A Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up and Enjoying the TSN App on FireStick (2023)

This comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the process of installing and watching the TSN App on FireStick, Fire TV, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.


Are you an avid sports enthusiast seeking an exceptional application to indulge in all your favorite sports and live matches? If so, then the TSN App is an absolute must-try. This renowned Canadian sports channel offers live streams of sports events, news updates, thrilling highlights, and much more.

In a nutshell, TSN (The Sports Network) empowers users to stream exclusive sports content through its five national TSN feeds: TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, and TSN5.

With the TSN App, you can access and stream all the major sports events including NHL, UEFA, NFL, F1, PGA, and countless others. Moreover, if you happen to miss any live events, the app grants you on-demand content for your convenience.

Three Methods to Watch TSN on Firestick

Outlined below are three tried-and-tested methods to stream TSN on your Firestick:

Considering that TSN is a Canadian Sports Channel, it is highly recommended to utilize a VPN on your FireStick device if you are located outside of Canada. This ensures seamless access to TSN's content despite any geographical restrictions.


Our top choice for a VPN is ExpressVPN. This remarkable service not only bypasses TSN app's geo-restrictions effortlessly, but it also conceals your IP address effectively while you enjoy live sports streaming on TSN.

Get ExpressVPN today to relish an additional 3 months for free. Furthermore, the service boasts a 30-day money-back guarantee policy that allows you to explore all its features risk-free for the duration of 30 days.


To test out ExpressVPN now, click on the link below:

TSN Pricing Plans

The basic membership of TSN is complimentary, granting you access to sports news, scores, match highlights, and other engaging content at no cost. However, if you desire to stream live matches with TSN, you will need to acquire the premium subscription known as TSN Direct.

TSN Direct offers three pricing plans currently available at the following rates. You may choose the plan that best suits your needs and indulge in limitless sports streaming on the go.

  • Day Pass: Available at a rate of .99 for 24 hours, excluding taxes.
  • Month Pass: Obtainable at a rate of $19.99 per month, excluding taxes.
  • 6 Month Pass: Accessible at a rate of .95 for 6 months, excluding taxes.

Please note that all payments are non-refundable and must be made in advance as a single payment. Monthly and 6-month plans will automatically renew every month or every 6 months respectively, while the 24-hour offer does not renew automatically.


Subscribing to TSN

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the pricing plans offered by the TSN service, allow me to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to subscribe to your desired plan and indulge in your favorite sports events.


Follow the necessary steps outlined below to complete your TSN subscription:

Step 1: Access TSN's official webpage through any web browser of your choice and click on the "Watch Now" button.


Step 2: Enter your email address and password, then proceed by selecting the "Continue" button.

Step 3: Choose your preferred plan from the available options and click "Continue" once again.

Step 4: Provide your card details and billing address, then select the "Save & Continue" option.

Afterward, carefully review all the information you have provided and confirm to finalize the subscription process. Congratulations, you are now ready to fully immerse yourself in an array of premium content and live sports streams through the TSN App.

Experience TSN on Firestick Through Silk Browser

This technique involves utilizing an internet browser to access the official TSN website. For this particular guide, I will be employing the widely utilized Amazon Silk Browser, although you may choose an alternative that suits your preferences.


Before you begin streaming, it is imperative to install and employ ExpressVPN on your Firestick device, ensuring that you connect to a Canadian service as TSN is a Canadian network.


Kindly follow the step-by-step instructions provided below:

Step 1: Navigate to the homepage of your Firestick.


Step 2: Locate and select the "Find" menu.

Step 3: Click on the "Search" option.


Step 4: Type "Internet Browser" in the search bar, then select it from the list of results.

Step 5: Choose the "Internet" icon when it appears on your screen.


By adhering to these steps, you will successfully be able to access TSN through your Firestick device using the Silk Browser.


Stage 6: Tap on the button labeled "Download" and patiently await the completion of the application installation process.

Stage 7: Exercise patience until the download reaches its culmination.

Stage 8: In case you are situated outside the territories of Canada, it is imperative that you proceed with the installation of ExpressVPN and subsequently establish a connection with a server deployed in Canada. By accomplishing this, you will effectively circumvent any geographical restrictions that may impede your progress.


Stage 9: Look through the suggested options and handpick ExpressVPN as your preferred choice.

Stage 10: After the successful installation of ExpressVPN, make sure to launch the application.


