17 Legitimate Methods for Quick Money Making in Canada (2023): Generate $1,000 within a Week.

On occasion, individuals may find themselves in need of a quick injection of cash during unforeseen emergencies. Perhaps you are struggling to cover your utility bills or urgently require funds for a specific purchase.

For whatever reason, if you are facing a shortage of cash and are in desperate need, there exist unconventional avenues through which you can expedite the process of acquiring money.

It is important to note that there is a significant distinction between making money quickly and making a sufficient amount within a specific timeframe.

Outlined below are several out-of-the-box methods that present opportunities for you to generate speedy income. It is worth mentioning that while some of these approaches may yield greater financial rewards, they may also demand more from you. Prepare to discover intriguing strategies for fast money-making in Canada.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with the attempt to earn extra income rapidly:

  • Address immediate financial needs.
  • Settle financial obligations without incurring penalties or interest.
  • Gain insight into alternative sources of income.
  • Access various online methods.
  • Typically, you cannot accumulate significant sums of money quickly through online endeavors.
  • Exercise caution to avoid falling victim to scams when desperation clouds your judgment and you neglect to conduct thorough research.
  • Do not depend on this as a stable or long-term source of income.
  • Expect lower returns on the effort and time invested.
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Opportunities to make a rapid income in Canada exist in both online and offline domains. Although numerous platforms facilitating such endeavors are available online, physical work is often a requirement.

Sell Used Clothes

This is due to the fact that conventional means of swiftly accumulating substantial earnings either demand more time or necessitate specialized skill sets and training.

Estimated Earnings: Typically ranging from $10 to $50 per item (Expensive branded items can potentially fetch $500 or more)

Payout Speed: Instantly or as soon as a buyer makes a purchase.

If you possess well-maintained, unused clothing cluttering your closet and a lack of funds in your wallet, you can simultaneously address both issues. If you prefer immediate transactions and are willing to put in the legwork, consignment stores serve as viable options for your used garments.

To sell your clothes online, platforms such as eBay, Kijiji, and Etsy offer a wide range of opportunities for various types of pre-owned apparel. If you own branded clothing items, bags, or shoes, you can consider exploring options such as Therealreal or Tradesy. It is important to note that the price your branded items can fetch depends heavily on their condition and the accuracy of your pricing.

Potential Earnings: Around $125 within a weekPayment Speed: Immediate once you reach the required points/dollar threshold ($10, $20, or more, depending on the website)

Paid Survey Sites

Engaging in paid surveys is a simple method to earn some extra cash during your free time each day. However, if you aim to earn more than $100 per week, it is crucial to register with as many paid survey sites as possible, particularly in the beginning.

Evaluate the frequency of survey offerings and the payment rates offered by each site to identify the ones that yield the highest earnings for the time invested. Focus your efforts on finding highly rewarding survey opportunities that require minimal effort.

While cash payments are not always provided, the gift cards you receive can help you save money on essential purchases, making up for the absence of direct cash rewards. Swagbucks and SurveyJunkie are two reputable platforms to begin earning a reliable income.

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Potential Earnings: $15 to $27.8 per hourPayment Speed: Within two days using Flex Pay

Drive an Uber

Becoming an Uber driver is a highly effective approach to immediately start earning hard cash. Devoting sufficient time to driving can result in a decent income within a week.

However, bear in mind that the amount you earn should be weighed against fuel expenses and the eventual costs of vehicle maintenance and parts replacement.

On the other hand, the number of rides you can secure depends on the demand at a particular time and location, as well as your rating within the app.

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Potential Earnings: $5 to $20 per hour (Varies based on platform and job complexity)Payment Speed: Within one to ten days (sometimes sooner)

Data Entry/Typing Jobs

Despite the advancements in AI and data science algorithms, there is still a demand for manual data entry jobs. Upwork is known for its efficient payment system, and if you possess strong skills in MS Excel or Google Sheets, you may receive preferential treatment.

The issue lies in the fact that data entry does not necessitate a specific set of skills and is classified as an extremely low-level online job, resulting in fierce competition. Discovering your initial job can be arduous, but once you secure one, it may facilitate your search for subsequent opportunities. To enhance your prospects, you can also establish a profile on alternative freelancing platforms.

Potential Earnings: $12.5 to $25 per hourPayment Speed: Mostly on a monthly basis, although you have the option to find a job that pays weekly (or negotiate a monthly arrangement)

Find a Remote Job

Various remote positions are accessible on websites such as Simplyhired, Indeed Canada, and Glassdoor. However, two primary challenges prevail. Firstly, even if you discover a suitable match, your prospective employer may take a considerable amount of time to complete the hiring process.

