A Cancellation Request for an RBC Interac Electronic Transfer: Six Simple Steps

Including Canada and the United States, RBC has more than 17 million customers. S along with another 27 nations

If you found this thread, you are probably one of RBC's 17 million customers who has accidentally sent an Interac e-transfer and is now trying to reverse the transaction. But don't worry; I'll show you how

There are six actions you must take to terminate an RBC E-Transfer:

  1. Launch your RBC Internet Banking session.
  2. Click the "Payment History" tab.
  3. Find the electronic transfer you wish to terminate and click it.
  4. Select "cancel payment" on the transfer details page that opens. ”
  5. You can send a message to the original recipient and choose where you want the refunded money deposited before clicking the "Submit" button. ”
  6. Obtain Verification Done

If the recipient has auto-deposit enabled or has already accepted the e-transfer, it cannot be canceled. Once the money has been transferred and deposited into the recipient's account, it cannot be withdrawn.  

If you want to see if the money has been deposited, look at the "status" section of the transfer details page. If the money has already arrived at its destination, the only way to get it back is to convince the other party to send it to you voluntarily.

What You'll Need Before You Begin

When an e-transfer from RBC goes unclaimed, you can cancel it on their website (i.e. e using either a computer's browser or a dedicated mobile app To accomplish the same goal in either of these two approaches, the same procedures should be followed.

So, you'll need access to a computer or mobile device to terminate your RBC e-transfer.

Call RBC's call center for help if you don't have access to these, run into technical difficulties, prefer the old fashioned way, or need assistance. You can reach them at 1 (506) 864-2275 if you have any questions.

You will need to know the specifics of your transfer (such as the date and amount) in order to cancel it online or over the phone.

Again, if the money has already been deposited into the recipient's account (via auto-deposit or the recipient's acceptance of the security question), there is no way to retrieve it.  

A Step-by-Step Guide to Canceling an RBC Interac E-Transfer

How to Cancel Your RBC E-Transfer: Detailed Steps

To learn more about the six simple steps required to terminate your RBC e-transfer, read on!

The first step is to log into your RBC Online Banking account.

A web browser or the RBC Mobile App are both acceptable means of accessing your online banking with RBC. You'll need to log in with your username and password to do this. You may be required to answer additional security questions or go through a multi-factor authentication process if you are logging in from a device you have never used before.

If you are unable to log in, you can try resetting your password, calling the RBC customer service line, or visiting your neighborhood branch.

Second, click the "Payment History" link.

Bill payments, standing orders, and electronic transfers (of course) are just some of the types of transactions that will be displayed in your payment history.

The "payment history" link can be found in the mobile app's main menu or on the app's right or left sides, depending on the version you're using. When you get there, just go ahead and click it.

Third, narrow down the canceled e-transfer to the one you want to stop.

Look through the displayed payments until you locate the one you wish to stop. When you get there, just go ahead and pick it. The page where you enter your payment information will load immediately.

Four, on the page that opens up with the transfer's specifics, select "cancel payment."

If you want to stop a payment, you can do so here by clicking the "cancel payment" button. ”

If the "cancel payment" button is not visible, or if it is blurred and inaccessible to you, this may indicate that the funds have already been transferred to the recipient's account, and you cannot revoke the transfer.

A "status" section will also be displayed on this page where you can verify this information. The transfer is considered complete if (i e once the funds have been deposited (either automatically or manually by the recipient), you cannot cancel your transfer.

Fifth, enter a message for the original recipient (optional) and the account details where you'd like the reclaimed funds deposited, then click "Submit."

You can stop the transfer by selecting the "cancel payment" option if it is not too late. After making your selection, the program will ask where you'd like to deposit the money.

Keep in mind that the program could also re-credit your original funding source with the funds.

It also lets you enter a message that will be sent along with the cancellation notice to the original recipient of the funds. You can skip this if you like.

To complete your purchase, please press the "Submit" button.

Sixth, get your confirmation email Done

After confirmation is received, you can proceed. Proceed to verify the re-deposit by checking your account. As soon as possible, please. I would suggest contacting RBC's support staff or visiting the branch if the money has not arrived in your account within two hours.

You can watch this video for detailed guidance on canceling an RBC e-transfer from your computer. The procedure is essentially the same if you are using the mobile app.

E-Transfer Fees Are Now Free at RBC

E-transfer cancellations at RBC are free of charge. The same goes for receiving or sending them from your checking account; you won't be charged a dime for either. Fees for electronic transfers to checking accounts and business accounts may vary.

E-transfers to and from your personal RBC checking account are free of charge, with the exception of a fee in the event that a transfer is lost before it is completed. That is, if the recipient of an e-transfer does not accept it within 30 days, the money will be returned to the sender.

In this case, you will receive a notice of the termination and have 15 days to request the return of your money. There's no fee for this. The money will be returned to your account and a $5 fee will be deducted if you don't claim it within 15 days. A $0.00 recoupment charge will be applied

To Delete an RBC E-Transfer Contact, Follow These Steps

How to Delete an E-Transfer Contact for RBC

Instructions for Deleting a Payee The app and the desktop version share the same set of operations.

  1. To see more, click the "More" link in the menu.
  2. Choose the "Configurations" option.
  3. The option to manage your payment recipients can be found under "Manage Payees."
  4. To delete a recipient, click on the payee's name.
  5. To Take Action, Click Here.
  6. Put the delete button in the active position.

How to Make Changes to an Existing RBC Interac e-Transfer and Send It Again

Editing and Resending an Interac E-Transfer RBC

E-transfers sent through RBC also allow for revision and resend. Again, this choice is yours only if the money has not yet been claimed. Automatic deposits are immediate and cannot be reversed or canceled once the recipient has been identified.

Follow the instructions below to make changes to the recipient and/or security question/answer. Whether you're using a mobile device or a computer, these directions remain the same. It's important to remember that Android devices may require slight modifications to the instructions below.

  1. Choose "Transfer Funds" from the Menu Bar.
  2. Follow the instructions to send an Interac e-Transfer.
  3. Pick the Past option.
  4. Find the specific file transfer you wish to modify and click it.
  5. Just hit "Edit & Resend" down at the bottom. ”
  6. You can make changes to your account by selecting the options to change your email, phone number, and/or security question.
  7. Use the "Save and Send Again" option.
  8. Hold tight until you hear back Done


How To Cancel RBC Interac E-Transfer

In just six easy actions, you can stop an RBC Interac e-transfer. Excellent news: if you need to cancel an upcoming e-transfer, you won't be charged any fees to do so.

You are probably an existing RBC customer if you are here reading this. Explore RBC's many features, like their virtual Visa debit card, InvestEase Robo-Advisor, and RBC Direct Investing, to make the most of your account.

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