A Guide to Getting a Post Office Box (PO)

You can learn how to get a PO BoxTM by going to your local Post OfficeTM or renting one online, thinking about your mailbox needs, and finally deciding on the appropriate size. Your mail can be forwarded to a USPS® PO Box if you are moving out of your old home before your new one is ready or if you will be staying in temporary places in between moves. If you're relocating to an area where mailbox theft or tampering is a concern, a Post Office Box is another great option.

One more group of people who can benefit from knowing how to get a PO Box are business owners and frequent travelers. Renting a PO Box from your post office can keep mail from piling up at your regular address while you're away. Companies can rest easy knowing their mail is safe even if they can't check it every day.

In what way does a Post Office Box function?

Post office boxes, or PO Boxes, are secure mailboxes that can be rented from your neighborhood post office. Post office boxes are rented on a three, six, or yearly basis by businesses and individuals. If it's difficult to have mail delivered directly to your home, renting a PO Box is a good alternative. For privacy reasons, you can use a post office box for your home-based business instead of giving out your home address.

A detailed guide to opening a post office box.

Getting a PO Box with an Online Reservation:

  • 1. Locate a post office box (PO Box) in your area by searching the USPS website. Locate a Post Office Box near you by entering your zip code and clicking "Find & Reserve a PO Box."
  • As a second step, find the closest post office to your current location. Once you've settled on a spot, select a post office box size, the length of time you'd like to rent it (three, six, or twelve months), and a method of payment.
  • Step Three: Fill out the necessary billing and contact info to reserve your post office box.
  • The fourth step is to print out your confirmation of reservation. Your online rental agreement and payment details are included in that confirmation. Take the printed confirmation and two forms of identification to the post office within 30 days of your reservation to pick up your box's keys.

Postal address application procedures

  • One, fill out a PS Form 1093. You can get a copy of this form from the post office, or you can print it out ahead of time.
  • Choose a suitable box size (Step 2). The correct box size must be selected on page three of the form, which can be determined on page one.
  • Third, take the form to the post office and make a payment plan there.

How do I apply for a post office box, and what do I need to bring with me?

When applying in person or verifying an online reservation, you'll need to bring valid identification. You'll need to show identification from both lists, but you'll need to show at least one from each list. Your secondary form of ID must include a street address.

Primary examples of valid photo ID:

  • Identifying Information for Businesses
  • Formal Consular Matriculation (Mexico)
  • Canadian NEXUS
  • Passport
  • U S Documentation from the government
  • U S A Valid Form of University Identification
  • Mortgage, trust deed, or rental agreement
  • Form I-94
  • A home or car insurance policy
  • Payment for services rendered
  • Auto or voter i.d.

Can you tell me if renting a post office box will break the bank?

If you want to rent a post office box, you'll have to shell out some cash. Pricing varies by region, container size, and lease duration. Type your zip code into this PO Box finder to see how much it would cost to rent a box in your area.

Cost of a three-month PO Box rental in Charlotte, NC (28208) is as follows:

Extra-Tiny Package Small Box Medium Box A Big Box Huge Package $34 $48 $118 Currently unavailable there

Aside from these costs, there are others:

  • Money Order for $4.00 Required for Locked-In Key Deposit
  • A new set of keys costs .
  • The cost of replacing locks or making a late payment is $23.

Can I get a bigger or smaller PO Box?

For your convenience, Post Office (PO) box rentals come in five different sizes. In cases where a large volume of packages is expected, such as at a business, the extra-large size may be preferable. While the extra-small size may not be necessary for most people, those who don't get a lot of mail may find it convenient. Measurements range from

Box Size Dimensions Can hold: Extra-small 3″ x 5 5″ There are either 10-15 letters or two rolled magazines. Small 5″ x 5 5″ Five rolled magazines or 10 written letters per week Medium 5.5″ x 11″ Cataloging large envelopes and magazines in a horizontal stack Large 11″ x 11″ You can fit up to two shoeboxes' worth of correspondence here. Extra-large 12″ x 22 5″ Flat rate boxes and multiple packages

Disadvantages and benefits of using a post office box

Pros Cons
  • Consistency in delivery time
  • Habitual abode
  • Location for sending professional correspondence
  • Safety of mail retrieval
  • Limited storage means mail piles up if you forget to collect it regularly.
  • Your mail will be held for you at the post office.
  • You need a P.O. Box if you want your address to look official. O If you run a home-based business, please use the following V.O.F.O.
  • There are some establishments that do not provide access to the lobby at all hours of the day.

One of the first steps in learning how to get a post office box is finding out if boxes are even available in your area. Choose whether you'd rather apply for a box online or in person, and then determine what size you'll need. Boxes are available for 3, 6, or 12 month leases, with flexible payment plans. If you want to rent a box, you'll need to show two pieces of identification, one with your photo and one with your current address.

Alternative Questions Often Asked

Is there any paperwork involved in getting a post office box?  

One primary and one secondary form of identification are required. Both your primary and secondary IDs need to include a photo of you and your full, physical address.

Where do PO Boxes come into play?

Delivered mail stays safe and sound in a locked mailbox until it's time for you to retrieve it. After deciding on a suitable size, you can arrange a payment plan.

Do you need a home address to get a post office box?  

A post office box cannot be rented if the tenant does not have a street address.

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