Stage 11: Your main objective at this point is to establish a connection with a Canadian server in order to partake in the exclusive accessibility of TSN, which is resolutely designated for the residents of Canada.


Stage 12: Take note of the option to unseal the installed browser and proceed with its exploitation.


Stage 13: As soon as the browser successfully launches, proceed to eradicate all obstructions by swiftly clicking on the button labeled "Accept Terms".

Stage 14: The first tab that will be automatically opened is that of Bing.com.

Stage 15: Direct your unequivocal attention towards the text box, where you must diligently type the following: https://www.tsn.ca/. Once this task has reached its fulfillment, proceed by confidently selecting the button labeled "Go".


Nota Bene: It is absolutely imperative to comprehend that the aforementioned hyperlink is a credible representation of the official URL corresponding to this application/website. It is of vital importance to acknowledge the factuality that FIRESTICKHACKS neither possesses nor operates any applications, streaming platforms, or services, thereby rendering them exempt from any affiliations with the developers responsible for their creation.


Stage 16: At this juncture, we find ourselves immersed within the structural confines of the TSN website.

Step 17: Enjoy your favorite sports by streaming any sports event.

Experience ExpressVPN

Installing TSN App on FireStick using the Downloader App


It's time to add the TSN App to your FireStick. Since the app isn't available on the Amazon App Store, you'll need to sideload it as a third-party app. To accomplish this, you can use the Downloader app.


Because TSN is a Canadian Channel, you need to install and utilize ExpressVPN on FireStick while connecting to a Canadian server. This will assign you a Canadian IP address.


Follow the instructions below to install the TSN App on your Firestick:


Step 1: Access the home screen of your FireStick and click on Settings.

Step 2: Select the My Fire TV option.


Step 3: Proceed to the Developer options tab.

Step 4: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources by clicking on it.

Step 5: Turn on the option by clicking the button.


Step 6: Return to the main screen of your device and select the Search option within the Find menu.


Step 7: Type Downloader in the search bar.

Step 8: Locate and select the Downloader icon among the array of alternative applications


Step 9: Opt for the Acquire or Obtain choice

Step 10: Trigger Unlock once the application has been fully obtained


Step 11: Grant Downloader permission to access your multimedia, images, and documents by tapping Authorize


Step 12: If any notification emerges on the display, affirmatively click Confirm

Step 13: Access the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) field from the main screen of Downloader


Step 14: Insert the following URL bit.ly/3gS3ByL into the designated field and activate the command to Proceed


Step 15: Exercise patience as the application is being acquired

Step 16: Execute the process of Installation

Step 17: Allow sufficient time for the installation procedure to culminate


Step 18: Finalize the operation by selecting either Completed or Commence

Step 19: Proceed to select Erase to discard the APK file as it is no longer necessary.


Step 20: Click on Erase once again to confirm.


This is the method to install the TSN App on your FireStick by utilizing the Downloader app.

To make the process easier, you can try using ExpressVPN. Click here to give it a go.


Access the Official App Store to Watch TSN


The official TSN app is now available and can be easily installed and launched on your Firestick using the Amazon App Store. However, please note that it is only accessible in Canada.


To overcome this limitation, simply connect to a Canadian server through ExpressVPN. Follow the steps below for a smooth process:


Step 1. Navigate to the Find menu on your FireStick's home screen.

Step 2. Select Search and a virtual keyboard will appear on your screen.


Step 3. Enter "TSN App" in the search field and select it from the displayed results.

Step 4. Click on the icon representing the TSN App.

Step 5. Press the Get or Download button.

Step 6. Wait for the app to finish installing.

Step 7. Click the Open button to launch the app.

Step 8. Sign in with your credentials.

Step 9. Enjoy streaming on TSN.

Installing Rotate Screen Orientation App for Seamless TSN App Navigation

The TSN App is now successfully installed on your FireStick. However, it might present navigation difficulties due to its compatibility with smaller screens.

To tackle this issue, you can install the Rotate Screen Orientation app, which will facilitate easy navigation within the TSN App on FireStick. Follow the steps below to install the Rotate Screen Orientation app:

Step 1: Upon deleting the APK file after the installation of the TSN App on your FireStick, you will be redirected to this screen.

Step 2: Choose Home from the menu bar on the left.

Step 3: Click on the URL bar.

Step 4: Select the option Clear to remove the previous link associated with the TSN App.


Step 5: Begin by entering the following URL: https://bit.ly/2TUKjQm into the address bar. Then, proceed by clicking on the Go button.


