A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Your Garage Door

To some extent, a garage door can be thought of as an additional room. If your garage is attached to the main part of your home, you'll want it to have the same aesthetic continuity as the rest of your home's exterior. Painting a garage door is a relatively simple do-it-yourself project.

Even if you're not an expert painter, you can find the right garage door paint, prepare your door, and achieve a great result. The garage door is one of the first things people see when they visit your new home. If you want to know how to paint a garage door, read on!

There are 8 simple steps to take when painting a garage door.

The First Step Is To Choose A Garage Door Color

Primers are available at most hardware stores and paint is sold in most home improvement centers. In order to protect your garage door from the elements, you should use paint designed specifically for use outdoors. Exterior house paint made of acrylic latex is a good choice. Before committing fully, do some window-shopping and pick up some samples of paint colors you think might look good on your door.

Here's a little secret: if you want your new coat of paint to look and last its best, you should invest in an exterior primer.

Second, clean the garage door.

If your house or garage door faces a busy street, they may collect more dirt than usual. Be sure to give your garage door a thorough cleaning before painting it to prevent dust from settling into the freshly applied coat. All you need is a washcloth, some water, and a bucket (or a hose, if you have one). Renting a power washer could be necessary if the garage door is particularly dirty.

Use a drop cloth to protect your cement from paint drips after you wash the door and before you paint it.

Step 3: Keep an eye on the forecast

You should schedule garage-door painting for a day with forecasted sunshine and no precipitation. When the temperature is higher, paint dries more rapidly and uniformly. What's more, if it starts to rain in the middle of the job, you might end up with unsightly runs in the paint. Don't prime the entrance until you've had a string of sunny days. Priming a surface requires waiting at least 12 hours before painting.

Method Four: Protect the Areas You Don't Want to Paint with Tape

If your garage door has any kind of design on it—whether it be a series of rectangles, a pattern, or multiple colors—you should tape off your work area before beginning to paint. Cost-effective and simple to apply, painter's tape has many uses. Spread it out and adhere it to the door in areas where you want straight, paint-resistant lines. Only if you're using a second color to paint the garage or the garage door frame does this step need to be taken.

Five, prepare the garage door to be opened

Apply primer to the garage door using a paintbrush. Simply apply one very light coat to provide the paint with something to adhere to. After you're done, give the brush a good wash so you can reuse it later. If you're only going to be using the same paint on the garage door repairs, you can skip priming.

The sixth step is to fill in the crannies with paint.

Pick up a brush and get ready to paint. Before painting the main surfaces and corners, if the door has recesses, you should get in there and paint them. If you want an even coat of paint when you paint the stiles (the raised edges), try not to paint the stiles.

Keep the tip of your brush wet (but not dripping) when painting. to avoid dripping and smearing

The seventh stage involves coloring the stiles.

Next, paint the stiles. Using a roller and a pan is the most efficient method because they will reach the surfaces above the nooks and crannies the quickest. This ensures that your brushstrokes remain uniform and helps you finish the painting job quickly.

To avoid an unprofessional appearance where the primer is still visible, a second coat of paint may be necessary. Do not apply a new coat until the previous one has dried for at least 12 hours. Applying a second coat of paint to a door isn't always necessary, but it may be if you're going a lighter shade than the existing paint.

Method 8: Maintain a sanitary environment

The garage door's curb appeal is greatly enhanced by regular maintenance. Periodically giving it a light scrub will keep the dirt from wearing away the paint.

Everything you need to paint a garage door

  • In order to prevent the paint from peeling off the garage door, an exterior primer should be applied first.
  • It's recommended that you use acrylic latex exterior house paint for painting garage doors.
  • Applying painter's tape helps define edges and maintains a clean, finished look.
  • Brushes: You can't paint the door without a set of paintbrushes, and you'll want to have a variety of sizes to reach all the crevices.
  • You'll need a roller and a pan to get the stiles smooth and even.
  • Use a drop cloth to protect the ground from paint splatters while you paint.
  • Make sure the paint hasn't separated by stirring it with a stir stick before you start.
  • In the event that you require additional height in order to open the garage door, a stepladder can be of great assistance.

Reasons to hire a pro when painting your garage door

Many homeowners will paint their own garage doors, but hiring a professional is also an option. If you need assistance with more than one garage door, or if you don't have the time to do it yourself, this may be your best option. If the garage door is very old or hasn't been painted in a long time, and therefore requires more work to be done before it can be painted, you may also opt to do this.

If you hire a pro, you can rest assured that your work will be completed quickly, efficiently, and to your satisfaction. You'll have to compensate them for their time because they're not just supplying the materials, but also putting them to use. Ranging from $200 up to $1,000, the price is contingent on the scope of the project at hand.

A List of Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait to apply each coat of garage door paint?

Do not apply another coat of paint or primer until the first one has dried completely and is no longer tacky, which usually takes about 12 hours. For interior painting, this is a significantly longer time frame than is typical.

Can I open the garage without priming it first?

Priming before painting is optional but recommended for optimal paint adhesion. This prolongs the time that the finished product looks good. Choose paint with a primer already mixed in if you don't want to prime the garage door.

How do I paint a garage door using a roller?

In the case of a flat garage door, a roller would suffice for all areas except the edges. If it has grooves, you should only roller the stiles to maintain cleanliness.

How much does it typically cost to repaint a garage door?

You can paint a garage door for $150-$200, depending on the size of the door and the quality of paint you buy. The average cost of hiring a pro is around $1,000.

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