10 Simple Steps to Make Calls to Mexico from Canada Illustrated

  1. Step 1: Initiate the outbound call from Canada

    To make an international call from Canada, dial the exit code 011. This is necessary for landline calls. Without entering the exit code, you won't be able to dial Mexico or any other international number.[1]

    • For cell phones, the exit code is represented by the symbol " ". This must be dialed before entering any other numbers.
  2. Step 2: Enter the country calling code for Mexico

    After dialing the exit code to place an international call from Canada, input the country calling code for Mexico which is 52. This prepares your phone to call a Mexican phone number. Using the wrong code may result in call failure or connecting to the wrong country.[2]

    • If you accidentally dial the wrong country calling code, end the call and start again by dialing Canada's exit code, 011.


  3. Step 3: Input the area code for the specific region in Mexico

    Each telephone region in Mexico has its own area code. Ensure you enter the correct area code for the region you intend to call before dialing the rest of the phone number. While some regions have a 2-digit area code, most have a 3-digit one.[3]

    • For cell phones in Mexico, the area code is always 1.
  4. Step 4: Enter the Mexican phone number after the area code

    Once you have dialed the exit code (011 or for cell phones), the country code (52), and the appropriate area code, you can enter the remaining 8 digits of the Mexican phone number. The phone numbers in Mexico consist of 2 groups of 4 digits, following the area code. Wait for a few moments to connect your call.[4]

    Sample Phone Call from Canada to Chihuahua, Mexico

    Dial 011 52 614 1234 5678: The "011" represents the exit code for Canada, followed by "52" which is the country code for Mexico, "614" which is the area code for Chihuahua, and the remaining 8 digits make up the specific phone number you wish to call.

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  6. Step 1: Inquire about international call rates from your phone service provider

    Reach out to your phone service provider to gather information about the basic rates for international calls. Most companies do not offer free international calls from landlines or cell phones unless you have a specific calling plan. Instead, they usually charge basic rates for international calls, ranging from $1 to $10 per minute. Before making a call from Canada to Mexico, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rates to estimate the cost of the call.[5]

    • Get in touch with your phone service provider or visit their online platform to obtain details about the basic rates.
    • Keep in mind that calling a landline in another country using a cell phone may incur additional charges.

  • If you plan on making regular international calls from Canada to Mexico, it would be worth considering a calling plan that offers free or discounted rates for calls to Mexico.
  • 2

    To avoid high charges, opt to call a cell phone in Mexico instead. Typically, cell phone owners are not charged for receiving international calls. So, if the person you wish to call in Mexico has a cell phone, it would be more cost-effective to dial that number rather than a landline. This way, you can save a significant amount by bypassing the standard rates charged by your phone company for calling a landline in Mexico.[6]

    • Cell phones in Mexico have the area code "1".
  • 3

    Consider using a calling card instead of your phone service to make calls to Mexico. A calling card allows for international calls at much cheaper rates compared to what phone companies usually offer. There are numerous prepaid calling cards available, but ensure that you choose one that allows calls to Mexico. These cards can be purchased at convenience stores, pharmacies, department stores, and large chain stores. Make sure to review the terms, fees, and per-minute rate for calling Mexico mentioned on the packaging to find the best-suited card for your needs.[7]

    • Before purchasing a calling card, check if it has an expiration date and ensure that you will utilize it before it expires.
    • Place your call by dialing the access number mentioned on the card, entering your PIN, and dialing the rest of the phone number, starting with the exit code and country code.
    • Keep track of the time you spend on your call to be aware of your remaining balance on the prepaid card.
    • Several calling cards offer the option to check your balance and add funds by calling or going online, using your debit or credit card.

    Tip: Remember to compare rates and terms of different calling cards, as the cheapest one may not necessarily be the best option for you.

  • 4

    To make cheaper international calls to Mexico, use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Numerous phone companies utilize VoIP to connect international calls. Service providers like Vonage and Lingo make it possible to call Mexico from Canada at a much lower rate than traditional phone companies. As VoIP calls are made over the internet, you can make calls using a computer, a smartphone app connected to the internet, or even a regular telephone line.[8]

    • For using VoIP on landlines, a special VoIP adapter is required.
    • When dialing a phone number in Mexico from Canada, remember to include the country code (34) before entering the phone number. There is no need to dial an exit code.
  • 5

    Make free calls to Mexico using smartphone apps. Downloading applications to your smartphone allows you to make free calls to Mexican phone numbers without relying on your phone service provider and incurring basic rates. Google Voice, WhatsApp, and Skype are popular options that many people use for making free calls. While some apps may have a fee for download, they enable you to make calls as long as you have an internet connection.[9]

    • Keep in mind that some apps only allow communication with others who are also using the same app and cannot be used for calling cell phones or landlines.
    • If you are using an app to call a cell phone or landline in Mexico, remember to dial the exit code for Canada (011) and the country calling code for Mexico (52) before entering the area code and phone number.
    • Facebook and other social media platforms provide the functionality to initiate a call with another user by accessing their profile.
  • 6

    Engage in cost-free video calls from Mexico to Canada. Majority of smartphones support video calling over the internet without any charges when connected. Additionally, services such as Skype or Zoom enable free video calls to any Mexican number. You can utilize a smartphone or a computer equipped with a webcam to make video calls to Mexico.[10]

    • Video call applications like Skype and Facebook do not necessitate the input of an exit code, although you will need to input the country code for Mexico (52) prior to dialing the number.
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