Secondly, most of these remote jobs remunerate on a monthly basis. While it is challenging, it is not impossible to find a remote job that enables you to start earning within one week.

Your optimal chance lies in actively engaging with these platforms, immediately applying when a job is posted, targeting urgently hiring positions, and searching for employers offering daily or weekly wages. A remote job has the potential to provide superior compensation compared to other alternatives presented in this list.

Virtual Assistant

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Potential Earnings: $10 to $25 per hour (Based on your expertise and client requirements)Payment Speed: Typically within one week (maximum of 10 days)

A frequently advertized and pursued freelancing job is that of a virtual assistant. This position demands strong organizational and communication skills, as well as basic proficiency in MS Office.

The more diverse your skillset (such as graphics, writing, or specialized software), the greater your earning potential. Peopleperhour and Upwork are often the platforms boasting the widest array of these opportunities.

This role can be either a one-time task or a recurring weekly or monthly commitment. The positive aspect is that virtual assistant jobs are in high demand, yet the drawback stems from the intense competition. As a native English speaker (fluency in French is an advantage), you may receive preference over non-native applicants.

Become a Caregiver

If you have spare time and a desire for comprehensive training, you might consider enrolling in the 90-Day VA Course to acquire the necessary skills for success.

Potential Earnings: $15 to $25 per hour for senior care / $15 to $30 per hour for child carePayment Speed: Immediate cash payment (or within two business days via the system)

Looking for a way to earn some extra cash? Well, look no further! There are several options available to you. Whether you're interested in providing care, renting out your space, or even selling homemade food, there are opportunities waiting for you.


First up, we have Care.com, a platform where you can register yourself as a nanny, senior care provider, or pet sitter. The best part? The hourly wage is quite decent. You have the option of receiving payment directly in cash if you and the employer can come to an agreement. Even if you choose to use the care.com payment system, you can expect the payment to come through within a few days. Plus, if you have previous experience in care provision, you can set higher rates. With a bit of luck, you could land a client who loves your services and hires you again and again. For instance, if you work just two days a week at $15 an hour for 8 hours a day, you can easily earn $240 in a week.

Next on our list is Airbnb. If you have your own place or if your landlord allows it and you're not violating any local laws, you can make some extra money by renting it out. You don't need a fancy home or apartment; most people using Airbnb are simply looking for a place to stay. In fact, having a modest place might even attract more customers who prefer cheaper accommodations. The best part is that you get paid within a day or two after your guest checks in. If you live near a popular vacation spot, you can make a significant amount of money during the right season. You could earn anywhere from to $11 per night in Vancouver, to $15 in Toronto, and even up to $45 for a two-hour stay.

Sell Your Parking Spot

If you find yourself in need of quick cash, consider renting out your parking space through sites like Bestparking or SpotHero. The desirability of your spot will determine how much you can earn. Factors such as proximity to the city center and busy areas where parking is scarce can increase your earning potential. The best part is that you don't have to keep your parking spot available at all times. You can rent it out according to your own schedule. SpotHero pays monthly, while Bestparking offers more flexibility.

Homemade Food

Lastly, if you enjoy cooking or can follow recipes from online sources, you can make money by selling and delivering homemade food. It's a great way to turn basic groceries into delicious and healthy meals that you can sell on platforms like Kijiji. Even if you're short on funds, you can still utilize your stocked groceries and whip up something tasty to sell.

So there you have it! Whether you choose to provide care, rent out your space, or sell homemade food, these options offer a unique way to earn some extra cash. Don't wait any longer - start exploring these opportunities today!

Alternatively, you could tap into your personal network or reach out to local customers, such as nearby small businesses or elderly individuals craving a homemade feast. The added benefit of catering to nearby consumers is that you won't burn through your savings on gas expenses. However, tread cautiously when it comes to liability concerns; in the unfortunate event that your food causes illness, you could find yourself in deep trouble.

In Ontario, the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) has outlined regulations that permit the sale of "low-risk" food items that do not necessitate time and temperature controls. Keep this in mind and take the time to familiarize yourself with your local region's guidelines to ensure compliance with the law.


Potential Earnings: Roughly US $10 per thousand words for proofreading and US$30 for writing (expect lower compensation if you're new to the field and higher rates if you possess ample experience). Payment Speed: Within three to seven business days.

Writing, editing, and proofreading stand as some of the most popular freelancing opportunities available. Platforms such as Upwork, Peopleperhour, and Fiverr offer avenues to apply for these gigs (though be aware that payment processing typically takes longer than a week).