Step 6: Select the option labeled Download APK Now to proceed further.

Step 7: Await the completion of the app download process.


Step 8: Next, locate and click on the Install button.

Step 9: Once the app has been successfully installed, click on the Done button.


Step 10: To remove the APK file, click on the Delete button.

Step 11: Confirm the action by clicking on the Delete button once again.


Step 12: Press and hold the home button on your FireStick remote, then select the Rotate Screen Orientation icon to launch it.


Step 13: Enable the Start on boot option to conveniently use and navigate the TSN App on FireStick.

How to Utilize and Stream TSN on FireStick


Once you have successfully installed the TSN App on your FireStick, let's discover how to effectively utilize it. However, it is essential to ensure that you utilize ExpressVPN and connect to a Canadian Server for optimal access to the app's content:


Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Press and hold the home button on your FireStick remote, then select the TSN App logo. If the logo is not visible, select the icon without a logo.


Step 2: Your device will initiate the launch of the app.


Step 3: This presents you with the user interface of the remarkable TSN app.

Step 4: To access your premium account, simply tap the Settings icon located at the top right corner of the screen.


Step 5: Tap the Sign In option in order to log into your account.

Step 6: Explore the Favorites option to customize your list of preferred sports streams or update your existing favorites.


Step 7: Opt for the TSN Edge option to unlock a vast array of additional sports content, such as player details, league information, schedules, and much more.

Step 8: From the bottom menu bar, select Scores to view the live and past match scores.

Step 9: Access Leagues to choose any league you desire and watch its content.

Step 10: Select Watch to stream matches, news, and various shows.


Step 11: The app's settings can be modified through the menu bar.


Step 12: Change any app-specific settings by selecting the desired option from this menu.

Experience ExpressVPN firsthand


The Features of the TSN App

TSN presents an exclusive sports streaming service in Canada that grants you access to an extensive range of sports events from around the world. With TSN App, you can delight in live matches, documentaries, scores, match highlights, and much more.


The service offers both free and premium versions. The free version permits streaming of sports news, match highlights, scores, and other content. Meanwhile, the premium version offers the thrilling experience of live match streaming.


To acquire the premium version, visit the official TSN Direct website. Presently, the service offers three different pricing plans: a 24-hour plan, a monthly plan, and a 6-month plan.


In case you are unable to access a live stream, the on-demand content option allows you to enjoy a multitude of content. Moreover, the innovative multiplex feature enhances your entertainment by permitting the simultaneous playback of up to 6 feeds using the multi-screen video player.


Please note that the availability of video content is restricted to Canada, so you may encounter geo-restrictions while streaming. To bypass these limitations, you can use ExpressVPN by following the link: Explore ExpressVPN and utilize its efficient geo-restriction unblocking capabilities.


Alternatives to TSN

Here is a list of some excellent free alternative sports channels that you can appreciate on your FireStick device:

Frequently Asked Questions – TSN App

What exactly is the TSN App?

TSN is a renowned sports network based in Canada that allows you to enjoy live sports, matches, events, leagues, highlights, and much more. To install the TSN App on FireStick, you can employ the third-party app called Downloader.

Is TSN a free service?

The basic version of TSN is indeed free, offering access to sports news, match highlights, scores, and other content without any charges. Nevertheless, if you desire to watch live matches, a subscription to the premium version is mandatory. The service currently provides three pricing plans.

Is the TSN App safe and legal to use?

Absolutely! The TSN App is entirely safe and legal. However, if you are located outside of Canada and wish to access TSN content, it is highly recommended to employ a VPN service to ensure seamless internet connection and bypass any potential limitations.

How to effectively use TSN App on FireStick?

Due to its non-optimized design for larger screens, navigating the TSN App can be slightly challenging. To mitigate this issue, it is advised to install the Rotate Screen Orientation app, which provides a convenient and fluid navigation experience.


For all sports enthusiasts, the TSN App is the ultimate choice, offering the latestsports news, highlights, live matches, and more. You have the option to enjoy the free version or subscribe to the premium version to access an even greater range of content.

Do keep in mind that the app is not available on the Amazon App Store, so sideloading it onto your FireStick using Downloader is necessary. Additionally, to enhance your navigation on the app's big screen, consider installing the Rotate Screen Orientation app.

As the TSN service is based in Canada, it is imperative to utilize ExpressVPN and connect to a Canadian server to ensure unrestricted access. ExpressVPN shields your identity by masking your IP address while streaming over the internet.

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