Application Procedure for the Disability Tax Credit

The Disability Tax Credit Certificate (Form T2201) is required in order to apply for the Disability Tax Credit in Canada.

Both the individual who has a long-term mental or physical disability and a doctor must fill out this Disability Tax Credit Certificate in order to claim the credit. Part A also requires completion by your sponsor if they will be filing the credit on your behalf.

Canadians who are disabled or caring for a disabled family member can apply for a disability tax credit and receive Canadian disability benefits in a number of different ways:


  1. By yourself:
    Form T2201 can be obtained directly from the CRA website and then filled out. You would complete Section A, and your doctor would fill out Section B. After filling out the DTC form, you can submit it by mail to any of the CRA's tax centers. Waiting for a decision can take up to six to eight weeks.
  1. Consult a DTC service provider:
    The National Benefit Authority is just one example of many businesses across the country that offer convenient "one-stop shopping" services. They will help you fill out the paperwork, communicate with your doctor, check for errors, and submit your claim to the CRA. They'll keep an eye on the progress of your application for the disability tax credit and file an appeal if necessary.


  1. All by yourself:
    After your application for this credit has been accepted, you will be able to include it in future tax filings. If you want the CRA to make any tax adjustments for you, you must check the box in Section 3 of Form T2201. Credits will be added to your own refunds retroactively.
  1. Get a Bookkeeper or Accountant:
    The ability to apply for backdated tax credits is contingent upon the expertise of the individual or company you retain. For as long as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) recognizes your eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit, they can also claim this amount as a deduction against any future tax refunds you receive.
  1. Consult an experienced DTC service provider:
    Applying for and receiving the Disability Tax Credit can be made easier with the assistance of organizations like the National Benefit Authority. The Disability Tax Credit is something the NBA specializes in. If you do not have taxable income, we help you find eligible sponsors so you can still claim the credit and get the maximum refund possible.

Can I Get the Disabled Person's Tax Credit?

Disabled Canadians often hesitate to apply for disability tax credit because they wonder, "Do I qualify for disability tax credit?" ”

Your eligibility for the disability tax credit depends on whether or not you have a severe impairment of physical or mental faculties that is expected to last for at least a year and whether or not a medical professional certifies your condition on the disability tax credit application.

If you are still pondering, "Do I Qualify for Disability Tax Credit? " Check out our page on qualifying for the disability tax credit for more information.

How do you go about getting the Disability Tax Credit?

There are benefits and drawbacks to each option for claiming the disability tax credit. Let's have a talk about your choices so you can make the best choice for you or your loved one.

Filling Out an I.R.S. Application and Filing a Claim for the Disability Tax Credit


  • Cost:
    The most cost-effective way to claim the Disability Tax Credit is to do it yourself. To a large extent, at least All you need to download and fill out Form T2201 is access to the internet, paper, a pen, and a printer.


  • Request Rejected:
    Even if you otherwise qualify for the Disability Tax Credit, there is a greater chance your application will be rejected if there is even the slightest inaccuracy.
  • Value Cap:
    Transferring your Disability Tax Credit to a family member can complicate your taxes and is not something the average person knows how to do. A seasoned professional understands the ins and outs of the system and can help you get the most

Find a competent bookkeeper or accountant.


  • Simplicity:
    When filing future tax returns, your accountant or bookkeeper can assist you in claiming the Disability Tax Credit. Some locations will even submit your T2201 form directly to the CRA if you ask, and if they are competent, they can help you apply credits retroactively and get the most money back.


  • Price:
    However, some establishments require payment in full before beginning any tax preparation.
  • Additional Expenses:
    Whether or not you receive your Disability Tax Credit, your accountant or bookkeeper may require payment in advance to process the T2201 form and any necessary work.
  • Appeals:
    When you are denied the Disability Tax Credit, most places won't help you file an appeal.
  • Knowledge of Acceptance:
    While your accountant might be an expert when it comes to submitting the paperwork necessary to receive your credits, they might not have much practical knowledge when it comes to the eligibility requirements. They typically do not collaborate with your doctor or persist in fighting for your approval.

Get Help from a DTC Expert Service Company


  • Highest Probability of Success:
    When you work with a company like The National Benefit Authority, you'll have access to Disability Tax Credit Specialists who are familiar with every step of the process. They have perfected a method over many years that has a higher track record of success.
  • Efficiency:
    It will save you time because they have seen thousands of DTC applications and know how to fill out yours so that it is most likely to be approved.
  • Stress-Free:
    All the way up until you hear back from the CRA about your eligibility, they'll be there to follow up with the CRA and your doctor's office on your behalf.
  • Reassessments:
    You can get assistance in filing an appeal and keeping up the fight for approval if you are unjustly denied.
  • Earn Extra Cash:
    It's possible that you're eligible for more funding than you thought. Professionals familiar with the Disability Tax Credit can help you apply for and receive the full amount of credits to which you are entitled.
  • No hidden costs:
    These firms collect payment at the conclusion of the process, but only if they are successful in getting you your Canadian disability benefits. There is no risk involved.


However, there are no hidden fees or obligations when working with the NBA; you only pay if we win your case.

Is it time to file for the Disability Tax Credit? Get in touch with us right away

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