You don't necessarily need a degree or extensive experience to pursue basic writing or editing jobs. However, it's often wise to prepare a handful of writing samples that showcase your skills and can be shared with potential clients. Opt for niches with less intense competition and consider topics that genuinely pique your interest.

Potential Earnings: Vary depending on the item – small trinkets can fetch tens of dollars, while furniture and high-end jewelry can command hundreds of dollars. Payment Speed: Instantaneous.

Sell Stuff

Every household has a range of items that are simply lying around or forgotten in attics but may prove valuable to someone else. From tools and collectibles to furniture and old books or comics, these belongings can bring in a respectable sum.

To sell your products online, consider placing advertisements on platforms like Kijiji, Used.ca, or Ebay.ca at the appropriate price. Interested buyers will then reach out to you. Given the increasing popularity of online shopping, more money is being spent on these platforms.

If you prefer a more traditional approach, organizing a garage sale is also an effective way to swiftly earn some cash.

Collectibles, well-crafted furniture, watches, and branded items usually fetch reasonable prices. Take the time to research the maximum value of such items and avoid hasty decisions to sell them for a fraction of their true worth, especially if you're in urgent need of funds.

Potential Earnings: $30 to $50 per night for pet boarding / $15 to $20 for dog walkingPayment Speed: Within one to four days

If you don't mind hosting dogs or cats overnight, looking after them at the owners' homes, or simply taking them for walks, you can become a pet sitter through Rover.

The Rover team typically takes less than five days to review and approve your profile. Once approved, you can immediately begin offering your services. You have the flexibility to choose the sizes of dogs you prefer to work with and the types of services you want to provide, such as boarding, sitting, walking, day-care, or drop-in visits.

Potential Earnings: $22 to $27 per hourPayment Speed: Within seven to ten days

If you reside in Vancouver, Toronto, or Calgary, you can embark on an exciting opportunity to deliver packages for Amazon. With Amazon’s flex service, you can create your own delivery schedule and choose your preferred delivery area.

Deliver with Amazon

This flexibility comes with a competitive hourly wage, which can increase during peak hours or in times of heavy traffic. However, keep in mind that fuel and vehicle repair costs are not covered. The background check process may take up to five days or longer. As an independent contractor, you are not directly employed by Amazon.

Potential Earnings: US$3 to US$200 per itemPayment Speed: Within three to five business days

If you possess a creative flair or are willing to unleash one in order to earn some money, consider selling your handmade items on Etsy. From charming handmade cards and exquisite jewelry to captivating paintings, a vast range of quality handmade creations find buyers on Etsy.

Get Creative

If you lack inspiration, explore the selection of popular handmade items that are relatively simple to make. Numerous tutorials are available on YouTube to help you learn new crafting techniques. You will be charged US$0.20 per listing, and once your sales exceed $25, you can withdraw your earnings.

Potential Earnings: US $25 per hourPayment Speed: As soon as you reach US $100 (which can be achieved within one week)

Ready to apply your college degree and share your knowledge? Join Skooli as an online tutor, where you can potentially earn above-market rates. However, you need to undergo the Skooli team's approval process before you can offer your tutoring services.

To meet the minimum requirement, all you need is to dedicate 15 minutes per month. If you are usually accessible online, you have the opportunity to promptly attend to student requests. By holding a master's degree or additional qualifications, you can earn a wage exceeding US$25 per hour.

Potential Earnings: $25 to per hourPayment Speed: Within one week following the client's payment

When it comes to part-time jobs such as moving, assembling IKEA furniture, handyman services, or painting, Taskrabbit is a highly reliable platform with a Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5. As a tasker, you will receive hourly compensation. Feel free to choose the assignments you believe you can successfully complete.

As a cashless platform, Taskrabbit handles the payment process. Once the client submits payment, it will be transferred directly to you. However, it's important to note that you are considered an independent contractor. Therefore, if you are required to acquire materials for a task, ensure that you will be reimbursed accordingly.

Make Money Fast In Canada

To maximize your earnings through these swift payment methods, effectively manage your time and consider registering for multiple opportunities. This will increase your chances of acquiring jobs or making sales, allowing you to accumulate a respectable amount within a week.

Nevertheless, it is crucial not to take on more than you can handle and maintain a record of your earnings for tax purposes. Prior to utilizing any money-making avenue, conduct extensive research to safeguard yourself against potential scams.

If you desire additional ideas for generating income, you may find this comprehensive guide on making money online in Canada useful.

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