accidents in which they were not at fault. Coverages can be added to your policy for your personal vehicle.

Unless your car lessor stipulates otherwise, the coverages listed below are entirely discretionary. The optional protections are standard on brand-new automobiles.

Those who file multiple comprehensive claims in British Columbia must pay higher deductibles. Learn how to maximize your deductible for the lowest possible auto insurance premium.

You need some insider knowledge to get the best rates on auto insurance in Vancouver. Even though filling out an insurance application is fairly standard procedure, there are a number of external factors, such as whether or not you live in an area with above-average insurance fraud rates, that can affect how your risk tolerance is calculated. Here are the seven criteria ICBC uses to determine who to insure with their personal auto policy in Vancouver:

  1. Explore a variety of options by shopping around

    Check out crash test results and safety ratings to determine which models are the most secure before making your purchase. Minivans and pickup trucks typically have lower sticker prices than passenger cars. You can check how well your car does on the road using the IBC's CLEAR table.

  2. Don't switch insurance companies.

    A number of Vancouver auto insurers reward customers who stay with them for multiple years with loyalty discounts. Most notably if they include dependants or more vehicles.

  3. Policy bundling

    When you bundle your home and car insurance policies with the same provider, you can often save money.

  4. Save money by purchasing multiple vehicles at once.

    It can be cost-effective to insure all of a family's cars and drivers under a single policy.

  5. Raise the deductible on your insurance policy

    Your insurance company will cover the rest of the cost of a claim settlement minus your deductible. Some people have found that increasing their deductible from $1,000 to $2,000 can result in significant savings.

  1. Inquire about price cuts.

    Discounted auto insurance in Vancouver may be available to you if you are a member of a large company, union, or university alumni.

  2. Put your premium payment on an annual basis instead of monthly.

    Insurance companies incur additional administrative costs when policyholders pay monthly, so paying for an entire year at once can result in a lower annual premium.

  3. Never let your driving record slip.

    You can lessen the likelihood of an accident by being a cautious driver who always follows traffic laws and adjusts their speed and route accordingly. Insurance companies have a policy of raising rates for drivers who have had accidents within the previous ten years.

  4. Drive less

    If you drive less than 5,000 kilometers per year, you could save 10% on your auto insurance in Vancouver.

Vancouver's best home insurance providers will have quotes ready for you to compare in less than 5 minutes.

Insurance for a single car in British Columbia costs an average of $1,832, or about $150 per month. After no-fault insurance was implemented in May 2021, rates went down. Make sure you get a new, lower rate by contacting ICBC.

A lack of competition in British Columbia's government-run insurance market is more likely to be the cause of the province's high accident rate than traffic and congestion. In 2019, however, that will all alter. Before the year 2021 is out, we'll know if British Columbians have finally found a way to lower the cost of their auto coverage from the highest in the country.  

In order to drive a rented car, you are not required to have your own auto insurance. Whenever you use a ridesharing service, you don't have to worry about purchasing separate commercial auto insurance. Keep in mind that driving a car in Canada without insurance is against the law.

It's not necessary, but having it can give you peace of mind in the event of a breakdown, flat tire, or need for a tow. For example, a year of BCAA membership begins at .

Depending on the driver's speed and the location of the infraction, the fine for speeding can be anywhere from $140 to almost 0. There are three demerit points added to your driving record for every speeding ticket. There are over 140 red light cameras in operation, so getting caught is likely. Be cautious

The short answer is no, but accumulating a large number of unpaid parking tickets may be viewed by your insurer as a sign that you are unreliable and may engage in risky driving. As a result, this attitude may affect the interest rate they offer you.

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