Alberta Jobs for Citizenship and Immigration Officers

The government of Canada uses a system known as the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to categorize and classify the various jobs available in the country.

The government of Canada uses a system called the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to categorize and classify different types of jobs. This occupied alis space might not be representative of its parent NOC. Statistics from the NOC group have broad occupational applicability.

Every five years, the NOC system is revised to account for new developments in the job market. Depending on the database or classification system being used, a given occupation may be categorized and referred to in a variety of ways in government forms and labor market data Throughout history, this profession has been categorized as follows:

  • 2006 Notable Occupation Classification: Immigration Officers (1228) 1) 
  • Immigration, EI, and Tax Officers, Class of 2006 NOC-S (B318)
  • 2012 NOC: 1228 - UI, INS, Border Patrol, Tax Collectors
  • 2016 NOC: UI, INS, CBP, and IRS agents (1228).

There are one or more 2006 National Occupational Classification (NOC) groups that include this occupation in Alberta. Click on a NOC heading to read up on each subgroup if there are any.


Having a vested interest in conducting background checks to determine admissibility, tracking down and arresting people who are thought to be breaking immigration laws, and helping people who have been deported get the documents they need to return home


Having a vested interest in deciding who gets to be a resident alien, who gets admitted, and who gets detained and deported


Preference to testify as witnesses in immigration appeals cases

The Interests Exercise in CAREERinsite can help you determine or modify your interest categories.

Find out if a specific profession is something you'd be interested in by entering your interest code.  

It was developed on the basis of the Canadian Work Preference Inventory (CWPI), which assesses a person's interest in five different types of work: leadership, creativity, method, and objectivity, and socialization.

We've ranked the relative significance of each trio of NOC interest codes below.

If the code is all caps, it's an excellent match for the job.

The weaker the compatibility, the lower the case code.

Study Your Hobbies and Favorites

Common assumptions about this NOC group's abilities

The scope of your skills

Complete the Abilities Exercise in CAREERinsite to enter or modify your skill values.

A Concise Overview

As a human being, you have innate skills that facilitate the interpretation and implementation of certain kinds of information. Which skills you can pick up with relative ease depend on your innate abilities.

This NOC group's General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) scores represent its exhibited abilities or aptitudes. The GATB is a test of nine abilities. It classifies them as cognitive, visual, and physical.

Abilities are rated from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest possible.

Know Your Capabilities


Alteration made on March 2, 2021

Three distinct types of immigration and citizenship officers perform specialized tasks.

Interpreting and applying the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

  • Help those who want to stay in Canada avoid pitfalls
  • Take action on requests for citizenship, extensions of stays, and permits to study or work in the United States
  • Explain the rules and regulations to people who are applying for entry into Canada.
  • Verify the continued eligibility of those requesting refugee status
  • Arguments in federal court or immigration appeals hearings

Officers charged with administering the Citizenship Act provide their own interpretations of the law in order to:

  • Verify the authenticity of the submitted paperwork and process the application for citizenship
  • Test citizenship candidates and evaluate their performance.
  • Proceed with Citizenship Ceremonies

Refugees and newcomers to Canada have access to settlement services and language instruction thanks to the work of Settlement Officers, who oversee the administration of contribution agreements between funding organizations and those providing these essential supports.

Consequences of the Job

The latest version was released on March 2, 2021.

  • Needs Required Strength You can heave up to 5 kg with this phrase.

Bureaucrats in charge of citizenship and immigration typically maintain regular business hours Monday through Friday. Occasional overtime and/or travel may be necessary.

While the vast majority of people who are interviewed by immigration officers are pleasant and trustworthy, officers do occasionally face hostility or criminal activity.

Competencies and Personality Traits

Corrected on: 03/02/2021

Agents of immigration must have:

  • The use of sound judgment and common sense
  • Compatibility in social interactions
  • Interviewing, public speaking, and writing abilities are all part of effective communication.
  • Ability to plan ahead and prioritize tasks
  • Capabilities in analysis and investigation

They must also be:

  • Honest
  • Sincere and impartial
  • Collaborative, adaptable, and tolerant
  • Cautious and careful

They should take pleasure in gathering data, analyzing it, deciding on a course of action, and implementing it in collaboration with others.

