A Guide to Stream the New Mortal Kombat Movie

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Looking for a way to watch Mortal Kombat online? The process is much simpler than executing the game's legendary Fatality finishers - depending on your location, of course. While previously accessible through a HBO Max subscription in the US, it has since left the streaming service on May 23. However, for viewers in the UK, the movie is still available for on-demand viewing on Amazon.

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watch Mortal Kombat online

So, what options do fans in the US have to watch Mortal Kombat? Hang tight - the movie will likely make a return to HBO Max in a few months. Once it does, you can enjoy streaming Mortal Kombat to your heart's content with a standard HBO Max membership. While there are no specific dates yet, it wouldn't be surprising to see its return by August.

What about international viewers? Well, UK fans can finally stream Mortal Kombat on platforms like Amazon for £15.99, while Canadian audiences can do the same on Prime Video for $24.99. Keep in mind that this is a rental, not a purchase, so you have 30 days to start watching and 48 hours to finish it after hitting play.

As an adaptation of the beloved video game series, Mortal Kombat takes us back to the beginning by introducing new fighters who must engage in a cosmic tournament to determine the fate of our world. The movie also delves into the rivalry between the fan-favorite characters Scorpion and Sub-Zero. In essence, there will be plenty of intense fights and graphic violence to satisfy your cravings.

If you're curious about the value you're getting for your money, don't forget to explore our comprehensive guide to discovering the best HBO Max prices.

Experience Mortal Kombat - United States

Feeling a wave of nostalgia and craving the experience of the original 1995 gem? Well, HBO Max has recently added it to their collection, following its run on Peacock in the US. However, fear not, as watching the original is not a prerequisite for enjoying the 2021 Mortal Kombat. This latest installment is a complete reboot, retelling the tale for a contemporary audience. Additionally, HBO Max is currently streaming Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, the sequel to the iconic 1995 movie.

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing the original Mortal Kombat yet, it is definitely worth your time. It has managed to withstand the test of time, showcasing fantastic fight sequences, an outstanding soundtrack, and delightfully campy dialogue.

Watch Mortal Kombat in other regions

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Are you wondering if you can stream Mortal Kombat online in Canada, Britain, or other countries? Certainly! However, please note that it is available as a video-on-demand rental, meaning you won't find it on Netflix or other streaming platforms as part of your subscription. Here are the details:

  • United Kingdom: Fans in the UK can access Mortal Kombat on Amazon for a rental fee of £15.99.
  • Canada: Meanwhile, Canadian viewers can find the movie on Amazon Prime for $24.99.
  • Australia: Unfortunately, it seems that streaming Mortal Kombat is not yet an option in Australia. To watch the movie, you'll have to visit a cinema near you.

Keep in mind that when renting Mortal Kombat through a video-on-demand service, it is not a permanent purchase like Premier Access on Disney Plus. Instead, you are paying for a temporary rental, and the film will disappear after a designated period of time.

watch Mortal Kombat

Want more?

If you're eager to experience Mortal Kombat at its most intense and graphic, make sure to explore our selection of the finest gaming TVs (available here for UK readers). Additionally, our guide offers recommendations for the best gaming sound systems that will truly enhance your experience.

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