Standards of Education

As of the 02nd of March, 2021

  • Standardized Training Two Years of College Study

Possessing a college degree, bilingualism, and previous customer service experience are all pluses.

Those who have recently been hired to work in the fields of citizenship and immigration must complete an in-house training program. Additional instruction in operational and organizational skills is provided on an ongoing basis following the initial training period.

Visit Post-Secondary Programs to widen or focus your search for programs related to this profession.

Norms for Accreditation

Version 1.1, published March 2, 2021

  • Certification Lacking Controlled Status

The province of Alberta does not currently have any laws in place that govern this industry.

Positions Available and Promotion Opportunities

Alteration made on March 2, 2021

The United States Government employs citizens and immigration officers. In Canada, job openings are typically announced by the Public Service Commission of Canada.

Competent immigration and citizenship officials may choose to move to a new city for better job prospects. Individual initiative, interest, competence, employment record, and knowledge of applicable laws and regulations are all taken into consideration when making promotions.

In this section, we will look at the types of organizations where most people in this profession can be found. Statistics were gathered from the 2016 Census.

This work falls under at least one 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC) cluster in Alberta.

Workforce participation in the 1228: Employment Insurance, Immigration, Border Services, and Revenue Officers A little over six percent of the labor force is employed in:

The job market in the near future

Future job prospects are affected by a number of variables.

  • Seasonality of the job (if applicable)
  • Albertan location
  • Turnover (the rate at which workers leave their jobs)
  • Expanding occupations (resulting in a need for additional workers).
  • Impact on society
  • Employment-related trends and events, particularly those affecting the aforementioned sector or sectors

The 1228: Employment Insurance, Immigration, Border Services, and Revenue Officers occupational group in Alberta is anticipated to grow at a below-average rate of 1% per year over the next few years. The rate will decrease by 3% between 2019 and 2023. In addition to the natural attrition in this sector, an additional 39 annual openings are expected to be created.

Due to the upcoming retirement of baby boomers, experts predict a rise in job turnover.

Paid Hourly and Annually

Dated as of 03/02/2021

This work falls under at least one 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC) cluster in Alberta. Choose a NOC heading to read up on each subgroup if there are several that share one.

  • Services such as unemployment insurance, immigration, customs, and tax enforcement

Salary Averaging

$32 45

Per Hour

Salaries on Average

,483 00

Per Year

Regular Time Spent


Per Week

Period of Employment on Average per Payroll


Compensation Profile for NOC 1228

Unless otherwise specified, all of the data presented here applies to all sectors and all Alberta regions.

Unless otherwise noted, all wage figures are hourly. Overtime pay, tips, benefits, profit sharing, bonuses (not tied to production), and other forms of payment are not included in base pay.

If you're interested in seeing all of the survey results for this NOC category, head on over to the salary profile.

Other Paying Jobs
You should look into other wage sources [pdf] to round out this data and make a well-informed wage and salary decision.

Determining the Trustworthiness of Data: A Definitional Code

When the coefficient of variation is six or lower, we call it highly reliable. 50% or more of the total estimated employment in the field, or a minimum of 30 observations from the survey


For both regular and occasional workers

Intended for Both Full-Time and Part-Time Workers

Wages* In the bottom five percent Excellent (top 5 percent) Average Median Starting $28 14 $33 65 $30 19 $28 54 Overall $29 31 $40 04 $32 45 $31 04 Top $31 48 $41 29 $33 70 $31 93

Just swipe left and right to see everything. You can see everything by scrolling left and right.

Unless otherwise specified, all wage figures are hourly. Overtime pay, tips, benefits, profit sharing, bonuses (unrelated to production), and other forms of compensation are not included in base pay.

Various hourly wage scales

  • Typical starting salaries for new hires
  • Salary levels: the average salary for people working in this industry as a whole
  • Pay at the top: the median salary for the highest-paid 10% of workers

Industry Information

Policy Making and Management in the Public Sector ,823 SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY ,483

Skills Shortage

Subsequent Academic Concentration

  • The Disciplines of Business, Management, and Administration
  • Help for People in Need: Social, Community, and Protective Services

Corrected on: 03/02/2021 As of the dates indicated, the data in this profile is accurate. Compensation, career prospects, and available courses of study are all subject to change. Before making any major life or professional choices, you should verify the accuracy of this information.

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